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Cancer (Karkataka) and 4th house

Cancer is called Karkataka (कर्कटका/கடகம்) in Sanskrit. It is the fourth zodiac in the natural order. Cancer is the most nourishing sign. It is a movable sign like Aries so we can see many resemblances there but the difference is that Cancer is a sattvic, movable water sign. So the water of Cancer flows constantly like a stream or a river and its sattvic nature nourishes everything on its path while also keeping it focused towards its target all the time. The flowing sattvic water of Cancer also makes it the most emotional, nourishing and a protective sign. Cancer stands for the past as it replenishes the old for good.


  1. It represents constant physical and mental actions because it's a movable sign.

  2. It loves to comfort, nourish, protect and provide happiness because it's a water sign.

  3. Cancer accepts it's failures but contemplates on gaining success the next time because it's a sattvic sign so never forgets it's targets.

  4. It is ruled/owned by the Moon because it represents emotional stability, happiness, caring & nurturing, home (comfort zone), mothers & motherly nature, steady rise and fall, intuition, empathy, receptivity etc.

  5. It is depicted by a crab (arachnid) due to its quality of having a hard shelled nature with soft inside.

  6. Cancer governs the upper abdomen including chest/breast, heart, lungs of the cosmic man. Heart is the most important organ of the human body. The same way Cancer acts is the most important sign.

  7. It represents female gender (esp. mother).

  8. It has three nakshatras namely Punarvasu, Pushya and Ashlesha. It’ll make you understand Cancer in a profound way. For ex., Punarvasu will tell you the basics of Cancer, Pushya will tell you the essence (advanced) of Cancer and Ashlesha will tell you the final concoction.

  9. Its direction is north.

  10. Pale red is primary and pink is the secondary colour of Cancer.

  11. Fruitful sign due to the qualities we discussed above. The nourishment aspect of Cancer never stops due to it's steady flow of emotions.

  12. Connected to countries like India, NZ, Netherlands, Scotland, Algeria and cities like New York, Istanbul, Tunis, Tripoli, Venice, Genoa and St. Andrews. Regions like Arctic, Burgundy (French), Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh (Indian states).

  13. Connected to watery places like rivers, streams, falls, fountains, bathrooms, agricultural lands etc.

  14. Connected to Ajna (third eye chakra/medullary plexus)

  15. Connected to numbers 4 and 69.

  16. Jyotirlingam is “Omkareshwara”.

  17. Its solar deity is Lord Varuna (Varuna Adityá) and the mantra is “Om Ghrini Varuna Adityáya Namah”.

  18. Exaltation sign of Jupiter.

  19. Debilitation sign of Mars.

  20. Moolatrikona sign of Rahu.

Why this much emotion?

Esoterically you can understand that water stands for our emotions and empathic abilities. For ex., we express our emotions through water, we cry when we are sad or happy, we sweat when we are tired or tensed. Cancer’s steady flow keeps the emotions flowing all the time. In modern context, people use the term emotion for sorrow only but emotion stands for everything we feel such as happy, sad, laugh, cry, fear, anger, intuitive, heroic, horny etc. It means Cancer gives the power to make one experience everything in life.


Cancer is the most receptive sign. So any planet sitting here will try to act like Cancer (the receiver). Jupiter is naturally the Guru, the receiver of Godly messages, so he gets powerful here. It is exalted everywhere in Cancer but the maximum exaltation is at 5 degrees.

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Mars is a fiery planet so the gushing torrent of Cancer can stop it easily. In other words, Mars is naturally a warrior who wants to fight and protect instead of sitting in a comfort zone and contemplating. So it gets weak in Cancer. It is debilitated everywhere in Cancer but the deepest point is at 28 degrees.

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It is the moolatrikona sign of Rahu. There is no specific degree for it.

Fourth house

The 4th house will always represent the similar qualities of Cancer such as mothers & motherly nature, nourishment, happiness, home & comfort, emotional stability, same body parts of Cancer and it's sattvic guna. So understanding Cancer is important to understand the 4th house.


Planets in Cancer

Sun in Cancer: Good education, gets the power of children and qualities of the mother, speaks sweetly, gets assets, uninterested in the house of father, slackness at times, wise but malicious in respect of government and society.

Moon in Cancer: Good motherly affection, assets through mother, carefree, mentally happy, considers mother as superior to father, undertakes works related to government and society, enjoys pleasures and luxuries.

Mars in Cancer: Short in stature, loses motherly affection, becomes restless, loses lands and buildings, not happy with wife, hardworking.

Mercury in Cancer: Energetic and industrious, faces hindrances from brothers and sisters, happiness from maternal grandfather, dislikes mother, problems in the property, restless, wins enemies, gains from occupation, honour from state and society.

Jupiter in Cancer: Happiness through houses and gains, has good luck, showy and religious, pleasures from mother's side, unhappiness from the father, fortunate.

Venus in Cancer: Happy and wealthy, gets a good spouse, affection from mother, occupies good position always, honoured through government and society, helpful father, enjoys worldly pleasures, clever.

Saturn in Cancer: Happiness from father, help from government and society, not much affection from mother, suffers from enemies, bit careless, has to work hard.

Rahu in Cancer: Unhappy, loses peace, loses assets, mental health etc. and makes others astonish.

Ketu in Cancer: Lacks motherly affection, gets separated from family, finds losses in immovable assets, restless, unhappy, bearing grave calamities in his own place and finally succeeds in achieving gains and pleasures.

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