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Vishakha (விசாகம்), the nakshatra of celebrations

Placement: 20°00’ of Libra to 03°20’ of Scorpio

Element: Fire (Agni)

Pushkara Navamsha/Bhaga: 2nd and 4th Pada/24° Libra

Vishakha lies in a crucial place between natural 7th and 8th house of Libra and Scorpio respectively. Seventh house is a kama house and 8th house is a moksha house. Kama means desire and moksha means the comfort you get through desire. So Vishakha builds a bridge between your desires and comforts. All Jupiter ruled nakshatras are in between natural kama and moksha houses but Vishakha is special since it opens the door to Scorpio, the sign of secrecy. Scorpio also represents the uncharted territory of a human life. Vishakha has an ever lasting energy that constantly looks for what's next (like Mrigashira). Vishakha is also called as Radha, meaning joy and delight. It's devotion and dedication towards fulfilling its desires making it a joyous and delightful nakshatra. Vishakha makes a pair with Anuradha nakshatra, it's the next stage of Vishakha.

“Vishakha represents the process of evolution. The path of evolution involves facing unexpected twists and turns. Thus Vishakha is the most daring and adventurous nakshatra. Vishakha has Vyapana Shakti, the power to make things and expand it. Second pada of Vishakha nakshatra is the most auspicious as it has both Pushkara Navamsha and Pushkara Bhaga."

Deity: Indragni, the two devas Indra and Agni are together ruling this nakshatra. Their energies are merging here. Indra as we know is the king of heavens that includes all the planets. Agni is the God of fire and one of the devas who's already ruling the nakshatra of Krittika. Lord Indra wields a thunderbolt and Agni wields fire. They both are equally powerful and fight with each other on occasions. But they both are somewhat dependent on each other. Hence Vishakha is strongly connected to electricity and fire. We use them on a daily basis. Electricity and fire sparked the dawn of our modern civilization from the stone age.

Symbol: A "decorated/triumphal arch" is the symbolism of Vishakha. It represents victory, celebration or a significant/historic event. Lightning bolt with a split (like a shape ‘V’) is another symbol which represents the multiple pathways Vishakha can take to reach its destiny.

Ruler: This is the 2nd nakshatra ruled by Jupiter (Guru). All Jupiter ruled nakshatras are very different in nature, reflecting the many different jovian qualities. For ex., Punarvasu's basic quality is dharma, Vishakha's basic quality is kama and Purva Bhadrapada's basic quality is moksha.

Animal: Male Tigers are gigantic with a big appetite and the largest big cat in the world. They look spectacular with their unique stripes better than any other big cats. They are good at jumping great heights (unimaginable compared to their body weight). Vishakha and Chitra both resemble these qualities.

Guna: It's tamassic nature which makes it attached and dedicated towards achieving its goals.

Power: It represents "Vyapana Shakti". The power of achievement through manifestation.

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General attributes: Vishakha natives are very goal oriented and will try to achieve their goals at any cost. They have the ability to expand their ideas and opinions through advocating or implanting it into others' minds. They can be focused like a hunting tiger but it can be split into two to involve multi-tasking. They're dual headed with either one of them opposing the other (all the time). This gives them the edge, the better focus to take risks and be adventurous especially if they have the 4th pada of Vishakha. These natives may also love uncovering the secrets (like scientists, journalists, archeologists etc.). These are general qualities, reader’s discretion is advised.

Any affliction to this nakshatra in a native's chart can show the flipside of this nakshatra (from what you read above).




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