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Chitra (சித்திரை): Artistic

Placement: 23° 00’ of Virgo to 06° 40’ of Libra

Element: Fire (Agni)

Chitra nakshatra is associated with the feminine aspect of creation, which is creativity. The term Chitra means "arts" in Sanskrit, which includes paintings, drawings, beauty, fashion, brightness, shining, colorful, and alternative reality such as virtual and augmented reality.

All of these meanings reflect the illusory aspect of the Universe, which is also referred to as Maya. In modern understanding, we use the term "Matrix" to describe the technical aspects of the Universe. However, Maya is a more profound term that describes the creation of the Universe, the nature of God, and the concept of Karma.

Deity: The ruling deity of Chitra nakshatra is Vishwakarma, also known as Tvastar, who is one of the twelve Adityas or Solar deities. Vishwakarma is regarded as a celestial architect who has created magnificent architectural wonders for the Devas and Asuras. The Mahabharata also mentions that the Pandavas sought Vishwakarma's expertise in constructing a palace that was ahead of its time, with technology that is beyond modern human imagination.

Chitra represents the first Solar month in the Hindu calendar, and Goddess Chitra Devi is another deity associated with this nakshatra. She is also the deity of the tithis Purnima (full moon) and Amavasya (new moon), which illustrates the concept that both light and dark are created by the same underlying reality aka Maya. In other words, the same illusionary power is responsible for creating both positive and negative experiences, light and darkness, good and bad moments, day and night, and male and female genders.

Ruler: Chitra nakshatra is ruled by Mars (Mangal), which enhances the creation aspect of this nakshatra by facilitating immediate physical actions. Whatever comes to mind gets its immediate physical manifestation due to Mars' influence.

Symbol: Chitra is symbolized by gemstones, particularly pearls, which represent the fine craftsmanship of nature. Just like how gemstones take time to form in nature but instantly attract us, Chitra represents the similar quality of fine craftsmanship that can take time but will allure you instantly. Nature's beauty and craftsmanship can be found mostly in things such as caves, mountains, and waterfalls.

Animal: The animal associated with Chitra is the female tiger. Tigers are the most majestic big cats in the world. Their sheer size, beauty, unique texture, power, and dominance reflects the qualities of Chitra, which represents the artistry, elegance, and fierceness found in nature.

Guna: Chitra is classified as a Tamasic nakshatra with a strong emphasis on materialistic precision. It's focus on attention to detail makes it one of the most Tamasic nakshatras.

Power: Chitra represents the "Punya Chayani Shakti", which is the power to accumulate merit in one's life. This merit is not only earned through hard work, but also through attention to detail and craftsmanship.

General attributes: Chitra is the next nakshatra after Hasta, which is associated with magic. In contrast, Chitra represents a more detailed and refined form of magic, akin to a full-scale illusion. It's like the difference between a stage show and a feature film. While you can easily recognize a magic trick, it's not easy to distinguish an illusion from a feature film. Chitra's illusions have the potential to achieve perfection, adding to the overall picture of what the native may be like. However, it's important to note that there is a difference between the influences of Chitra in the signs of Virgo and Libra.

Chitra is a unique nakshatra with its first two padas located in Virgo and the next two in Libra. In the Virgo section, Chitra exhibits exceptional attention to detail and a meticulous approach to work, resulting in the creation of technological marvels that we use today. Those born under this section may possess a talent for comprehending complex engineering concepts and utilizing them to their advantage. They value structure, balance, and precision.

On the other hand, the Libra section of Chitra is more focused on human relationships, arts, fashion, and beauty, as it is influenced by Libra and Venus. People under this section may have an irresistible charm, particularly women with Venus in this nakshatra, can be very attractive through not only their face but speech, qctions as well. However, Mars' influence on this nakshatra may create disharmony in marital relationships, particularly when the 7th house and 7th lord are afflicted. It's important to note that these are general qualities and individual experiences may vary.​

Chitra has a higher aspect that may provide the native with a clear vision of the core reality of existence and multi-dimensions, enabling them to move beyond societal norms. However, the lower aspect may result in the native being trapped in their own illusions and struggling to cope with them.

Remedy: Chitra is closely linked with Rahu. To mitigate its malefic influence, it is recommended to worship Goddess Durga and regularly recite the mantra “Om Shri Durgayai Namaha”.


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