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Mangal (Mars)

Mars, also known as Mangal is the second smallest planet in the solar system. Mars is renowned for being the most aggressive, violent, and hottest planet in Jyotish (Vedic astrology). Mars is Fire and Blood. Even modern astronomers refer to it as the red planet due to its appearance, which signifies heat, violence, and aggression. The Sanskrit term "Mangal" has two meanings - "auspicious" and "pale or dull colored." Despite being a malefic planet, Mangal is considered both auspicious and essential for survival and cherishing life. Its importance is emphasized in Vedic traditions, such as the use of the "Mangal sutra," a sacred thread worn in Indian marriages that symbolizes the rule/formula of Mars.

The kumkum applied by Hindus on their forehead represents protection and strength, and is associated with Mars.

Hindu Deity
Lord Mangal on a Goat

Lord Mangal

Lord Mangal, the creator deity of the planet Mars, is considered both protective and violent. His actions are swift and decisive. According to Purana, Lord Mangal is the son of Bhumi Devi, also known as Bhu Devi, the goddess of the Earth. Bhumi Devi is characterized as beautiful, benevolent, kind, protective, and opportunistic, with a committed and dutiful nature. She takes care of the earth and all its inhabitants, with the help of the other grahas. The different qualities of Bhumi Devi can be observed all over the Earth.

As the son of Bhumi Devi, Mangal inherited some of her qualities. This implies that the planet Mars was created out of the Earth, although science has not yet proven this claim. However, it is clear that the planet Mars shares many similar conditions with Earth, which is why the possibility of life on Mars is a topic of great interest to modern scientists.

Adi Devata (Presiding Deity)

Mangal is associated with Lord Kartikeya, aka Murugan, who is a protective warrior God wielding a spear. Purana says that, Lord Shiva created Kartikeya to vanquish the asuras and restore righteousness (dharma) on Earth. Mangal embodies similar qualities as its presiding deity.

Significations (karakas)

Mars' main signification is land and real estate. It is also associated with the inner fire that drives us to achieve our goals. It symbolizes masculinity and has a strong influence on younger siblings (especially males), male friends, protectors, defense forces (police and military), engineers, technicians, and sportsmen. Physically, Mars is associated with energy, male sex drive, intense passion, patriotism, competitiveness, tradition, blood, bone marrow, muscles, kumkum (sindoor), sharp objects, surgery, cuts and bruises, machinery, physics, electrical and electronic systems, technology, anger, hatred, physical education, and physical actions.


Individuals with a strong influence of Mars in their chart tend to be protective and territorial of their surroundings. They tend to be physically and mentally active, but their actions speak louder than their words. Their perspective is often technical in nature and may be quite different from that of Jupiter. They thrive on challenges and competition, much like a young adult. Mars is the warrior, the planet of young blood. Mars is all about the present situations, similar to the qualities of Mercury.


Mars is a masculine planet and it reaches maturity around the age of 28. This is when individuals with a strong Mars influence learn to channel their energy and aggression more effectively. In numerology, the numbers 9 and 21 are significant for Mars.

  1. Its a tamassic graha

  2. Its exalted in Capricorn and debilitated in Cancer

  3. It Rules the signs Aries and Scorpio

  4. Gets directional strength in the South (10th house)

  5. Ruling direction is South

  6. Friends with Sun, Moon and Jupiter

  7. Enmity with Mercury and Saturn

  8. Mars loves physical activities, technical tasks, challenges and competitions

  9. Associated colours are red and pale red

  10. Presiding deity is Lord Murugan

  11. Mangal represents Earth (land) and the associated body part is nose

Exaltation and Debilitation of Mangal

Mangal attains exaltation in Capricorn, the battleground where Mars is powerful. To better understand this phenomena lets imagine Mars in Capricorn and analyze it as the 1st house.

Mars is always physically charged, no matter the time of day. He finds fulfillment through regular physical activities. He craves new challenges and objectives, completing them with great fervor before moving on to the next. His determination is unwavering, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He particularly enjoys physical challenges and competitions with great passion. He is a fast learner, especially when it comes to acquiring physical skills such as tool-making, machine repair, bodybuilding, and martial arts. The latest weapons, tools, and technological advancements fascinate him. Mars is also fiercely patriotic and territorial, and he has a knack for fixing things. He is an independent, strong individual who also values partnership. If Mars is committed to something, he will give his life to protect and nurture it.

The qualities of Mars that were mentioned earlier point towards Capricorn being its most powerful domain. Capricorn governs the knee, the most powerful body part, and it allows Mars to be fully active. Mars can master various skills from here, which is evident from its 3rd house Pisces since Pisces represents the universe. The independent and strong nature of Mars is reflected in the 4th house Aries. Additionally, his eagerness towards challenges and competition (6th house Gemini) indicates his boldness. Lastly, Mars's willingness to sacrifice his life for his committed one can be seen in the 10th house Libra.

On the other hand, Mars is debilitated in the sign of Cancer, which slows down his natural energy and makes him feel frustrated. It's like trying to make a fast-paced action hero like James Bond sit and listen to his enemy, which never works. In this position, Mars can only master limited skills (3rd house Virgo), and is forced to give importance to others' opinions (4th house Libra). He is forced to fight against law and order (6th house Sagittarius), which is against his nature.

Mars finds it difficult to express his natural qualities and impulses in the sign of Cancer, which can make him feel frustrated and limited in his abilities.

Note: The concept of exaltation and debilitation presented here is the result of extensive observational research and contemplation over the years.


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