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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Ashwini (அசுவினி), the nakshatra of beginnings

Placement: 00° 00’ to 13° 20’ of Aries

Element: Earth (Bhumi)

Pushkara Navamsha/Bhaga: NA

Gandanta Nakshatra

The first among 27 nakshatras, thus marks the beginning of everything (including life). It’s a magical nakshatra, it brings magical abilities and knowledge of magic. It's also a fast moving one (moon transits over this nakshatra faster than others) so the actions taken on this day will be faster.

Deity: The name Ashwini reminds us the deity of this nakshatra i.e., the Ashwini Kumaras (the twin brothers), the celestial physicians with magical powers used for healing the wounded and bringing dead back to life. The twin brothers were born to Lord Surya (Sun) and his wife Sanjana when they were in horse and mare form, so the brothers physical forms are made up of horse’s head with human body. They’re forever young and agile and never get old. They both are identical twins but different in nature as one makes the medicine and the other applies it, one is sattvic and the other is tamassic. Yet they both are always together despite their differences.

Natural healers: Nakshatras such as Ashwini, Ardra, Pushya, Hasta, Anuradha, Moola, Dhanishta, Satabishak, and Revati have the natural ability to heal.

Ruler: The planetary rulership of this nakshatra is given to Ketu, the oldest planet in astrology (thus denotes the beginning of time). All Ketu ruled nakshatras have creation energy. Ketu is also associated with Lord Ganesha, the primary deity worshipped in Hinduism as the symbol of beginning, power and success. Ketu's swift changing abilities are emphasized in this nakshatra. Ketu is mentioned everywhere in astrology as the karaka of endings but what we don’t realise is that "ending is the beginning of something new". Thus Ashwini nakshatra is one of the best for starting new projects.

“Knowledge of nodes (Rahu and Ketu) will make you a Philosopher.”

Symbol: The symbolism of this nakshatra is the “horse’s head”. Head is the supreme organ in the body, head carries all five sensory organs. Head is where you wear your crown, that’s why Sun gets exalted here.

Guna: Its Rajassic nakshatra, it denotes constant physical actions with more emphasis on swift actions.

Animal: A male horse (stallion). Its obvious from the twin deities isn't it. Horses are known for running fast with beautiful mane and stunning looks.

Power: It represents "Shidra Vyapani Shakti". It means it has the power to quickly reach one's destination or attain one's objective.

General attributes: Natives with strong influence of Ashwini have these twin personalities in nature. They may suddenly change from being silent to bursting out, sitting idle to running errands. They are healers, even their speech or actions may impart certain healing energy. Since it is the first nakshatra and it is where Sun gets exalted first they always have the energy to create/start something. They'll be the first one to take action. They will like to have constant physical movements, strength and valour. Ketu's involvement makes the native selfless but it may also make them mindless at times. They will have hard time sitting at one place for a long time, their life will always make them move around and having new experiences. These are general qualities, reader’s discretion is advised.



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