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Leo (Simha)

Leo, the fifth sign in the natural zodiac, is referred to as Simha (सिम्हा/சிம்மம்) in Sanskrit. It is a fixed and fiery sign, much like Taurus and Aries. However, the defining characteristic of Leo is its sattvic nature, which imbues it with the power of creation. This sign's fire is stable and burns continuously, much like a burner, gradually expanding. Leo is also known as the "creative fire sign." It represents the future by burning the old and making way for the new.


  1. Leo is a fixed sign, representing power and stability.

  2. As a fire sign, Leo loves the creation aspect of life and has a playful and artistic nature.

  3. Leo is a sattvic sign, with a strong focus on its targets and goals.

  4. Ruled by the Sun, Leo represents dharma, government, royalty, authority, creativity, and self-expression.

  5. It is denoted by the lion, representing kings, nobility, power, and dominance.

  6. Leo governs the middle abdomen, including the stomach and spine.

  7. It has 3 nakshatras: Magha, Purva Phalguni, and Uttara Phalguni, each providing insight into the essence of Leo.

  8. Leo's direction is east and its color is white.

  9. It is a mild barren sign due to its constant burning nature.

  10. Connected to places like Italy, France, the west of England, Bohemia in Czech Republic, Sicily, and Indian states of Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand.

  11. Leo is connected to mantras, politics, hills and mountains, city centers, jungles, dens, palaces, castles, forts, monuments, places of historical importance, wild beasts, fireplaces, and rocky caves.

  12. It is connected to Ajna (third eye chakra/medullary plexus) and numbers 5 and 0.

  13. The solar deity of Leo is Lord Indra and the mantra is “Om Ghrini Indradityáya Namah”.

  14. Leo is the moolatrikona sign of Sun.

  15. Neither exaltation nor debilitation sign for any planet.

  16. Leo is a masculine sign, just like its ruler, the Sun.

  17. Leo is connected to the Vadiyanath jyotirlingam temple in Jharkhand.

Leo: The Creative and Thermodynamic Sign

Leo is known for its unwavering fire which makes it the most creative and dynamic sign. Its creativity extends to every aspect of life, making it fond of celebrations, parties, festivals, and children. Leo actively seeks opportunities to exchange ideas and knowledge to help society develop. Additionally, the steady fire of Leo produces a consistent heat, making it the most thermodynamic sign. This heat energy is transformed into various forms based on the individual's circumstances.


Leo's constant heat energy acts as the central core of the Sun, making it the origin zodiac of the Sun and the Moolatrikona position of the Sun falls between 0 and 20 degrees of Leo.

Leo and Fifth House

The fifth house in astrology is closely associated with Leo and reflects its qualities and characteristics. Just like Leo, this house also represents creativity, playfulness, procreation, progeny, self-expression, celebrations, and the sattvic guna. It reflects the creative spark that fuels our passions and inspires us to express ourselves in unique and imaginative ways. The fifth house is also linked with children, indicating our ability to nurture and guide the next generation. Thus, having a good understanding of Leo is crucial to comprehending the influence of the fifth house in our lives.


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