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Cancer (Karkataka)

The Sanskrit name for Cancer is Karkataka (कर्कटका/கடகம்). As the fourth sign in the natural zodiac order, Cancer is known for its nurturing quality. While it shares some similarities with Aries as a movable sign, Cancer is a sattvic, movable water sign. Its flowing water nourishes everything in its path while keeping focused on its target. Cancer is also known for its emotional nature and protective qualities, making it a highly nourishing sign. Representing the past, Cancer replenishes the old for good.


  1. It's a movable sign, representing constant physical and mental actions.

  2. It's a water sign, symbolizing comfort, nourishment, protection, and happiness.

  3. It's a sattvic sign, accepting failures but aiming for success.

  4. It's ruled by the Moon, signifying emotional stability, nurturing, and empathy.

  5. It's depicted by a crab due to its hard-shelled nature with a soft inside.

  6. It governs the upper abdomen, including the chest, heart, and lungs.

  7. It represents the female gender and motherly nature.

  8. It has three nakshatras: Punarvasu, Pushya, and Ashlesha.

  9. Its direction is north.

  10. Its primary color is pale red, and secondary color is pink.

  11. It's a fruitful sign due to its nourishing qualities.

  12. It's connected to countries such as India, New Zealand, Netherlands, Scotland, and Algeria.

  13. It's connected to cities like New York, Istanbul, Tunis, Tripoli, Venice, Genoa, and St. Andrews.

  14. It's connected to watery places like rivers, streams, falls, fountains, and bathrooms.

  15. It's connected to the Ajna (third eye chakra/medullary plexus).

  16. It's connected to the numbers 4 and 69.

  17. Its Jyotirlingam is "Omkareshwara."

  18. Its solar deity is Lord Varuna (Varuna Adityá), and the mantra is "Om Ghrini Varunadityáya Namah."

  19. It's the exaltation sign of Jupiter, debilitation sign of Mars, and moolatrikona sign of Rahu.

  20. Its flowing sattvic water and emotional nature make it the most nourishing, protective, and important sign.

Understanding the Significance of Water and Emotions

Cancer is a sign that holds a deep esoteric meaning. The steady flow of water in Cancer represents the constant flow of emotions and empathic abilities within us. This flow keeps us connected to our feelings and allows us to experience everything life has to offer. Water in Cancer stands for much more than just tears and sweat, it represents all our emotions, including happiness, fear, anger, and intuition. Cancer gives us the power to experience the full spectrum of emotions and navigate them with grace.


Jupiter is highly exalted in Cancer, the most receptive zodiac sign. Jupiter's role as the Guru, the receiver of divine wisdom, is amplified in this sign. Its exaltation is at its peak when it sits at 5 degrees in Cancer.


Cancer's flowing and nurturing water can easily extinguish the fiery energy of Mars. Mars, being a natural warrior, desires to fight and defend, rather than relax in a comfortable setting. As a result, Mars becomes feeble in Cancer. Mars is weakened in Cancer, and its debilitation is strongest at 28 degrees.


Rahu's moolatrikona sign is Cancer, but there is no particular degree associated with it.

Cancer and Fourth House

In astrology, the 4th house is commonly associated with the themes of home, family, and emotional security. It is also known as the "IC" or the "immum coeli", which is Latin for "bottom of the sky". The 4th house is ruled by the sign of Cancer, which shares many of the same qualities as the house it governs.

Just as Cancer is associated with mothers and motherly nature, nourishment, and emotional stability, the 4th house similarly reflects these themes in our lives. It represents our sense of home, our family background, and our roots. It is the foundation upon which we build our lives and the place we retreat to for emotional comfort and security.

The 4th house also governs the same body parts as Cancer, including the chest, breasts, and lungs. This association highlights the importance of nurturing and taking care of our physical and emotional well-being.

Furthermore, Cancer is known for its sattvic guna, or pure and harmonious nature. This quality is reflected in the 4th house's emphasis on emotional stability, comfort, and security. Understanding Cancer's influence on the 4th house can help us better understand our own emotional needs and create a sense of safety and stability in our lives.



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