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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Rohini (ரோகிணி), the nakshatra of growth

Placement: 10° 00’ to 23° 20’ of Taurus

Element: Earth (Bhumi)

Pushkara Navamsha/Bhaga: 2nd pada/14°


Rohini represents maximum material pleasures, which can be attained through our five senses. Hence it is considered as the queen of nakshatras. Another reason is that it is the most favourite nakshatra of the Moon.

Ruler: Moon is the ruler of this nakshatra. Its important to note that Chandra (Moon) loves Rohini the most among his 27 wives (27 nakshatras) so he spent maximum time with Rohini.

Deity: Lord Brahma (creator God among trinity) is the presiding deity. Brahma represents creation, creativity, fertility, wisdom etc. Brahma used all his best of abilities to create a woman who was so beautiful that even Brahma got mesmerised by his own creation. Thus he became the deity.

Symbol: Chariot/Ox cart is the symbol of this nakshatra. It represents movement, luxury, materialism and sophistication. This nakshatra is strongly connected to bulls and cows. Another symbolism is the growing trees which are again strong indicators of fertility and growth.

Animal: Cobra (particularly a male). It shows the ever moving, changing abilities of Rohini. Cobras are also attractive among snakes and very poisonous, can live in wide range of landscapes. Snakes can sense danger, they’re very much aware of what’s going on around them. Snakes are very active in their sexual life, they enjoy wild and playful sexual experiences. Snake is a silent attacker, it has split tongue, it can disguise easily, it is highly intuitive, poisonous, it coils around it's prey, it doesn’t go straight, it’s cold blooded and it's ruthless.

Guna: Rajassic nakshatra, represents constant actions in a creative way that can allure others.

*Lord Krishna was born in this nakshatra so we can understand more about Rohini from reading about Janmashtami as well.

Power: It represents "Rohana Shakti". The power to create/grow things.

General Attributes: Moon and Venus are female Grahas. Moon is Goddess Parvati (representation of everything feminine) and Venus is Goddess Lakshmi (representation of wealth). Since this nakshatra is in the heart of Taurus it has the combined qualities of both Moon and Venus. So this nakshatra represents more feminine qualities. Its important to note that the benefic quality of Rohini can make all the planets a bestower (incl. malefics). Its also the most auspicious nakshatra to start and perform any activity that promotes growth. Rohini natives can be attractive, creative, artistic, luxury oriented, sexual, adaptable etc. Since Rohini's beauty seduces everyone, the native may also seduce others if they want to. These are general qualities, reader’s discretion is advised.


Beneficial qualities: The 2nd pada of the nakshatra is the most auspicious among all four padas. Its a vargottama pada and also a “Pushkara Navamsha” pada which makes any planet sitting here takes a holy dip in this pada to show its auspiciousness to the native especially Moon, Venus and Mercury being the natural benefics can be good. The next best part is the “Pushkara Bhaga” that falls on the 14th degree is again in the 2nd pada makes things even better. Pandits (Astrologers) prefer this pada as the best time for starting any activity especially marriage and business due to its growth aspect.




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