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Anuradha (அனுஷம்): The Devoted

Placement: 03°20’ to 16°40’ of Scorpio

Element: Fire (Agni)

Anuradha, which forms a pair with its previous nakshatra Vishakha, gets its name from the phrase “Another Radha or Everything is Radha”. Radha signifies the joy and passion that arises from devotion, and the girl Radha was an ardent devotee and lover of Lord Krishna. This connection is evident in the placement of Anuradha, which lies directly opposite Rohini, the birth star of Lord Krishna. Radha's love for Krishna was so divine and intense that she ultimately merged with him.

This reminds us that when we possess a strong desire, eventually we not only attain it but also become one with it.

Deity: Mitra is one of the 12 Adityas, or Solar Deities, whose name means "friend" in Sanskrit. The qualities associated with Mitra include friendliness, warmth, building good relationships, light-heartedness, thinking beyond oneself, helpfulness, and team play. According to classical texts, Lord Mitra is always invoked with Lord Varuna or Aryaman during a homa/havan. Mitra enjoys being in a group and values companionship. Varuna and Aryaman are deities of the Satabisha and Uttara Phalguni nakshatras respectively, which explains the friendly relationship between these nakshatras. This is also why there is a strong connection between Anuradha and Aquarius. In the natural zodiac, Aquarius represents friendship and networking, just as Anuradha does.

According to Puranas, Lord Mitra was saved by Varuna during a time of hardship, which strengthened their friendship. As a result, those born under Anuradha nakshatra may find that they are approached in a friendly manner by those born under Satabisha nakshatra.

Symbol: Anuradha is represented by two symbols, a staff and a lotus. The staff is a symbol of penance, protection, and power, which was used by sages in Hindu puranas during their penance. It carries the powers of their penance and can be used as a tool to invoke their powers when needed. The lotus, on the other hand, is a symbol of knowledge and prosperity. The presiding deities of wealth and knowledge, Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati, are depicted as sitting on top of the lotus flower. The lotus is known for its ability to grow out of deep muddy waters, which symbolizes Anuradha's ability to rise above even the toughest situations.

Ruler: The planetary ruler of Anuradha, Shani (Saturn), embodies the qualities of persistence and hard work, as well as a desire to help and support others. With the ability to withstand deep and immense changes, Shani also exhibits a rebellious nature which is strongly reflected in this nakshatra.

Animal: Anuradha is associated with the graceful and mystical female deer or doe. This beautiful animal is known for its keen senses and represents calmness and balance. Interestingly, the deer also has a connection with the neighboring nakshatras of Mrigashira and Jyeshta.

Guna: Anuradha is a tamasic nakshatra that places more emphasis on understanding the nature of material existence. This nakshatra has a deep understanding of the truth, which often proves to be stranger than fiction. Anuradha has a talent for unraveling the mysteries of life and the material world.

Power: Anuradha nakshatra represents the divine energy of "Radhana Shakti", which is the power of worship through true devotion.

General attributes: Anuradha natives possess friendly and devoted personalities, with excellent skills and a team player mentality. They are unafraid of taking risks and possess a natural ability to adapt to any situation. Their insatiable curiosity for knowledge can drive them to great heights and depths that others may struggle to comprehend. Like a lotus flower, they have the potential to rise and grow from even the darkest depths. Their unwavering dedication and thirst for knowledge can sometimes lead them to cross moral boundaries and break societal taboos in pursuit of their beliefs. However, on a higher level, this quality can enable them to explore the hidden powers of their chakra centers and become one with the universe. These are general qualities, and readers should exercise discretion.


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