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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Nakshatra Padas and Pushkara Navamshas/Bhagas

Nakshatra Padas

Each and every nakshatra has four Padas (steps). Padas are the same as Purushartas of the zodiac signs.​

  • First Pada denotes the “Dharma” of the nakshatra

  • Second Pada “Artha”

  • Third Pada “Kama”

  • Fourth Pada “Moksha”

Here Dharma Pada denotes the purpose, Artha denotes the accumulation of resources, Kama the desire and Moksha the liberation and comfort. Every nakshatra has a story and out of that story arises the all four Purushartas. For ex. Krittika represents passion, action, duty, commitment, critical, meticulousness, nourishment etc. and its 1st pada denotes purpose through these qualities, 2nd denotes resources through these qualities and so on.

Read about all 27 nakshatras here

Pushkara Navamasha and Pushkara Bhaga are two important placements used in vedic astrology to find the auspiciousness of a planet related to marriage and life in general.

Pushkara Navamsha

The word “Push” in Sanskrit means “Neel Kamal” (Blue Water Lily).

This beautiful flower is used as offerings in the Pooja. Another meaning is “nourishment”. There are specific Padas in some nakshatras where a planet finds nourishment (even if its in a bad dignity). These are known as Pushkara Navamsha Padas. These Padas in a horoscope give an uplifting push (wake up call) to the planet(s) sitting there. It’s one of the ways to calculate the strength of the planet. The nourishment comes through various ways (based on the nakshatra, its lord, planets placed there etc.) usually at the time of its dasha period or sub period, it will give the native the required push by giving them virtue and spirituality in life. Pushkara Navamsha placement also helps a native in marriage and relationship related prospects. Let’s say if a planet is in a good dignity already then Pushkara Navamsha becomes an energy boost to the planet or if a planet is heavily afflicted then it will take sometime but will find strength ultimately.

List of Pushkara Navamsha Padas are given below (as per Vimshottari dasha rulership system)

  • 1st Pada of Sun ruled nakshatras

  • 2nd Pada of Moon, Jupiter and Saturn ruled nakshatras

  • 3rd Pada of Venus ruled nakshatras

  • 4th Pada of Sun, Jupiter and Rahu ruled nakshatras

Total of 24 Pushkara navamsha Padas. Sun and Jupiter ruled nakshatras get two Pushkara Navamsha Padas whereas Moon, Venus, Saturn and Rahu ruled nakshatras get only one. Ketu, Mars and Mercury ruled nakshatras don’t get anything. All the Pushkara navamsha Padas are falling in these below mentioned signs ruled by natural benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Mercury.

  • Taurus

  • Cancer

  • Virgo

  • Libra

  • Sagittarius

  • Pisces

Pushkara Bhaga

Pushkara Bhaga on the other hand gives more than what Pushkara navamsha Padas can. Bhaga means “abundance or indulgence”, this placement gives abundance or indulgence based on the dignity (like I mentioned above). But it’s based on the specific degree of a zodiac sign. List is below.

  • Aries 21° degrees

  • Taurus 14°

  • Gemini 18°

  • Cancer 8°

  • Leo 19°

  • Virgo 9°

  • Libra 24°

  • Scorpio 11°

  • Sagittarius 23°

  • Capricorn 14°

  • Aquarius 19°

  • Pisces 9°

All Nakshatra Padas except Anuradha get both Pushkara Navamsha and Bhaga.

  • Bharani 3rd Pada

  • Rohini 2nd

  • Ardra 4th

  • Pushya 2nd

  • Purva Phalguni 3rd

  • Uttara Phalguni 4th

  • Vishakha 2nd

  • Purva Ashadha 3rd

  • Shravana 2nd

  • Satabishak 4th

  • Uttara Bhadrapada 2nd

These Pushkara Navamsha Padas and Bhaga degrees can also be used for finding a good time to start an activity. Especially benefics can give great results in these placements. Always remember to take quality of nakshatra in consideration. Because it plays a big role, for ex. if it’s an ugra nakshatra then marriage or starting something good should be avoided and so on and so forth.

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