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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Satabishak/Satabisha (சதயம்), the nakshatra of hundred healers

Placement: 06°40’ of Aquarius to 20° 00’ of Aquarius

Element: Ether (Space/Akash)

Pushkara Navamsha/Bhaga: 4th pada/19°

Satabisha means "hundred healers" in Sanskrit. The constellation of Satabishak consists of 100 stars and each one represents a healer/physician. It lies at the heart of Aquarius sign, the sign of religious and spiritual importance. Having this supreme position makes this nakshatra a divine one. It has a lot of connection with the Aquarius. The depiction of Aquarius sign and Satabishak nakshatra are almost the same. Both are depicted with a pot of liquid known as soma (liquid of divine quality), that can make you realise the potential of everything (like life and death). Somewhat like the Amazonian Ayahuasca.

Deity: The deity is “Varuna” (God of water). Varuna is also known as the Sun God of the night sky because he was the one responsible for placing all the stars in the universe according to vedic texts. Water is the life blood of all the creatures on earth that shows the healing and life giving nature of this nakshatra.

Natural healers: Ashwini, Ardra, Pushya, Hasta, Anuradha, Moola, Dhanishta, Satabisha, Revati.

Symbolism: The symbol is a “circle” like a ring. It can be taken as the representation of “wheel of life” or “circle of life” from birth to death and rebirth. It can also be taken as protection as in western culture the man and woman exchanges rings to portray their love and protection towards each other.

Element: The element of this nakshatra is ether (among five elements), that itself is still a misunderstood one. The deity is water God and its position is at the centre of predominant air sign Aquarius ruled by Saturn and Rahu. So it has three elements (ether, water and air) combined, which makes it a mysterious nakshatra in general.

Animal: The animal is female horse. It pairs with Ashwini nakshatra easily because of its healing ability and animal association. Since horse becomes the animal for both healing nakshatras, it’s evident that horse carries the healing energy in general.

"Satabisha is a wild horse whereas Ashwini is a domestic one."

Guna: Sattvic nakshatra with more emphasis on connecting with the masses and heal them in various ways.

Power: It represents "Bheshaja Shakti". The power of healing.

Ruler: The planetary ruler is Rahu, popularly known as the wild medicine man. It is important to note that Rahu also rules Ardra, another healing nakshatra. Whatever starts at Ardra nakshatra will find its culmination at Satabisha.

General attributes: The native under the strong influence of Satabishak will be mysterious or secretive in nature. The water and circle connection shows that they can be protective and secretive of their beliefs. Their thoughts, words and actions may always be about what they can gain out of any given situation. They're also good at finding secrets just like Moola and Ardra. They'll not like to be in a confined situation and will love dreaming/manifesting. Mix of water, air and space elements show that their ideas of adventure can be wild. Their way of living life can be surpassing the imaginations of average human being. They may also put on weight easily if they're careless about their health. Having a place in Aquarius shows that they are good at gathering a group of people for healing/rejuvenating purposes like priests and motivational speakers. These are general qualities, reader’s discretion is advised.

Remedy: In practicality some people use this technique by hanging a picture of horse(s) at their home or workplace to create a positive vibe.




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