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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Guru (Jupiter)

Guru aka Brihaspati is the largest and most massive planet in the solar system. But as a graha it is the second largest after the Sun. Guru is very similar to Surya (Sun) in many ways as it is popularly known as the failed star since it has all the essential elements like Sun but missing the required mass to kick start the nuclear reaction. Like Surya, Guru also has its own family by having plenty of moons (70 plus). Guru is revered as the most benevolent since it is the reason our solar system supports life. The asteroids, comets, meteors and meteorites from the outer solar system may fall on inner planets including earth but Guru’s sheer size and gravity attracts most of them while on their way towards Sun.

Guru is the planet of wisdom. Gu (sanskrit) means darkness and ru means removal, sum it up and you will get the meaning “removal of darkness”. Guru has the power to destroy all the unwanted negative attachments like false ego, pride, stubbornness etc. and the best part about Guru is that it does all these through normal daily activities of life. Guru's primary attribute is to bring you wisdom. It makes you do good deeds using wisdom through which you attain good karma which in turn brings you fortune (luck).

Lord Brihaspati
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Lord Brihaspati

Lord Brihaspati is the Guru of the devas. It is said that God Shiva assigned the duty of advising Lord Indra (king of the devas) to Lord Brihaspati because he is the wise and poised one. He represents the cosmic intelligence (chitta, parth of the mind) which gives you wisdom. Brihaspati is the one who always knows what to do and when to do exactly, thus the adviser. He’s strict, diligent, devoted, strategic, careful, nourishing, dharmic etc. This is the image of Lord Brihaspati who rides an elephant.

In the modern context we call everyone a Guru. Let's understand Who is real Guru

Significations (karakas)

Guru represents fathers (secondary), husband, children, guru, mentors, teachers, preachers, counsellors, astrologers, lawmakers, judges, general etc. Intangible significations are mantras, meditation & contemplation, wisdom, judgement, family, dharma, research, philosophy and more. Surya and Guru have a lot of similarities since they both are the main pillars of a kingdom as king and the minister.


A strong Guru person can enlighten the space and attract the crowd much like Surya. But the difference lies in their approach. Surya can be quite upfront unlike Guru who does everything after careful analysis. These people will be patient and relaxed. This is the basic requirement for attaining wisdom, wisdom doesn't come from textbooks alone, it comes through years of acquired knowledge, contemplation and connecting with cosmic intelligence.


Guru is a masculine graha and matures at 16th year of age. It's when the Guru within you awakens, as in you’ll be able to make well-informed decisions. Guru’s capacity increases as you age and gain more experience. Numbers 3 and 27 are more important.

1. Sattvic graha

2. Exalted in Cancer and debilitated in Capricorn

3. Rules the signs Sagittarius and Pisces

4. Gets directional strength in the East (1st house)

5. Favourable direction is North-East

6. Friendly with Sun, Moon and Mars

7. Enmity with Mercury and Venus

8. Loves gatherings, celebrations, partying, sensual pleasures

9. Associated colours are yellow (secondary colour is white associated with sattva)

10. Ruling deity is Lord Brahma

11. Guru represents ether and the body part is ears

Exaltation and Debilitation of Guru

Guru attains exaltation in the sign of Cancer. It is the only place where Jupiter feels most powerful.

To understand this better just imagine Guru as a living entity and think of his requirements to become powerful.

Guru always listens (represents ears) to wise people or to his own wisdom before making a decision. He’s highly intuitional. He’s patient enough to wait for the right time. His efforts always come after careful analysis. He knows that he’s better than others but never shows it (sign of wisdom). He’s kind, protective and nourishing but when push comes to shove he can be the most violent. He has a big appetite, also enjoys parties and celebrations like Surya. There is more but you get the point. All these are fulfilled by Cancer. It is the natural 4th sign of the mother's womb where the most complex task in the world (creation of life) is taking place in a much simpler way. Womb receives egg and the sperm and delivers a fully developed living baby after nine months of protection and nourishment. Guru is much the same whose work is as unique as the womb. He takes time but the end product will be something unique. This one quality is enough to say that this is Jupiter’s domain. Yet, if you see that Cancer is the flowing water (river) which receives its source from the skies (nature aka cosmos) and nourishes everything on its way. Without the river there will be no life on the planet like without Guru there will be no life in the solar system. Virgo is the 3rd from Cancer where Guru is able to make calculated efforts, he loves everyone (4th house Libra), his wisdom comes from the cosmic mind (9th house Pisces), his careful actions make him feel the best (10th house Aries).

