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Surya (Sun)


Surya, also known as the Sun, is the primary graha (celestial body) that is the source of creation for the entire solar system. It is a star that illuminates the sky and is responsible for the day and night cycle. Its light and heat are crucial for the survival of all other planets in orbit. Surya is considered the most powerful and unique planet, being the largest, brightest, most massive, and hottest. It creates time and provides energy to all planets, giving light and warmth necessary to sustain life on earth. Surya is known for its commitment to duty and leadership qualities, governing all other planets. However, it also possesses the power to incinerate anything that comes too close. Surya represents purity and oneness, capable of destroying anything it comes into contact with.

Lord Surya
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Lord Surya

Lord Surya is known as the Sun God and is considered to be the ruler of all the planets and sub-planets residing in Bhuvarloka, which is located above the plane of Bhuloka (the earth). He is a deva, which means a demigod, and is under the control of Indra, the king of the devas who resides in Swarka loka. According to the Vedas, there are many different realms or lokas above and below the earth, and each of these realms has its own kings, queens, and people. The higher lokas are considered to be better, while the lower lokas are considered to be worse, and this creates a grading system. The image of Lord Surya is that of a beautiful, shining, and bright ruler who is often depicted with seven horses.

Significations (Karakas)

Each planet has numerous tangible and intangible significations. Based on the aforementioned facts, several intangible significations for Sun can be identified, such as inner consciousness, work, career, power, light, strength, vitality, valor, leadership roles, government, organization, authority, and ruling power. Tangible significations can be one's self (atma), father, mentor, guru, boss, king, leader, or head of an organization. These significations are used to understand Sun in a horoscope. Sun is the most attractive and significant planet, wherever the Sun is, that's where the light and crowd is. Anything that is rich, artistic, luxurious, and flamboyant is represented by the Sun. Therefore, it is the ego that drives and gives identity. If you are asked who you are, your first response will be your name and profession or what you do for a living. That which gives you an identity is your Sun.


A person with a strong Sun in their horoscope is likely to have a commanding presence that can brighten up any space they occupy. They may possess a natural charisma that draws people towards them easily, which is one of the most prominent indications of the Sun. In addition, they may exhibit traits such as dominance, sturdy build, a self-made attitude, involvement in government or leadership roles, and a desire to command others. These are some of the other significations that can be observed from the presence of a strong Sun in the horoscope.

Interpreting horoscopes becomes interesting and simpler when you delve into the intricacies. To do this, you must consider the quality of an item and associate it with the qualities of the Sun. If the association is fitting, then it can also be considered a signification of Surya in the horoscope.


Sun is a masculine planet and reaches maturity at the age of 21, at which point the Sun within you attains its full strength, much like becoming an adult. This enables you to carry out tasks and perform roles signified by Sun with greater ease, such as work, leadership, and ruling. Additionally, the numbers 1 and 15 hold greater significance for Sun.

  1. Sun gets exalted (strong) in Aries and debilitated (weak) in Libra

  2. Sun rules the sign Leo

  3. Gets directional strength in the South (10th house)

  4. Favourable direction is East (1st house)

  5. Friendly with Moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter

  6. Enmity with Venus, Saturn and the nodes

  7. Sattvic graha

  8. Associated colours are orange, saffron and yellow (secondary colour is white associated with sattva)

  9. Most independent graha of all

  10. Ruling deity is Agni

  11. Surya represents agni (fire) and the associated body part is eye (esp. right)

Rather than listing all the food items, places, and professions associated with Sun, it's better to understand the qualities that are related to the Sun and then find the corresponding items. Anything that stands out prominently and has remarkable qualities is associated with Surya. For instance, a towering skyscraper in a city is a manifestation of the Sun, gold is considered the king of metals, and mango is called the king of fruits. These things should attract everyone because that's what Sun represents - attraction, prominence, and radiance.

Exaltation and Debilitation of Surya

Sun's exaltation is a state of full strength, power, and happiness. This state is attained when Sun is in the sign of Aries, which provides a platform for him to achieve it. This is similar to how fulfilling your wants and needs can make you feel strong, powerful, and happy. Aries satisfies Sun's requirements, leading to his exaltation.

To better understand this, lets imagine Sun in Aries in 1st house and analyze his requirements. Sun embodies the qualities of being number one, self-centered, practical, quick, and strong-willed. He desires to be self-made, at the center of attention, and to have a big appetite. While he cares for those under him, he prefers not to involve himself directly. He enjoys parties and fun but ultimately prioritizes his duty. He is not much of a talker and values organization and the arts. Additionally, he wants to know his enemies. All of these traits are associated with Sun's exaltation in Aries. Aries provides Sun with the platform to fulfill these desires. The zodiac belt shows that from Aries, each sign is in its own place, allowing Surya to perform at his best.

Even though Leo is ruled by the Sun, it doesn't provide everything Sun needs. This is what makes astrology so interesting, as it's an art form that involves various complexities and nuances.

On the other hand, Sun's debilitation sign is Libra, which means he has no strength, power, or happiness in this position. Libra is located directly opposite Aries in the zodiac belt, which explains their opposing nature. Sun finds himself in an upside-down world in Libra, where he can't prioritize himself, has to listen to everyone's opinions, and can't be quick in decision-making. He is also forced to waste time and energy on random people because Sagittarius is in the 3rd house from Libra, making him talk about big things like astrology and philosophy to an 8-year-old kid. Despite his big appetite, he can't eat well in this position due to Scorpio being in the 2nd house (house of abrupt ending). Additionally, he is forced to be emotional in the external world (Capricorn in the 4th), which he can't afford being a king, he is confused about his enemies (Pisces in the 6th). This is how Sun's requirements are not fulfilled in Libra.

Note: The concept of exaltation and debilitation presented here is the result of extensive observational research and contemplation over the years.


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