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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Ardra (திருவாதிரை), the origin of intelligence and the nakshatra of future

Placement: 06° 40’ to 20° 00’ of Gemini

Element: Water (Neer)

Pushkara Navamsha/Bhaga: 4th pada/18°

Ardra is the infamous Betelgeuse. It’s a Bright Red Giant in the Orion constellation (Hunter). It's the most communicative and sensitive nakshatra, it gives importance to communication on all levels (verbal, physical, mental, astral). It’s soft but a wild nakshatra (like previous one). The futuristic aspect of this asterism makes it constantly move forward and not linger in the past. Understanding this nakshatra is like understanding a child. Children are always doing something or the other like laughing, crying, playing, eating and pooping. Likewise, Ardra is very expressive through their actions.

Deity: “Rudra” is the deity of this nakshatra. Rudra is a fierce God, who instills fear but a benevolent one. Rudra is a form of Lord Shiva, who takes this form when there is a dire need. Shiva is the God of destruction among Vedic Trinity and Shiva is usually silent, it is his avatar (form) Rudra, the actual destroyer and bringer of transformation. Rudra in Vedic texts is defined as “terrible”, “howler” etc. He cries when deeply emotional and it sounds like howling. It is said that his Rudra Tandav (emotional dance) and emotional cries takes ages to be over. He’s also termed as “medicine man” since he wanders in the forests and mountains to make medicines and to heal his own self and the others. Rudra also represents time.

Natural healers: Ashwini, Ardra, Pushya, Hasta, Anuradha, Moola, Dhanishta, Satabishak, Revati.

Symbol: Diamond and teardrop are two symbols associated with it. Diamond is unique, shiny and strong, it goes through deep transformation from a graphite to a glittering diamond. Teardrop/Water Droplet on the other hand represents the warmth of a human being as well as nature. This represents the extremity of both the sides.

Ruler: It is ruled by Rahu, the outcast graha. Outcast can be taken as thinking and going beyond the mundane. This the first nakshatra in the zodiac belt ruled by Rahu so the outcast aspect is naive here. Rahu's rulership and the nakshatra's location in the heart of Gemini makes it a technology oriented nakshatra. Rahu and Mercury are combinedly ruling the Artificial Intelligence.

Animal: Female dog. Dogs are friendly, loyal, funny, helpful and protective.

Guna: Rajassic nakshatra. Action oriented nakshatra in a technical and transformational way.

Power: It represents "Yatna Shakti". The power to make efforts and achieve its goals.

General attributes: Native with Ardra can be active, communicative, sensitive, emotional and funny too. They’ve a special sarcastic sense which may attract or sometimes even repel people. You might've heard them often making karma jokes because unlike others they get everything back (whatever they do) in this lifetime itself. The native can be good at education especially related to medicine and technology. They may always be looking forward to something or some future events and their presence is well received if there is a dire need. These are general qualities, reader’s discretion is advised.

Religious importance: Ardra's association with Rudra makes it one of the best nakshatras to worship Lord Shiva. Shiva temples in South India conduct an religious festival every year called “Arudra Darshan” between Mid-December and Mid-January on the day of Ardra nashatra. It is said that this day marks the Brahma Muhurta of the Devas. Brahma Muhurta is an auspicious time for meditation, chanting and prayers, also for receiving the positive energy to the maximum since our body clock is naturally aligned with the sunlight. Brahma Muhurta occurs roughly an hour and a half before sunrise. Since a year of humans is considered as a day of Devas, this nakshatra marks the Brahma Muhurta and worshipping Lord Shiva on this day makes it extremely auspicious for the entire year.




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