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Scorpio (Vrishchika)

Scorpio is the eighth zodiac in the natural order and is called Vrishchika (वृश्चिक/விருச்சிகம்) in Sanskrit. As a tamassic fixed water sign, Scorpio carries many similar qualities to Taurus, Leo and Cancer, but with a unique variation. Its stored emotions can become violent and even destructive, representing a chemical reaction taking place in stored water. Scorpio's destructive nature can destroy one's ego and bring about a radical transformation if mixed with sattva. Scorpio is known for living in the past, which can lead to stubbornness, vengeance and ego.


  1. Emotional stability and psychological dominance due to being a fixed sign.

  2. Scorpio's fixed water runs deep underground, just like the emotions of Scorpio natives.

  3. Tends to get fixated on the past due to its tamassic nature.

  4. Ruled/owned by Mars and Ketu, representing mental strength, stubbornness, devotion, impulsion, persuasion, and perseverance.

  5. Depicted by a Scorpion, which is protective, impulsive, and lives in darkness.

  6. Governs the genital region and anus of the cosmic man.

  7. Three nakshatras: Vishakha, Anuradha, and Jyeshta.

  8. Direction is north.

  9. Colour is brown and deep golden shades.

  10. Connected to countries like Norway, Morocco, Iraq, Syria, regions like Bavaria and Kerala.

  11. Connected to sinks, sewers, drainages, lakes, ponds, swamp lands, vineyards, mines, caves, and wells.

  12. Connected to Manipura (solar plexus/lumbar plexus).

  13. Connected to Grishneshwara Jyotirlinga.

  14. Solar deity is “Lord Parjanya” and the mantra is “Om Ghrini Parjanyádityáya Namah”.

  15. Exaltation sign of Ketu.

  16. Debilitation sign of Moon and Rahu.

  17. Represents the female gender.

  18. Destructive sign due to the rulership of Mars and Ketu.


Scorpio is a sign of secrecy and dissolution, making it a natural environment for Ketu to gain maximum strength. As the planet of dissolution and moksha karaka, Ketu is headless and works in secret without seeking fame or attention, mirroring Scorpio's nature. While there are no specific degrees for Ketu's exaltation in this sign, any planet placed here will tend to operate in a similar environment.


The Moon experiences its deepest debilitation in Scorpio, specifically at 3 degrees. Rahu, being the opposite node of Ketu, also faces debilitation in this sign.

Scorpio and Eighth House

The eighth house is closely associated with Scorpio and carries similar qualities such as secrecy, transformation, and ups and downs. It also governs scandals, occultism, and body parts, and is characterized by the tamasic guna. Therefore, to gain a deeper understanding of the eighth house, it is essential to comprehend the essence of Scorpio. Scorpio's transformative energy can bring about profound changes, both positive and negative, and its mysterious nature can reveal hidden truths and secrets. As the eighth house represents matters related to life, death, and rebirth, Scorpio's influence on this house highlights the cyclical nature of existence and the power of transformation.


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