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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Uttara Phalguni (உத்திரம்), the nakshatra of contracts and commitments

Placement: 26° 40’ of Leo to 10° 00’ of Virgo

Element: Fire (Agni)

Pushkara Navamsha/Bhaga: 1st and 4th pada/09°

According to Vedic texts it is on this nakshatra that many Gods and Goddesses got married including God Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Since marriage is considered as the most sacred bond, it is best for starting all sorts of contracts and agreements. Pandits (Astrologers) always choose this nakshatra for auspicious activities like marriage, business inauguration etc. This nakshatra is connected to God Shiva in many ways which we'll see below.

Deity: It's deity “Aryaman”, one of twelve “Adityas” (Solar Deities) is a friendly, social, dedicated and a loyal one. In a way this asterism acts as a bridge between natural fifth house of Leo and natural sixth house of Virgo.

Symbol: The symbolism of this nakshatra is "back legs of the bed". It represents relaxation and comfort like its predecessor. But unlike its predecessor, Uttara Phalguni represents the later stages of it i.e., deep sleep, wakeful state and physical/mental actions.

Ruler: Sun (Surya) is the ruler of this nakshatra. It's the second nakshatra ruled by the Sun. All Sun ruled nakshatras build a bridge between fire and earth signs that denotes a balancing energy between your purpose and action.

Animal: Bull is the animal, it represents hardwork and stability. Bull is a domesticated, friendly, supportive, protective animal and is also strongly connected to agriculture as well. “Bull” (Nandhi, Vahan of God Shiva) also confirms its strong association with God Shiva. Bull is a very calm animal but has lot of physical energy used only when its needed.

Guna: It's a tamassic nakshatra with more emphasis towards material pleasure and abundance in a shared manner.​

Power: It represents "Chayani Shakti". The power to get prosperity by accumulating all three types of wealth (mental, physical and financial) through uniting with others (like partnership or marriage).

General attributes: So, the native will be supportive, hardworking and highly independent since the nakshatra and sign are ruled by Sun. They’ll be good at administration and management because of the connection it has with Sun and Mercury. This is a kingly nakshatra but understands the pain of workers. Their life will be revolving around making contracts and dealing with it. The native has to relax a lot like previous nakshatra to maintain balance in real life. This is a very worldly nakshatra, it means the native will believe in helping others than going to a temple and doing Poojas. So, it’s like God is opposing his own self. Understanding God is complex, they’ll make us question themselves. These are general qualities, reader’s discretion is advised.

All four padas are good in different ways but the best part comes through first and fourth padas because of its association with Jupiter (Pushkara Navamsha).

Note: Venus (Shukra) gets debilitated here, its important to note that the planet that represents relationship and marriage is getting debilitated here. It's because it has the tendency to become very earthly and tamassic which is against the tattva of the planet Venus.

Religious importance:Panguni Uttiram”, an auspicious day denotes the marriage of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati is celebrated in Tamilnadu (South India) denotes the specialty of this nakshatra.




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