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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Chandra (Moon)

Chandra is the closest graha to us hence the most important. Chandra lights up the sky at night time like Surya does in the daytime but the difference is that Chandra waxes and wanes every 28 days (from earth’s perspective) due to its rotational axis (tidally locked). This causes us to see only one side of the Chandra (50%) and the other side is hidden from our eyes forever. Scientists call it the near side and far side of the Moon. Moon holds many secrets (about our origin) regardless of being the closest to us. A few of them were found by astronauts who had been to the Moon but they were concealed from the general public to control the panic and chaos.

Chandra and Surya are like mother and father of Earth. Surya provided the seed (created the planet) and Chandra created seasons (thus harbouring living beings).

Lord Chandra

Lord Chandra aka Lord Soma is the most attractive among devas. He has 27 wives (27 nakshatras) and he loves Rohini the most among them. Upon knowing this, the other 26 wives went to their father Prajapati (Daksha), who became angry and cursed Chandra to lose all his glow and attraction. Chandra lost his glow that night, so he approached Lord Shiva for the removal of his curse. Shiva, by knowing everything, advised Chandra to treat everyone equally and reduced the intensity of his curse.

That night is celebrated as ShivaRatri (the night of Lord Shiva). It'll bring mental stability to the devotee.
Lord Chandra
Lord Chandra riding a deer chariot

From that night onwards Chandra started gaining his glow (waxing) for 14 nights and losing his glow (waning) for 14 nights. This is to remind Chandra of his position because he is the most elusive and mischievous. His activities was what started the epic Mahabharata that ended in Kurukshetra war. Thus, everyone in Mahabharata are called Chandravanshi (lunar dynasty). Soma is the other name of Chandra which means beautiful, attractive and hypnotic.

Significations (Karakas)

Chandra represents one’s self (mind), mother, queen, elder women, female leaders as tangible significations. Home, comforts, motherly love, nourishment, beauty, face, sleep, attraction, lust, consciousness as intangible significations.


Wherever your Moon is, that's where your mind is. Moon represents the conscious mind and it’s stability, thought process, comfort level etc. Just by looking at your Moon’s position you can understand what drives your mind, what are your interests, what do you think about all the time, how stable you’re mentally, what brings you comfort, what nourishes you and how you perceive the world around you. This is why Moon's position is more emphasized in Vedic Astrology because your mindset reveals a great lot of things about your lifestyle.

Chandra represents pure material wealth like the food you eat and the physical comforts you get.

Lord Chandra is a male but Chandra graha represents femininity due to its ability to bring sustenance to support life on earth. Energy aka Shakti is a feminine concept. Man is represented by Shiva and woman is represented by Shakti. Shiva is the thoughts and Shakti is the manifestation of those thoughts. Read more about Shiva and Shakti.


Chandra matures at the age of 24. It’s the age of one's mental maturity. Your inner and outer world gets into sync in this time. Since you experienced all 12 zodiac signs twice you’ll be able to think clearly and construct your own future. Also the numbers 2 and 18 are important.

  1. Chandra gets exalted and Mooltrikona in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio

  2. Chandra rules the sign Cancer

  3. Gets directional strength in the 4th house (North)

  4. Ruling direction is North-West

  5. Friendly with Sun and Mercury

  6. Enmity with None

  7. Neutral with all

  8. Sattvic graha

  9. White colour

  10. Chandra represents jala (water) and the body part is the eye (esp. left)

Read the benefits of Chandra Mudra

Exaltation and debilitation of Chandra

Chandra exalts in Taurus and debilitates in Scorpio. To understand this better, you must imagine Chandra (Moon) as a human being to understand her requirements.

Chandra represents number two. She wants to be the second because she is not a creator but a nourisher. Her nourishment provides growth, energy, sustenance, protection and comfort to the creation. She possesses a huge surge of energy in herself, which is a natural gift with which she can light up even the darkest of places. She serves others with love. She's selfless, she thinks of others before she thinks of herself. She’s practical inside and emotional outside. She loves food, cooking and feeding. She’s all about the material universe. All these are fulfilled by Taurus. Taurus is the natural 2nd house of material wealth, food, energy, sustenance, natural gift, speech etc. So these are enough to assume that it is Chandra’s most powerful domain. She's a nourisher (3rd house Cancer). Her energy is her natural gift (1st house Taurus) and she lights up the darkest of place (7th house Scorpio). She serves others with love (6th house Libra). She's selfless (12th house Aries). Practical inside (1st house Taurus) and emotional outside (3rd house Cancer). She’s all about the material universe (Taurus, fixed earth sign).

On the other hand, Scorpio is the debilitation sign of Chandra. It's directly opposite to Taurus so it's easy to understand the opposing nature. Scorpio is the natural 8th house of death and transformation which are against the moral policy of Chandra. She has to be emotional inside (1st house Scorpio) and practical outside (3rd house Capricorn). She cannot provide growth, rather expect it from others (7th house Taurus). She serves herself (6th house Aries).

This is how Scorpio deprives Moon of its requirements.

Note: I've written this exaltation/debilitation concept after years of observational research and contemplation.

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