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Pushya (பூசம்): Nourishment

Placement: 03° 20’ to 16° 40’ of Cancer

Element: Water (Neer)

The Sanskrit word "Push" signifies nourishment, and this is precisely what Pushya nakshatra represents. Positioned at the center of the Cancer zodiac (the natural fourth house), Pushya embodies the motherly aspect of nourishment. A mother's love is regarded as the purest and most unconditional form of love on earth, as she continues to nurture her children, irrespective of their characteristics. This nakshatra is also known as the "king of nakshatras" since it symbolizes growth and creation in all domains of life. It is considered an auspicious nakshatra for initiating any endeavor, with the exception of marriage.

Symbol: The symbol associated with Pushya is the udder of a cow. The udder secretes milk that not only nourishes the calf but also humans. Cow's milk is still a staple in the daily diet of many people around the world, demonstrating the nourishing ability of this nakshatra on a global scale. In Vedic culture, the cow is revered equally to a mother for the same reason. Therefore, the symbolism of the udder of a cow in Pushya nakshatra clearly depicts its quality of growth. If Cancer represents the cow, then Pushya represents the udder of the cow.

Ruler: Shani (Saturn) The planetary ruler of Pushya nakshatra is Shani, also known as Saturn. This planet is associated with the quality of consistency, which is reflected in this nakshatra. For example, a mother is consistent in nourishing her child, and similarly, Pushya represents the nurturing and nourishing qualities that are consistent and reliable.

Deity: The ruling deity of this nakshatra is Brihaspati, also known as Jupiter. As the natural teacher of dharma and higher wisdom, Jupiter embodies the qualities of guidance, enlightenment, and expansion.

Animal: The animal associated with this nakshatra is the "male goat".

Guna: This nakshatra is classified as rajasic, meaning it is action-oriented with an emphasis on stability, comfort, and nourishment.

Power: This nakshatra embodies the "Brahma Varchava Shakti", which refers to the power to tap into the creative energies of the universe, as personified by Brahma.

General attributes: Pushya nakshatra embodies growth, expansion, and comfort. Individuals born under its influence are inclined towards stability and ensuring the comfort of those around them. Due to its association with Saturn and Jupiter, they may face challenges and obstacles until the age of 32. This period serves as a valuable learning experience for them to gain a better understanding of the world. Pushya natives are drawn to activities such as teaching, learning, traveling, writing, and publishing. They place great value on family, home, and community, and are known for their patience and perseverance in pursuing their goals. These are general characteristics and may vary among individuals.

Jupiter's exaltation: In the sign of Cancer, the Guru of the Devas, Brihaspati/Jupiter, experiences exaltation. This nakshatra, located from 3°20’ to 16°40’ within the heart of Cancer, grants him his maximum exaltation strength. Cancer is regarded as the sign of Universal Motherhood, which signifies love for all things and beings in the world - this is the ultimate path to Moksha/Enlightenment. Guru, having knowledge of all that exists in the Universe, arrives here to obtain the highest level of comfort. This is because the path to Moksha is achieved through true love, and true love originates from having a family. When one has a family, they begin to love and work tirelessly for them. Gradually, the love expands to include others outside the family circle (because the individual becomes accustomed to giving love), and this is what Cancer symbolizes: the Universal Mother.

Note: However, in a world where deceitful and complex relationships have become a social norm, the concept of unconditional love can often seem idealistic and impractical. This is when the darker aspect of Pushya nakshatra can manifest, which includes possessiveness and manipulation.


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