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Ashlesha (ஆயில்யம்): The Entwined

Placement: 16° 40’ to 30° 00’ of Cancer

Element: Water (Neer)

Ashlesha is the ninth nakshatra in the series, linked to the element of water, which denotes emotions, intuition, and fluidity. It supports psychic and spiritual development, particularly through yogic practices, meditation, and self-inquiry. Some nakshatras are believed to be especially auspicious for certain purposes, such as spiritual pursuits, psychic abilities, or healing practices. One such nakshatra is Ashlesha, also known as the "entwined" or "embracing" one. The word "Ashlesha" derives from the term "Shesha", which means snake. Shesha represents the primal life force, kundalini energy, and transformational power. Ashlesha is associated with snakes, particularly cobra or python, which symbolize primal instincts, regeneration, and wisdom. It is also associated with burrows, tunnels, and deep caves.

Deity: its ruling deity is "Naga", a clan of higher beings with supernatural abilities. According to Vedic texts, Nagas have a human body atop a serpent's lower body, and some believe they transform into full snakes during nighttime. Nagas were considered enlightened beings with special skills related to chakras and siddhis. They were prominent mystics, tantrics, and hypnotists who once ruled a kingdom flourishing with super intelligence. However, they eventually left earth for celestial realms. While today's snakes are considered part of the Naga clan, they are believed to be less intelligent beings that remained on earth. In Vedic culture, snakes are associated with many gods and goddesses, such as Vishnu, Shiva, and Kartikeya, due to their representation of supernatural abilities through kundalini shakti. Additionally, many ancient cultures have used snake poison to make certain chemicals that alter reality. To further understand the significance of snakes, you may explore the Rohini and Mrigashirsha nakshatras.

Rahu and Ketu, also known as the North and South nodes, are depicted as serpent beings with their severed bodies attached to the tail and head of a serpent.

Symbol: The symbol associated with Ashlesha nakshatra is a coiled snake. This unique symbol represents the domains of medicine, kundalini energy, and karma. The coiled snake can be interpreted as being at rest or in a poised position, ready to strike if necessary.

Ruler: Mercury, also known as Budha, is the ruling planet of this nakshatra. He is known for his skills in alchemy and research. The ever-changing nature of Mercury is highlighted in this nakshatra.

Animal: Male cat. Cats are known for their highly intuitive, hypnotic, and independent nature, as well as their ruthless hunting skills.

Guna: Ashlesha is a Rajasic nakshatra that emphasizes action, transformation, and the development of higher intelligence.

Power: Ashlesha nakshatra represents the "Vis Ashleshana Shakti", which is the power to inflict poison to defeat enemies or prey.

General attributes: Individuals born under the Ashlesha nakshatra possess heightened intuition and exceptional concentration abilities. Despite being associated with the nurturing sign of Cancer, they may exhibit ruthlessly pragmatic tendencies. Their interests in chemical experiments and alchemy may be noticeable in their daily routines. They approach sexuality with a deep understanding rather than for mere pleasure. If necessary, they can be highly manipulative to achieve their goals. The Ashlesha nakshatra is connected with fields such as drugs, poisons, mental health, the porn industry, secret services, and mysticism, among others. As an earthly nakshatra with deep roots, spiritual transformation may occur in the native's life. Balancing the root chakra is crucial for a harmonious life.

The natives born under this nakshatra are said to possess a heightened sensitivity to subtle energies, a deep intuition, and a natural curiosity for the unknown. They may also have an innate talent for healing, counseling, or teaching, as well as a keen interest in esoteric or occult knowledge. At the same time, Ashlesha natives may also struggle with certain challenges, such as emotional instability, anxiety, or self-doubt. The snake symbolism of the nakshatra suggests that they may have a tendency to entangle themselves in complex or toxic relationships, either with others or with their own psyche. However, if they learn to channel their energies in a constructive way, they can use their intuitive and transformative powers to break free from their limitations and tap into their full potential. It should be noted that these are general characteristics, and individual differences may exist.

Remedies: Some remedies for mitigating the challenges associated with Ashlesha nakshatra include performing mantras or prayers to Naga or Mercury, practicing hatha yoga or kundalini yoga, and refraining from excessive drinking as it can be toxic for individuals born under this nakshatra to handle.


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