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Leo (Simha) and 5th house

Leo is called Simha (सिम्हा/சிம்மம்) in Sanskrit. It is the fifth zodiac in the natural order. It is a fixed sign like Taurus and fire sign like Aries so you can see many resemblances between these three signs but the difference is that Leo is a sattvic, fixed fire sign. It’s fire is fixed at one place and burns constantly like a burner and expands gradually. It’s sattvic nature has the quality of creation in it, thus it's also called creative fire sign. Leo stands for the future as it burns the old to create the new.


  1. It represents power and stability because it's a fixed sign.

  2. It loves the creation aspect of life through procreation, playfulness, arts & fantasies, transformations etc. because it's a fire sign.

  3. It is a sattvic sign so it tends to focus on its target constantly without distraction.

  4. It is ruled/owned by the Sun because it represents the core of our body. It also stands for dharma, government, royalty, supremacy, authority, big family, children, centre of attraction, self expression, soul, creativity, strong sense of self, character and will.

  5. It is denoted by Lion because it represents kings, nobility, power, pride, politics, dominance, masculinity, honour, prestige etc. Lion is also the mount of Goddess Durga and Lord Rahu so one can see the connection between Sun, Leo, Durga and Rahu here.

  6. Leo governs the middle abdomen including stomach and spine of the cosmic man (The acids in the stomach constantly burns the food we put in them).

  7. It is a masculine sign just like its ruler.

  8. It has 3 nakshatras namely Magha, Purva Phalguni and Uttara Phalguni. These will let you understand Leo profoundly. For ex., Magha will tell you the basics of Leo, Purva Phalguni will tell you the essence of Leo and Uttara Phalguni will tell you the final concoction of Leo.

  9. Its direction is east.

  10. White is the colour.

  11. It's a mild barren sign due to constant burning abilities we discussed above.

  12. Connected to places like Italy, France, west of England, region of Bohemia in Czech Republic, Sicily, Indian states of Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. Cities like New Delhi, Prague, Cremona, Ravenna, Syracuse, Philadelphia, Bristol etc.

  13. Connected to mantras, politics, hills & mountains, city centres, jungles, dens, palaces, castles, forts, monuments, places of historical importance, wild beasts, fire places like ovens, burners, stoves, homa kund, rocky caves, glass houses etc.

  14. Connected to Ajna (third eye chakra/medullary plexus).

  15. Connected to number 5 and 0.

  16. Connected to Vadiyanath jyotirlingam temple in Jharkhand.

  17. Its solar deity is Lord Indra and the mantra is “Om Ghrini Indra Adityáya Namah”.

  18. Exaltation and debilitation sign for none of the planets.

  19. Moolatrikona sign of Sun.

Heat and dynamism

Leo’s everlasting fire makes it the most creative and dynamic sign. It's creativity touches each and every single aspect of life. Thus it loves celebrations, ceremonies, parties, gatherings, festivals, children etc. It creates ways and opportunities to exchange each others’ ideas and knowledge to collectively develop the society. On the other hand, the steady fire of Leo produces constant heat, hence Leo is the most thermodynamic sign. It produces maximum heat energy in the native’s body that is converted into different sorts of energy based on the situations and circumstances.


Moolatrikona means the basis/origin. Leo is the origin zodiac of the Sun due to its constant heat energy, it acts as the central core of the Sun. The Moolatrikona position of the Sun is between 0 and 20 degrees of Leo.

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Fifth house

The 5th house will always represent many similar qualities of Leo such as creativity, playfulness, procreation, progeny, self expression, celebrations, body parts and sattvic guna. So understanding Leo is important to understand the fifth house.


Planets in Leo

Sun in Leo: Good education, good speaker, intellectual, farsighted, influence from children's side, feels superior with regard to others.

Moon in Leo: Feels intelligent (truth can be different), happiness from children, acquires wealth, good speaker, contemplation, devoted to mother.

Mars in Leo: Wise and rash in approach, not happy with children, spends too much, ambitious.

Mercury in Leo: Very careful and judicious, clever, happy with children, conquers the enemies, earns good wealth.

Jupiter in Leo: Fortunate, intelligent, good education, command over dharmashastra (morality), good orator, happiness through children, honourable.

Venus in Leo: Good occupation, earns wealth, not much happiness from family esp. wife, indulgence in sexual thoughts, mentally worried, tired with children, good education and good conversationalist.

Saturn in Leo: Not much happiness from father and children, gains through education, intellect, works hard to progress in the occupation, works with joy to gain sexual pleasures, gives importance to spouse, works hard for social activities.

Rahu in Leo: Doesn't get good education, unhappy with children, mentally worried, peevish and harsh speech, cannot understand others.

Ketu in Leo: Unhappy with children, deficient in education, unable to make others understand their ideas and words, secretive.

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