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About Me

My name is Arun Kumar Subramanian, I come from the spiritual town of Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu, India. My interest in Vedic Astrology started in 2013, just as I was reading a newspaper article on Sadesati with my friends. The article was bonkers, which got me thinking what if there was an actual well learned Astrologers out there who can explain real Astrology. After several weeks of search I found a handful of Astrologers with each of them having their own special skills. My quest was to find out whether they provide actual astrological insights. And to my surprise, they inspired me immediately and got me into learning Astrology. Since then I gathered knowledge from numerous Astrologers and became a professional Vedic Astrologer in 2018. I’m learning advanced lessons of Astrology till date as it's a never ending science but before this I pursued majors in Physics and in Law, and was working as an Assistant Professor at a law school in New Delhi, India.​​

Kapiel Raaj (KRSchannel) is my Jyotish Guru, he taught me a lot including the ethics of an astrologer (through his Magha Vedic Astrology Academy). Tamil Scholar Ilangai Jeyaraj Ayya is my Spiritual Guru from whom I’m learning Saiva Siddhantam (Shaivite Philosophy) and Tirukkural (Dharma, Artha & Kama Shastra).​ Apart from this, I learned from a few other Masters like Prashant Trivedi, Dr. Arjun Pai, K.N.Rao, Pt. Sanjay Rath, B.V.Raman through their books.

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