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Vishakha (விசாகம்): Celebrations

Placement: 20°00’ of Libra to 03°20’ of Scorpio

Element: Fire (Agni)

Pushkara Navamsha/Bhaga: 2nd and 4th Pada/24° Libra

Vishakha nakshatra is located in a significant position between the natural 7th and 8th houses of Libra and Scorpio respectively. The 7th house is associated with desire (kama) while the 8th house is related to the comfort and satisfaction that comes from fulfilling those desires (moksha). Thus, Vishakha serves as a bridge between one's desires and their fulfillment. While all Jupiter-ruled nakshatras lie between kama and moksha houses, Vishakha is unique because it also leads to Scorpio, a sign associated with secrecy and unexplored territory.

Vishakha is also known as Radha, meaning joy and delight, reflecting its devotion and dedication towards fulfilling desires. It is constantly seeking new opportunities and is a daring and adventurous nakshatra, representing the process of evolution which often involves unexpected twists and turns. With Vyapana Shakti, the power to expand and make things grow, Vishakha's second pada is considered the most auspicious with both Pushkara Navamsha and Pushkara Bhaga.

Deity: The ruling deities of Vishakha nakshatra are Indra and Agni, whose energies blend together in this nakshatra. Indra, the king of heavens, rules over all the planets, while Agni is the God of fire who also governs Krittika nakshatra. Indra wields a thunderbolt and Agni controls fire, both of which are equally powerful and occasionally engage in conflict. Despite this, they also rely on each other. As a result, Vishakha is strongly associated with electricity and fire, which have played a crucial role in the development of human civilization, from the Stone Age to modern times.

Symbol: The symbol of Vishakha is a "decorated/triumphal arch", which signifies victory, celebration, or a significant/historic event. Another symbol associated with this nakshatra is a lightning bolt split in the shape of a 'V', representing the split pathways that Vishakha can take to achieve its destiny.

Ruler: The ruler of Vishakha is Jupiter (Guru), it is the second nakshatra ruled by Jupiter. Each Jupiter-ruled nakshatra has distinct qualities that reflect the many facets of Jupiter's nature. For example, Punarvasu is associated with dharma, Vishakha with kama, and Purva Bhadrapada with moksha.

Animal: The male tiger is the largest of all big cats, with a gigantic size and an insatiable appetite. Its unique stripes make it a spectacular sight, distinguishing it from other big cats. Additionally, tigers are skilled at jumping great heights, despite their body weight. These qualities are reflected in both Vishakha and Chitra nakshatras.

Guna: The tamasic nature of Vishakha makes individuals born under this nakshatra highly dedicated and attached to achieving their goals.

Power: Its energy is embodied by "Vyapana Shakti", which represents the power of manifestation and accomplishment.

General attributes: Individuals born under Vishakha nakshatra are driven and determined to achieve their goals at any cost. They possess a unique ability to influence and persuade others, expanding their ideas and opinions. These natives can exhibit the focused, single-minded approach of a hunting tiger while simultaneously being adept at multitasking. However, their dual nature may lead to internal conflicts and oppositions. This duality also provides them with an edge to take risks and be adventurous, especially those born in the 4th pada of Vishakha. They may also possess a fascination for uncovering secrets, making them suitable for fields like science, journalism, or archaeology. However, any affliction to this nakshatra in a native's chart may show the negative side of these qualities. It is important to exercise discretion while interpreting individual horoscopes.


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