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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Revati (ரேவதி), the nakshatra of light and path

Placement: 16° 40’ to 30° 00’ of Pisces

Element: Ether (Space/Akash)

Pushkara Navamsha/Bhaga: NA

Gandanta Nakshatra

Revati is the last nakshatra/asterism among 27 nakshatras. Revati means “wealth”. Being the final nakshatra of the zodiac belt, it represents the safe passage of a soul from one body to another from one life to the next. It also represents the passage of moksha, as in transcending the jeeva atma to param atma. It's the birth nakshatra of Goddess Lakshmi (bestower of wealth and prosperity) as per some vedic texts. I've also mentioned the previous nakshatra Uttara Bhadrapada as the birth nakshatra of Lakshmi as per several vedic texts. However, due to this connection they have with Lakshmi they both are considered as Lakshmi nakshatras. Revati also represents pathways, as in the journey of the soul to a different loka after the death of its physical body on earth. Revati also carries the quality of all the other nakshatras combined since it is the last one. It represents maturity, wisdom, old, nourishment etc.

Natural healers: Ashwini, Ardra, Pushya, Hasta, Anuradha, Moola, Dhanishta, Satabishak, Revati.

Symbolism: It is “a fish swimming in the ocean”. It can be taken as the life journey of a living being on earth. Because water current in the ocean changes based on climatic condition, so fish has to go with the current or against the current based on its nature. The life journey of a human being represents the same. You may have come across the term “swimming against the water current” which represents the fish as humans and water as the destiny/karma. Another symbol is “a drum” which represents celebration and communication. It is obvious that there is a strong connection between Revati and Dhanishta nakshatra because of the drum and wealth symbolism. Revati also has strong connections with some other nakshatras as well such as Bharani (yoni pair), Rohini, Pushya and Uttara Bhadrapada due to their ability to provide nourishment and nurture. Apart from these obvious connections, Revati carries the quality of all other nakshatras as well. Due to this, it becomes the place where a soul attains moksha. That's what the third symbol is “pathways and safe travels”.

Deity: Pushan (one of 12 Adityas) is the main presiding deity of this nakshatra. Pushan (பூஷன்) is a nourisher and a light bringer to all the pathways. “Push” in Sanskrit means nourishment. His duty is to travel across the universe to find the souls to conduct their path by lighting up their pathways. Since travelling through the universe means travelling through different times, it's strongly connected to time and search as well. Travelling, pathway, lights are all associated with this nakshatra. Pushan is also connected to wealth because according to vedic texts a soul’s actual wealth is attained when it truly connects with param atma (the universe). That's why Pushan (who helps a mortal to become immortal) is considered as the nourisher, abundant and wealthiest. Even today immortality is a serious subject in the science community. Pushan doesn’t have teeth as he lost it by a hit from Rudra once.

God Vishnu: He is another deity of this nakshatra. We can see the obvious connection between God Vishnu, the Pisces sign and Revati nakshatra. Vishnu is depicted in Hindu puranas as lying atop Adisesha (five headed snake) with Goddess Lakshmi sitting at his side. Pisces is considered as the ocean and Revati is connected to Goddess Lakshmi and ocean as well. Even Uttara Bhadrapada is connected to Vishnu in the same way.

Uttara Bhadrapada and Revati are “Lakshmi nakshatras”.

Ruler: Mercury is the ruler of this nakshatra. It's fascinating to see Mercury, being the youngest among planets, has been given the rulership of this nakshatra, which represents old. Because on a higher plane Mercury represents everything Jupiter can in its own way. The connection Mercury has with three Sattvic planets (Sun, Moon and Jupiter) makes it the wisest among all the planets.

Animal: The animal association is “Female Elephant”. Elephants are huge, strong, skillful, family oriented, nurturing, good at finding underground water and a representation of wealth in the ancient cultures across the world. You can see all these qualities are strongly associated with this nakshatra.

Guna: Sattvic nakshatra with emphasis on nourishment and abundance towards everything its enemies.

Power: It represents "Kshira Dyapani Shakti". The power to nourish through milk. Milk is the first food we take as soon as we are born and its important to nourish us throughout life. So this nakshatra brings nourishment on all levels like milk does.

General attributes: The native with strong influence of Revati may be a nourisher. They will love to make others comfortable and protected. They will always lose something and finding it. They may also have some sort of teeth issues always. They love long distance travels mentally (dream) or physically or both. They have a pattern of living many different lives in one life. So they'll always try to move to a different place to start a new life. They are like pioneers and adventurers. They are also natural foodies esp. when they have benefic planets there. They may also be an old soul if they have Jupiter with maximum degrees in their chart. They tend to bring good luck in their life and others' lives. These are general qualities, reader’s discretion is advised.

Remedy: Feeding a cow, nurturing or helping others, gaining higher knowledge and teaching others are all good remedies.

Note: To understand more about this nakshatra please read its predecessor Uttara Bhadrapada as well.



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