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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Punarvasu (புனர்பூசம்), the nakshatra of principles

Placement: 20° 00’ of Gemini to 03° 20’ of Cancer

Element: Water (Neer)

Pushkara Navamsha/Bhaga: 2nd and 4th Pada*/NA

It has two nakshatras like Ashwini nakshatra, one is sattvic and the other is tamassic. Sattva is equaled by tamas and vice versa to show the balance of life. “Punravasu represents the cyclical nature of time. The good is followed by bad and vice versa. Anything goes around comes back around. Punarvasu teaches us the philosophy of life.” It makes a pair with the next nakshatra Pushya.

Ruler: It is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of principles, dharma and wisdom. Jupiter also rules the zodiac Sagittarius, the natural ninth house of Dharma.

Symbol: The symbolism of Punarvasu is a “quiver of arrows”. It denotes the state of preparation, to be ready mentally and physically for any oncoming situation. In other words, its the representation of time. Time is constantly moving forward without stopping for anything or anyone. “House” is another symbol for this nakshatra that represents the unchanging nature in changing circumstances and the ability to hold strong.

Deity: Goddess Aditi, the mother of 12 Adityas (Solar deities incl. Surya) is the deity. Aditi represents the motherly nature of nourishment and nurture.

"The co-relation between Punarvasu and Sagittarius is clearly evident through the above said things."

Animal: Female cat.

Guna: Rajassic nakshatra, action oriented nakshatra with stability and sustainability.

Power: It represents "Vastuva Prapana Shakti". The power to retrieve/bring back things.

Story of Lord Ram: It’s the janma (birth) nakshatra of Lord Ram, avatar of Lord Vishnu. He was a dharmic prince who was about to become the king. But he was exiled from his homeland just a day before his coronation due to sudden events. He didn't lose hope but accepted his fate. He always followed his moral values and kept on moving forward. He had to go through immense troubles to finally return to his homeland after 14 years to rule the kingdom. It shows the quality of this nakshatra i.e. the importance of time, dharma, karma, principles, hope and the ability to withstand. It also shows the connection with number 14.

Lord Ram and Lady Sita (image source:

General attributes: Native of this nakshatra may have strong beliefs and principles (good/bad) and may work hard throughout life to hold it strongly. Their presence may bring light/hope to others (esp. in the later stages). They may look like they go with the flow of time but they are adaptable, they can understand the nature of events, they are calm, poised and can wait for the right time to act. They may also talk about time, karma, return of something etc. frequently. These are general qualities, reader’s discretion is advised.

*4th pada is also vargottama pada that makes it double strong and auspicious.




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