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Aries (Mesha) and 1st house

Aries in English is called Mesha (मेषा/மேஷம்) in Sanskrit. Aries is the natural first sign (rashi). It is the most active sign and it represents independence, self-expression and personal orientation as its primary motto. Aries is a rajassic, movable fire sign. The fire of Aries is constantly moving like an inferno and its rajassic nature never allows it to stop the fire but keeps it moving towards the next target. Hence Aries is the most futuristic sign and thus it becomes the first sign of the zodiac belt.


  1. It represents constant physical and mental actions because it's a movable sign.

  2. It loves creating new things because it's a fire sign.

  3. It doesn't accept failure easily. It loves multiple tries and efforts to get the desired results because it's a rajassic sign.

  4. It is ruled/owned by the planet Mars because it represents constant actions, fast movements, eccentricity, passion, dedication, anger etc.

  5. It is denoted by the animal Ram because it represents adventures, sturdy nature, frightening looks, muscular stature, tip toes etc. Ram is also the mount of Lord Agni (God of fire). You can see the connection between Mars, Aries and Agni here.

  6. Aries represents our whole body and mainly the head. Because head is the primary organ of our body.

  7. It represents male gender.

  8. It has 3 nakshatras Ashwini, Bharani and Krittika. These nakshatras will allow you to understand more about Aries in a detailed way. For ex., the first nakshatra Ashwini will tell you the basics of Aries, Bharani will tell you what is beyond the basics and Krittika will tell you the final concoction of Aries.

  9. It’s direction is east.

  10. Blood red is the colour.

  11. Governs the head and face as body parts.

  12. A mild barren sign because of the forest fire we discussed above.

  13. Connected to places such as England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Syria, Palestine, Indian state of Tamilnadu, Italian cities like Capua, Naples, Verona, Florence, Padua etc.

  14. Connected to fire fighters, electricity, super conductors etc.

  15. It’s connected to “Rameshwaram Jyotirlingam”.

  16. It’s solar deity is “Dhatá Adityá” and the mantra is “Om Ghrini Dhatá Adityáya Namah”.

  17. Exaltation sign of Sun.

  18. Debilitation sign of Saturn.

  19. Mooltrikona sign of Mars.

Why do you need this much power?

Esoterically, you can understand that the power of Aries is used in creating something huge out of thin air. For ex., the forest fire gets created out of friction through trees and has the power to destroy an entire forest. Aries is much the same. You need this type of drastic energy to create something profound such as stars, planets, galaxies or even life on planet earth.


Aries is a kingly sign. So any planet sitting here will try to act like Aries (the king). Sun is naturally the king so Sun gets powerful here but rest of the planets are not. Another reason is, it's the only planet that can harness the energy of Aries in a productive way because it is an exploding fire planet (like Aries’s explosive energy). The solar flares of the Sun have the power to destroy our earth in just a matter of minutes but the same Sun created our entire solar system. So it’s the right planet to get exalted here. Secondly It's easy to witness at the time of summer (northern hemisphere) every year the Sun will be in Aries. It means Aries provides the platform for Sun to enjoy its maximum power. It's exalted everywhere in Aries but the deepest exaltation is at 10 degrees of Aries.

Read more about Sun’s exaltation here


Saturn gets debilitated here. Saturn is naturally the servant so it gets weak. It also cannot harness the energy of Aries because it is slow. Aries is explosive fire energy that brings light but Saturn is dark. It's debilitated everywhere in Aries but the deepest exaltation is at 20 degrees of Aries.

Read more about Saturn’s debilitation here


Mars gets Mooltrikona position here. It's degrees are between 0 and 12 degrees of Aries.

First house

Ascendant or the rising sign is the first house in any birth chart. It can be any zodiac but will always represent similar qualities of Aries such as independence, self-expression, personal orientation, body parts and rajassic guna. So understanding Aries is important to understand the first house.

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