On the other hand Capricorn is the debilitation sign of Guru where he feels totally weak. Capricorn wants to act instantaneously instead of listening. Guru feels alienated here so his efforts go haywire (3rd house Pisces), he's forced to love himself first (4th house Aries). Instead of critical thinking and contemplation he spends time chit chatting with others (6th house Gemini).

So this is how Capricorn deprives Guru of his requirements.

Note: I've written this exaltation/debilitation concept after years of observational research and contemplation.

Read the benefits of Guru mudra aka Gyan Mudra

Guru, ears and the foetus

Guru represents akash, the first element among pancha bhutas (five elements). Akash means the space/ether. You may think that space is beyond the sky but it's everywhere. Infact the term space is the tangible equivalent of intangible objects. Space is sukshma (sanskrit term for intangibility), as in it is invisible but contains unique elements and materials. We are now trying to understand from modern science that the visible empty space is not empty and contains matters that are undetectable (easily) thus they named it dark matter. Even the inside of an atom contains vast amount of space that isn't empty.

It's amazing to look at the striking similarities between the shape of an ear and a foetus in a womb. Jupiter represents both ears and the foetus. Its fascinating to think if this is why they look similar.

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer which represents the mother's womb.

The similarities doesn't just end there:

Sound/vibration from the ether creates the other four elements such as gas, light, liquid and solid respectively. We now know with the help of science that space is filled with ocean of different sounds/vibrations, when it reaches a certain level it forms the other elements. Sounds such as CMBR and sounds of planets are examples that all celestial bodies emit certain frequency (if planet creates sound then reverse engineering will show that sound creates planets). Ear, the primary organ among the five sense organs (pancha indriyas) of the body helps you listen to the sound. Thus ear represents the ether/space among pancha bhutas. You observe the world through all five sense organs but ears are the first organ to become active as early as you were in your mother’s womb. An unborn baby cannot feel the touch, see, taste or smell but can listen to/observe the world through ears.

Ancient thinkers and philosophers always emphasized this fact:

Thiruvalluvar (Tamil poet and philosopher) mentioned in Tirukkural (Tamil literature) that:

செல்வத்துள் செல்வம் செவிச்செல்வம் அச்செல்வம்

செல்வத்துள் எல்லாம் தலை -குறள் 411


Among wealth, knowledge is the most important

Among knowledge, listening through attentive ears is the most important

Pregnant women are always advised to listen to good music, good speeches etc. because the unborn baby inside her womb will also listen to it. What you listen to makes you who you are. Kids come to this world with an empty mind, they don't overthink like mercury, not violent like mars, not pride like sun but they are just like Jupiter, observing everything and ready to receive the moon’s motherly nourishment.

Jupiter, the jeeva karaka (life significator)

Man has conquered the earth. From a humble beginning to the landfilled ending he changed a lot including the face of the earth with his perseverance but there is one thing that never changed; his belief system. Just by looking at the position of the stars he was able to find paths even in the darkest of nights through dense forests and harsh weather. He then drew the same stars on a board to find paths of life. This gave him hope, so he constructed a set of beliefs to hope for more. Later people called it “religion”. This belief system led him to build great civilizations on earth. But as he grew older he started questioning his own beliefs and looking for answers somewhere else. Because he forgot how he constructed all these in the first place he now has to fill the gap in his mind to move forward. This filling the gap is what is called “modern science”. Because man has already done a great number of things using ancient science. But instead of using the same beliefs to ascend further, he forgot everything and is now wasting time on filling gaps in his dementia prone mind.

So far, modern science has been able to fill many of his gaps but in the meantime the man’s dementia made him even forget the purpose of modern science. Thus he started losing hope, so he constructed the new age belief system around science and made the boffins in the lab coat as their priests. This gives hope to the demented man. But soon will come a time when he forgets how it all started once again. Until then man needs hope, hope needs beliefs. It is his life force, the jeeva thus Jupiter, the jeeva karaka is ruling the sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius brings or denies hope based on what you believe. Without hope, not just man but even an animal cannot survive in the wilderness. After all, man is nothing without his beliefs.

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