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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Anuradha (அனுஷம்), the nakshatra of devotion

Placement: 03°20’ to 16°40’ of Scorpio

Element: Fire (Agni)

Pushkara Navamsha/Bhaga: 2nd pada/11°

“Anuradha, forms a pair with its previous nakshatra Vishakha

Anuradha means “Another Radha or Everything is Radha”. Radha means the joy and passion comes out of devotion. The girl Radha was an ardent devotee as well as a lover of Lord Krishna. This, we can also see through the nakshatra placement, Anuradha lies directly opposite to Rohini (the birth star of Lord Krishna). Radha's love for Krishna was so divine (like a penance) that she became one with Krishna later.

“When your desire is so strong then sooner or later you’ll not only attain it but in fact you’ll become that.”

Deity: Mitra, one of 12 Adityas (Solar Deities). Mitra in Sanskrit means a friend. Mitra stands for friendliness, warmth, good relationships, light-heartedness, thinking beyond, helpful and team play. Some texts say that Lord Mitra will always be invoked with Varuna or Aryaman during a homa/havan. Mitra likes company, he wants to be in a group more often. Varuna and Aryaman are deities of Satabisha and Uttara Phalguni nakshatras respectively. Hence we can see the friendliness between these nakshatras. This is why there is a strong connection between the signs Scorpio and Aquarius. In the natural zodiac, Aquarius stands for friendship and network circle the same way Anuradha does.

Natural healers: Ashwini, Ardra, Pushya, Hasta, Anuradha, Moola, Dhanishta, Satabishak, Revati.

Symbol: Staff and Lotus are two symbols of this nakshatra. Staff in ancient texts is described as symbol of penance, protection and power. Every sage in Hindu purana used to carry one, they used it for their penance, it carries the powers of their penance so they’ll use it (whenever its required) as a tool to invoke their powers. Lotus on the other hand is a symbol of knowledge and prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati, the presiding deities of wealth and knowledge are depicted as sitting on top of Lotus flower. Lotus is a beautiful flower and has the ability to grow out of deep muddy waters. This is an indication that Anuradha has the ability to grow out of even worst of situations.

Ruler: Shani (Saturn), as a planetary ruler represents all the above said qualities through its persistence and hard-work. Shani wants to help and support others. Shani has the power to withstand deep and immense changes. Saturn's rebellious nature is also strongly seen here.

Animal: The animal association is “female deer/doe”. Deer is a beautiful animal. They are known for their mystical powers and keen senses. They are also a representation of calm and balance. Read the connection it has with Mrigashira and Jyeshta.

Guna: Tamassic nakshatra with more emphasis on understanding the nature of material existence. Truth is stranger than fiction and Anuradha tends to unravel those.

Power: It represents "Radhana Shakti". The power of worship through true devotion.

General attributes: Anuradha natives are friendly, devoted to something/someone, skillful. They’re good team players and risk takers. They have the natural tendency to adapt to any situation. They have a strong curiosity for knowledge. This thirst for knowledge may take them to immense heights and depths that others can hardly understand. They also have the capacity to grow from the depths like a lotus flower. Anuradha's dedication and quest for knowledge can make them cross all moral values and break societal taboos to research and understand what they believe in. And on a higher aspect it gives the ability to explore hidden powers of our chakra centers and paves way to become one with the universe. These are general qualities, reader’s discretion is advised.




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