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Vaikási aka Vaishaka month: between mid of May and mid of June

Sun's annual transit through Taurus is termed as the month of Vaikási aka Vaishaka (வைகாசி) based on the vedic (sidereal) solar calendar. When sun enters taurus its direct aspect falls on scorpio (vishakha nakshatra) hence the name. The theme of this month is related to anuradha and jyestha as well but mainly related to vishakha. This is the month of daring achievements, indulgence, focusing on the future instead of the present. It can make you change your path from ordinary to extraordinary or vice versa. Vishakha is connected to thunder, lightning, achievements, indulgence, duality, splitting into new branch or finding a new territory, exploration, bravery etc. You may witness all these things happening in your life esp. when you're strongly connected to vishakha nakshatra.

Main theme i always see is that this is the time of taking alternate routes to get the desired results. The alternate route can be full of unexpected twists and turns but you are determined and achieve the end result.

Vaikási Visákam


Its around this month the monsoon also starts taking place every year in South Asia. Although august becomes the month of maximum average rainfall around the world june becomes the start of it. August is the 3rd from june so accordingly its when the sun is in cancer so the effort of june is reflected in the month of august. This year there can be more rainfall due to the reason that ketu is in anuradha, rahu is in rohini, jupiter is in shatabishak and vishakha is also connected to rain and thunder.

Month of Courage

All three nakshatras in scorpio denotes strength, courage and determination. Vishakha, Anuradha and Jyestha nakshatras can handle any situation. These nakshatras will teach you the hidden secrets/meanings of everything. At the same time when sun's aspect is falling on this sign shows that this is time when scorpio's secrets/scandals may also come to light. Scorpio's courage is different from the rest, it's where life's ugliest or unbearable truths will come out. Because we live in an imaginary world most of the time what you see, hear, feel are just an illusion constructed by your brain. This is where you'll know that all the different colours in the light are nothing but different shades/aspects of white light.

Remedies related to Lord Kartikeya (Murugan) is highly auspicious during this month.


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