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Libra (Tula)

Libra, the seventh sign of the natural zodiac, is known as Tula (तुल/துலாம்) in Sanskrit. It represents balance and those born under it are said to have balance in all aspects of life. As the second air sign (following Gemini) and third cardinal sign (after Aries and Cancer), Libra inherits qualities from its predecessors while being a distinct combination of movement and air. It embodies the ever-changing desires of humanity.


  1. Represents constant mental and physical actions due to its moving nature

  2. Loves engagement, communication, friendships, love, trade, and making terms due to its air nature

  3. Does not accept failures easily, loves multiple tries to get desired results due to rajassic nature

  4. Ruled by Venus, representing love, partnership, business, commercial activities, and natural balance

  5. Depicted by a scale used in markets to find balance

  6. Represents lower abdomen, including kidneys, large intestine, pelvis, and lower back of Kalapurusha

  7. Gender is male

  8. Consists of three nakshatras: Chitra, Swati, and Vishakha, explaining Libra in a profound manner

  9. Direction is West

  10. Colour is black

  11. Fruitful sign due to Lord Venus and its nature

  12. Associated with countries like India, Israel, Austria, Portugal and cities like Vienna, Frankfurt, and Lisbon

  13. Associated with trade centres, chamber of commerce, common areas, mountain tops, and roads

  14. Connected to Anahata (heart chakra/dorsal plexus)

  15. Connected to the Mahakala jyotirlingam of Ujjain

  16. Exaltation sign of Saturn

  17. Debilitation sign of Sun

  18. Mooltrikona sign of Venus

Longs for balance

Libra's desire for balance often creates a paradoxical situation where it becomes both the most balanced and imbalanced sign. It has a tendency to constantly seek what's next and doesn't easily settle for happy endings, finding them mundane. Instead, Libra values the interplay of good and bad and seeks a mix of flavors in all aspects of life, including their food.


Considering all the qualities associated with Libra, it is understandable why Saturn is exalted in this zodiac sign, as it embodies many of the same principles as Libra.


Learn about the intriguing astrological reasoning behind why Sun experiences a decrease in strength and vitality.


Libra is the Moolatrikona sign of Venus, representing the essence of core qualities such as love, marriage, and union in the office room of Venus.

Libra and Seventh House

The seventh house in astrology is considered to be the house of marriage, partnership, business, and significant others. It is said to reflect the qualities of Libra, which is known for its focus on love, balance, and union. Understanding the sign of Libra is therefore essential in comprehending the seventh house, as both share similar traits such as rajassic nature, same body parts, and the desire for partnership and harmony in relationships. Thus, delving into the qualities of Libra can provide deeper insight into the themes of the seventh house in an individual's natal chart.


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