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Virgo (Kanya) and 6th house

Virgo is called Kanya (कन्या/கன்னி) in Sanskrit. It is the sixth zodiac in the natural order. It is the most practical and grounded sign. It is the second earth sign after Taurus and the second dual sign after Gemini so we can see many resemblances between these three signs but the difference is that Virgo is a tamassic, mutable/dual earth sign. The mutability is such that it can be movable or fixed or both at any point of time. Since Virgo is already a solid sign, it becomes too rigid when it's on fixed mode, that's when the tamas sets in. Virgo stands for the present as it always looks for what is here at the moment.


  1. It represents duality, engagement, trade and versatility because it’s a mutable sign capable of stability and movement at the same time.

  2. It loves service, stability, pleasures, comforts, nourishments, groundedness, practicality, logical thinking because it's an earth sign.

  3. It is a tamassic sign so it tends to self loath on its failures and gets distracted from its target.

  4. It is ruled/owned by Mercury because it represents tidiness, routine works, critical thinking & problem solving skills, service & support, healing abilities, management, adaptability, playfulness and wittiness.

  5. It is depicted by a virgin young girl carrying a light in one hand and food in the other. The virgin young girl represents tidiness, her light represents guidance and food represents healing, service and support.

  6. Virgo governs the lower abdomen including intestines, liver, spleen, gall bladder of the kala purusha (cosmic man). Digestive organs are at the core of our well being, it takes the good and sheds the bad. It's a slow and energy draining process but a pivotal one.

  7. It represents female gender. Virgo’s presence of mind, groundedness, meticulousness, nitpickiness makes it the most feminine sign.

  8. It consists of three nakshatras namely Uttara Phalguni, Hasta and Chitra. These nakshatras will tell you everything you wanna know about Virgo. For ex., Uttara Phalguni will tell you the basics of Virgo, Hasta will tell you the essence of Virgo and Chitra will tell you the final concoction of Virgo.

  9. Its direction is south.

  10. Grey is the colour. Remember it's the grey area of the zodiac belt.

  11. It's the most barren sign in its negative side due to being a dry, solid earth sign ruled by the dry planet Mercury and positioned next to Leo. Virgo will get too bogged down with detail over trivial things (when it's in tamassic mode) and lose the important things.

  12. Connected to countries like the United States, Turkey, Greece, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Croatia, Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa.

  13. Connected to cities like Paris, Toulouse, Lyon, Padua, Vellore.

  14. Connected to places like courtrooms, libraries, hospitals, borders & boundaries, border towns, barren lands, cabinets, closets, drawers, book cases, concealed or private compartments, pharmaceuticals, granaries, cornfields, nurseries, breweries, storehouses of all sorts.

  15. Connected to Vishuddha (throat chakra/cervical plexus).

  16. Connected to Mallikarjuna jyotirlingam temple.

  17. Its solar deity is Vivasván Adityá and the mantra is “Om Ghrini Vivasván Adityáya Namah”.

  18. Exaltation and Moolatrikona sign of Mercury.

  19. Debilitation sign of Venus.

Virgo, the pivotal sign

Virgo, being the 6th sign, marks the first half of the zodiac belt, hence it acts as the pivot point. The second half is all about the others so it's the border that marks your personal freedom, it's the grey area where you set your personal boundaries so you can keep a warm relationship with others. If Aries is where you start your life then Virgo is where you fight for it. It's where you put all your learned strategies into experiments. It's where you become competitive and prove your point to the world, so you may make some enemies and even defeat them. It's where you burn your midnight oil while others are partying. Virgo is also the pivotal sign of artha/earth trikona. It's in the centre of Taurus and Capricorn, the material signs. So it is the most materialistic sign. Now you know why it’s tamassic.

Exaltation and Moolatrikona

Virgo is the sign of the king's direct subordinates like secretaries, accountants, secret messengers, strategists, spies etc. So any planet sitting here will try to act like Virgo except the fact that Mercury is the only one who can do it perfectly. That's why Mercury is exalted here. It's exalted from 0 to 15 degrees with max. exaltation is at the 15th degree. Moolatrikona is from 15 to 20 degrees.

Read more about Mercury’s exaltation here


Venus stands for emotions, creativity, imaginations, dreams etc. It loses itself in Virgo because of Virgo’s linear thinking. It gets debility everywhere in Virgo but the max is at 27th degree.

Sixth house

The 6th house will always represent many similar qualities of Virgo such as critical thinking and problem solving skills, service, strategy, battleground, borders, enemies, legal battles, daily routines, body parts and tamassic guna. So understanding Virgo is important to understand the 6th house.


Planets in Virgo

Sun in Virgo: Average in conventional education, wins over enemies, overcomes obstacles and difficulties, mentally worried, guides others, not happy with children, influence from maternal grandfather, gets into regular debts but gains back due to intellectual pursuits.

Moon in Virgo: Finds hindrances in comforts, obstacles in motherly affection, fear from enemies, mentally unhappy, spends much, gets help from maternal grandfather.

Mars in Virgo: Influential, gets fame due to career, wins over enemies, sudden losses and illness but gets over them, does not lose confidence, spends much, brave, selfish and has occult powers.

Mercury in Virgo: Influential, obstacles with siblings, wins over enemies, careless about expenditure, dignified due to intelligence, courageous, industrious and brave.

Jupiter in Virgo: Not very fortunate, wisdom comes after debt or expenses, wins great disputes, constant enmity with authorities and teachers, clever in controlling enemies, works with wisdom and cleverness.

Venus in Virgo: Fears or anxiety over wealth and expenditures, unhappy with spouse, sexually unhappy, has to work hard, spends much on unwanted things, does the work politely, secretive in one’s own policies, constant borrows and spends, not happy on the side of grandfather.

Saturn in Virgo: Not happy with father, worried about the daily routine, no problem with enemies, feels insecure in earnings, expenditures due to reasons beyond control, some help from siblings.

Rahu in Virgo: Overcomes the earnings, has upper hand over all types of troubles, selfish, hindrances from the side of maternal grandfather.

Ketu in Virgo: Conquers the enemies, brave, gets less affection from the maternal grandfather, sudden enemies but succeeds over them, sinful.

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