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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Chitra (சித்திரை, the nakshatra of redefined craftsmanship

Placement: 23° 00’ of Virgo to 06° 40’ of Libra

Element: Fire (Agni)

Pushkara Navamsha/Bhaga: NA

Chitra represents everything that is feminine in nature. Femininity represents creativity which means creating something for reel or real. In Sanskrit, Chitra means arts (paintings, drawings etc.), beauty, fashion, brightness, shining, glittering, colourful and alternative reality (VR/AR). All these meanings are denoting the illusory aspect of this Universe aka Maya. In modern understanding we use the word Matrix to describe the technical aspects of the Universe. Maya is a more profound term that describes creation of the Universe, what is God, what is Karma etc.

Read Karma and Shiva tattva (the creation aspect of masculinity and femininity)

Deity: Vishwakarma aka Tvastar is the deity of this nakshatra. He’s one of 12 Adityas (Solar deities). He's also called the celestial architect who created wonderful architectural marvels for Devas and Asuras. Even in the epic Mahabharata, the Pandavas used Vishwakarma’s excellence in making a palace. It was explained in the story as a palace beyond its time, even the technology used to construct the palace was way above our modern imagination.

Goddess Chitra Devi is another deity of Chitra. She's also the deity of the tithis Purnima (full moon) and Amavasya (new moon) which shows that both light and dark are formed by the same. In other words, Maya is one. The same Maya is used to create both light and darkness, good and bad moments, day and night time, male and female gender etc.

Chitra represents the first Solar month in Hindu Calendar

Ruler: Mars (Mangal) is the planetary ruler. It helps the creation aspect of this nakshatra in a more profound way. Since Mars represents immediate physical actions, anything comes to mind gets its immediate physical manifestation here.

Symbol: Gemstones are its symbolism especially Pearls. The reason is that, gemstones are the examples of nature's fine craftsmanship. Gemstones take a lot of time and effort to form in nature but they instantly attract us. They are nothing but natural wonders. This is the gist of Chitra. It represents craftsmanship in a natural way. We can also include caves, mountains, waterfalls etc. as its symbolism.

Animal: Female Tiger. Tiger is the most beautiful big cat in the world. The textures and patterns in their skin is a natural wonder. Many other animals have different textures and patterns but nothing can beat the beauty and dominance of a Tiger. Chitra represents the beauty, dominance and beastliness the same way a Tiger does.

Guna: Tamassic nakshatra with more emphasis on materialistic precision. Chitra's attention to detail makes it one of the most tamassic nakshatras.

Power: It represents "Punya Chayani Shakti". The power to accumulate merit in one's life. Merit comes not only through hardwork but detailed craftsmanship.

General attributes: Hasta, the previous nakshatra is about magic and refinement but Chitra is about the redefined and more detailed version of that magic aka full scale illusion. In other words, if Hasta represents stage shows then Chitra represents feature films. You will be aware when someone does magic in front of you but you’ll not be aware when someone does illusion, that’s the difference. Chitra's illusions have the potential to achieve perfection at times. Adding all these gives a picture of what the native can be. But there is a difference in Virgo and Libra.

This nakshatra’s first two padas are in Virgo and next two are in Libra. In Virgo side, the nakshatra takes great care and effort in the work it does. It makes technological wonders. The modern tools we use today carry Chitra’s energy. The minds behind these technologies carry the same. The natives can be good at understanding complex engineering concepts to use it to their advantages. They give attention to detail, they love structure and balance. In Libra side, it uses its energy more in forming human relationships. It’s more about beauty, arts, fashion etc. because of the influence of Libra and Venus. You may have read stories of great kings fought for beautiful women (trojan war and napoleon's story) and lost everything. Chitra is like that irresistible type. Chitra women are said to be the most attractive of all esp. with Venus in this nakshatra. It doesn’t matter how they’re inside but outside they will be the best. The karma with all Mars ruled nakshatras is that it will bring disharmony in marital relationship especially in the cases of afflicted 7th house and 7th lord. These are general qualities, reader’s discretion is advised.

The higher aspect may bring clear vision to the native, they may understand the core reality of existence and multi-dimensions and able to move beyond the norms. The lower aspect will get stuck in their own projected illusions and have a hard time handling it.

It’s also closely associated with Rahu. So Worshipping Goddess Durga will greatly help overcome its malefic influence. Also chant this mantra “Om Shri Durgaye Namaha” regularly.




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