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Guru (Jupiter)

Jupiter, also known as Guru, holds the distinction of being the largest and most massive planet in our solar system. We call them graha in Vedic astrology, graha is a celestial body that rises and sets in the sky, including planets, stars, and satellites. Jupiter bears a striking resemblance to the Sun in many ways, earning it the moniker of a "failed star," possessing all the necessary elements for nuclear reactions but lacking the required mass to initiate them. Jupiter boasts an extensive collection of satellites, with more than 70 Moons under its gravitational influence. This gas giant is held in high esteem, revered as the most benevolent graha, as it plays a crucial role in supporting life within our solar system. Jupiter's massive size and gravitational pull serve as a protective shield, drawing in asteroids, comets, meteors, and meteorites from the outer solar system, which would otherwise pose a threat to inner planets incl. earth, thus ensuring the continuation of life as we know it.

Guru is regarded as the planet of wisdom. The Sanskrit word "Gu" means darkness, while "ru" means removal, the removal of darkness, i.e., ignorance, from our lives. Guru has the power to eliminate false ego, pride, and stubbornness, which hinder our spiritual growth. What's remarkable about Guru is that it does so through our daily activities, without us even realizing it. The primary attribute of Guru is to bestow wisdom upon its followers. Through this wisdom, one can perform good deeds, leading to good karma. In summary, Guru's influence helps us to eliminate ignorance and negative traits, leading to a life of wisdom and good fortune.

Lord Brihaspati
Lord Brihaspati (

Lord Brihaspati

Lord Brihaspati, the creator of the planet Jupiter, is revered as the Guru of the devas. According to Purana, Lord Shiva assigned him the crucial duty of advising Lord Indra, the king of the devas, due to his unparalleled wisdom and composure. Lord Brihaspati embodies cosmic intelligence (chitta), imparting profound wisdom and spiritual guidance to his disciples.

As an adviser, he is known for his strictness, diligence, devotion, strategic thinking, carefulness, and adherence to dharma or righteousness. He possesses a nurturing quality, ensuring the spiritual growth and well-being of his disciples.

Significations (karakas)

Jupiter represents husbands, children, gurus, mentors, teachers, preachers, counselors, astrologers, lawmakers, judges, and military generals. In addition to these tangible significations, Guru also influences intangible aspects such as mantras, meditation, contemplation, wisdom, judgment, family, dharma, research, philosophy, and more. Interestingly, Jupiter shares many similarities with the Sun as both are crucial pillars of a kingdom, with the Sun being a king and Guru being a minister.


A person with a strong Jupiter influence can radiate an aura of enlightenment and attract a crowd much like Surya. However, the approach of these individuals differs significantly. Sun can be quite forthright and direct, whereas Jupiter person approaches everything after careful analysis and contemplation. They tend to be patient, calm, and relaxed, as they understand that true wisdom cannot be attained through textbooks alone. It requires years of acquired knowledge, deep contemplation, and connecting with the cosmic intelligence.


Jupiter is a masculine planet that reaches maturity at the age of 16. This marks the awakening of the Guru within you, enabling you to make well-informed decisions. As you age and gain more experience, Guru's capacity within you increases, allowing you to develop a deeper understanding of the world. In numerology, the numbers 3 and 27 hold particular significance in relation to Jupiter. These numbers are believed to amplify the influence of Jupiter in one's life.

  1. Its a sattvic graha

  2. Its exalted in Cancer and debilitated in Capricorn

  3. It rules the signs Sagittarius and Pisces

  4. Gets directional strength in the East (1st house)

  5. Its favourable direction is North-East

  6. Friendly with Sun, Moon and Mars

  7. Enmity with Mercury and Venus

  8. Jupiter loves gatherings, celebrations, parties, spiritual events, mantra chanting, meditation, children, teaching, big vehicles and a lavish lifestyle.

  9. Its associated colours are yellow and white (secondary colour)

  10. Ruling deity is Lord Brahma

  11. Jupiter represents ether and its ruling body part is ears.

Exaltation and Debilitation of Jupiter

Jupiter attains exaltation in Cancer zodiac, he feels most powerful here. To better understand this, lets imagine Jupiter in Cancer and analyze the position as the 1st house.

Jupiter, represented by the ears, always listens attentively to his own inner wisdom before making a decision. He is highly intuitive and patient, willing to wait for the right moment to take action. His efforts are always preceded by careful analysis and contemplation. He never displays arrogance or boastfulness, which is a hallmark of true wisdom. He is kind, protective, and nurturing, but can also be fiercely violent when necessary. He has a hearty appetite and enjoys parties and celebrations, much like Surya. All of these traits are embodied by the zodiac sign of Cancer. Cancer is naturally associated with the mother's womb, where the miraculous creation of life occurs. It is a place of protection and nourishment where an egg and sperm come together and develop into a fully-formed baby over the course of time. Similarly, Jupiter's work is also unique and requires patience, but the end result is always something special. This is why Cancer is considered to be Jupiter's domain. Additionally, Cancer is a flowing river that nourishes everything in its path. Without this life-giving water, there would be no life on the planet, just as without Jupiter, there would be no life in the solar system. Virgo, the 3rd house of Jupiter, is where he is able to make calculated efforts. He loves everyone (as represented by the 4th house Libra), his wisdom comes from the cosmic mind (as represented by the 9th house Pisces), and his careful actions make him feel one with the Universe (as represented by the 10th house Aries).

On the other hand, Capricorn is the debilitation sign of Jupiter where he feels weakened. Capricorn's impulsive nature conflicts with Jupiter's patient approach, leading to misdirected efforts (as represented by the 3rd house Pisces). Jupiter may become self-centered (as represented by the 4th house Aries) instead of seeking wisdom and introspection, and may engage in idle talk instead of deep contemplation (represented by the 6th house Gemini). This is how Capricorn deprives Guru of his necessary conditions for growth and fulfillment.

Note: The concept of exaltation and debilitation presented here is the result of extensive observational research and contemplation over the years.


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