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Aries (Mesha)

In Sanskrit, Aries is known as Mesha (मेषा/மேஷம்). As the natural first sign (rashi), Aries is all about independence, self-expression, and personal orientation. It is an active sign, characterized by its primary motto of constant movement. Aries is a rajassic, movable fire sign, with a fire that burns like an inferno, never stopping but always moving towards its next target. This makes Aries the most forward-thinking sign and, as a result, the first sign of the zodiac belt.


  1. Represents constant physical and mental actions due to being a movable sign.

  2. Loves creating new things as a fire sign.

  3. Has rajassic guna, making it persistent and not accepting failure easily.

  4. Ruled by the planet Mars, representing passion, dedication, and anger.

  5. Denoted by the animal Ram, representing adventure, strength, and a muscular stature.

  6. Represents the whole body and primarily the head.

  7. Represents the male gender.

  8. Has 3 nakshatras: Ashwini, Bharani, and Krittika.

  9. Direction is east.

  10. Colour is blood red.

  11. Governs the head and face as body parts.

  12. Mild barren sign due to forest fires.

  13. Connected to places such as England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Syria, Palestine, Tamilnadu, and Italian cities.

  14. Connected to fire fighters, electricity, and superconductors.

  15. Connected to Rameshwaram Jyotirlingam.

  16. Connected to Manipura (solar plexus/lumbar plexus).

  17. Solar deity is Dhatá Adityá, and the mantra is "Om Ghrini Dhatádityáya Namah".

  18. Exaltation sign of Sun, debilitation sign of Saturn, and Mooltrikona sign of Mars.

  19. Represents fast movements, eccentricity, and dedication.

Esoteric Power of Aries

Esoterically, the power of Aries lies in its ability to create something massive out of seemingly nothing. Just like a forest fire that arises from friction between trees and has the capacity to destroy an entire forest, Aries possesses the same drastic energy needed to create something profound, like stars, planets, galaxies, or even life on Earth.

Exaltation of the Sun

Aries is considered a kingly sign, and any planet located here tends to emulate the qualities of Aries, which is associated with independence, self-expression, and personal orientation. While all planets may not be comfortable in Aries, the Sun, as the natural king, is particularly powerful here. This is because the Sun shares some of Aries' explosive energy and can use it in productive ways. The Sun's solar flares have the potential to destroy the Earth in a matter of minutes, but they are also responsible for the creation of our solar system.

Furthermore, the Sun is easily observable in Aries during the summer in the northern hemisphere, which provides a platform for it to express its maximum power. As a result, the Sun is exalted in Aries, especially at 10 degrees of the sign. This unique placement allows the Sun to harness the energy of Aries and utilize it to its fullest potential.

Debilitation of Saturn

Saturn, known as the servant among the planets, experiences weakness in Aries due to the fiery energy of this sign. Being slow and dark, Saturn cannot harness the explosive and illuminating energy of Aries. Therefore, it gets debilitated here, which means it loses its strength and effectiveness. This condition is prevalent throughout Aries, but the deepest debilitation occurs at 20 degrees of Aries.


In Aries, Mars attains the Mooltrikona position with degrees ranging from 0 to 12.

Aries and First House

When it comes to astrology, the rising sign, also known as the ascendant or first house, holds immense significance as it represents the persona, self-expression, and the way one is perceived by the world. Understanding the nature of Aries is crucial for comprehending the first house since regardless of the zodiac sign, the rising sign always embodies Aries-like qualities. These qualities include independence, assertiveness, individuality, and a strong sense of personal orientation.

The rajassic guna, which is characterized by passion, activity, and desire, is also associated with Aries and the first house. Individuals with a prominent Aries or first house placement may have a strong drive to pursue their desires and manifest their goals in the material world.

Moreover, Aries is also associated with specific body parts, including the head and face, which are also reflected in the first house. The rising sign represents the physical appearance and health of an individual, and the connection with Aries highlights the importance of these body parts in defining one's personality and physical presence.

Therefore, gaining an understanding of Aries is essential for understanding the first house and its significance in the horoscope. The qualities and characteristics of Aries provide a framework for interpreting the persona, behavior, and self-expression of individuals with Aries or first house placements.


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