• Arun Kumar Subramanian

Dhanishta (அவிட்டம்), the nakshatra of wealth. The manifestation of Martian and Saturnian energy

Placement: 23°20’ of Capricorn to 06° 40’ of Aquarius

Element: Ether (Space/Akash)

Pushkara Navamsha/Bhaga: NA


Dhan means wealth and Ishta means wish. Dhanishta represents all three types of wealth such as knowledge (mental), courage (physical) and money (financial). That’s why it is called the nakshatra of the wealth. It brings name, fame, success and pride through all three types of wealth. It acts as the bridge between natural tenth house of Capricorn and eleventh house of Aquarius. Tenth house represents your career and eleventh house represents the fruits (benefits) of your career. Thus, Dhanishta brings success through career by acting as the bridge between these two houses.

Natural healers: Ashwini, Ardra, Pushya, Hasta, Anuradha, Moola, Dhanishta, Satabishak, Revati.

Animal: Light will always fall on their face when they enter the room as they’ll hold the charm to shine like a king/queen. Because lioness is the animal associated with this nakshatra.

Deity: “Ashta Vasus” (Eight brothers), the eight directional deities are presiding over this nakshatra. They are namely Apa, Dhara, Dhruva, Anila, Anala, Soma, Pratyusha and Prabhasa. These deities are the guardian angels of various qualities which combinedly maketh the three wealth.

  1. Apa rules confidence and invincibility (like Mars)

  2. Dhara rules wisdom and conversational ability (like Jupiter)

  3. Dhruva rules perseverance and organizational ability (like Earth)

  4. Anila rules motivation and resourcefulness (like Venus)

  5. Anala rules mental agility and discrimination (like Mercury)

  6. Soma rules gentleness and sensitivity (like Moon)

  7. Pratyusha rules radiance, joy and hope (like Sun)

  8. Prabhasa rules purity and good nature (like Saturn)

The Ashta Vasus are also skilled in many different arts especially music.

Symbolism: Musical drum is the symbol of this nakshatra. Especially the damaru (carried by Lord Shiva). Shiva plays damaru when he is dancing (tandav). This form of Lord Shiva is called Lord Nataraja. The another symbol is a “flute” (carried by Lord Krishna). It confirms the strong connection Dhanishta has with music.

Ruler: Mars (Mangal) is the planetary ruler. The pride/bravery comes from the Martian energy ruling this asterism. Mars is not only a protector but also a destroyer.

Guna: Sattvic nakshatra with more emphasis on diligence and determination. It's important to note the story of Bhishma (Ganga Putra) from Mahabharat.

Power: It represents "Khyapayitri Shakti". The power to give fame and abundance.

Story of Bhishma: Bhishma, the Son of Goddess Ganga (river Ganges) from the epic Mahabharata was actually the eldest brother (Prabhasa) of the Ashta Vasus. But due to a curse from Sage Vashishta, he had to take birth on earth through Goddess Ganga and live for a very long time. He was a mighty warrior and a diligent son of King Shantanu, who sacrificed his marriage for his father and stayed celibate for life. He was blessed by the devas due to the oath he took. He also lived long enough to see all his family members' demise and died at the time of his own will. His curse was over after his death and became Prabhasa once again.

Number association (Numerology): The connection it has with the number “eight” is evident as the deities are Ashta Vasus and the tithi of this nakshatra is Ashtami (8th lunar day). Number eight is associated with Saturn as well. So it has the energy of 8th house that brings transformation on all levels.


General attributes: The native with strong Dhanishta will be able to enjoy the fruits of performing their karma in this life itself. They'll be hardworking, talented, protective, proud, disciplined and devoted. Their hard work comes from the sign Capricorn, the knowledge comes from the Ashta Vasus, the protection and pride comes from Mars (nak. lord), the discipline comes from Saturn (the sign lord), the devotion comes from the combination of Mars and Saturn. Both Mars and Saturn are meant for hard labour and enjoy the benefits. So the native can be all about working and enjoying the benefits. They can become the true man machine without feelings. Usually the natives may have good command over variety of skills as Ashta Vasus are individually presiding over some other nakshatras and zodiac signs as well. They may also love music and can be connected to music industry directly or indirectly. Saturn and Mars are the most discipline oriented planets hence all good things of this nakshatra comes through discipline and hard work.​ These are general qualities, reader’s discretion is advised.




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