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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Bharani (பரணி), the nakshatra of time and transformation

Placement: 13° 20’ to 26° 40’ of Aries

Element: Earth (Bhumi)

Pushkara Navamsha/Bhaga: 3rd pada/21°

Bharani is a special nakshatra due to it’s placement in the nakshatra sequence. Ashwini represents the beginning of everything and Bharani represents what happens next. Starting a task is easy but continuing the task with the same energy till the end is hard. It requires hardwork, discipline, responsibility, consistency and a strong understanding of time. This is the gist of Bharani nakshatra.

Symbol: The word “Bharani” means bearing/carrying. The symbolism of this nakshatra is “female reproductive organ”. It has three nakshatras in the constellation of Aries forming a shape of inverted triangle* which is also the shape of “Uterus”. So the symbolism represents fertility, bondage, time, responsibility, consistency, hardwork, pleasure, pain, transformation, birth, secrecy, sexuality, nourishment etc.

Deity: Lord Yama is the deity of this nakshatra. He is responsible for every soul’s journey towards astral plane after death. Yama is the Lord of time, dharma and death. Time is the judge of all our actions, thus bringing death to end our actions. All three things are always connected. Lord Yama’s work is to carry out the process of ending a human’s life in time to bring balance in nature. This doesn’t mean Yama is boring, Yama (aka Yamraj) is a King like Indra, who also brings abundance like Bhaga. He has his own palace and often enjoys doing artistic activities. His job is tough but he’s cool, funny and enjoys pleasures. Yama is the son of Lord Surya (Sun), also a devotee of Lord Shiva, as per Puranas it was Shiva, who gave him the duty of carrying out death due to his devotion, dedication and commitment towards time, justice and righteousness.

Ruler: The rulership is given to the planet Venus, its obvious that Venus represents all the most important qualities of Bharani such as fertility, nourishment, bondage, pleasures, abundance, devotion, birth, transformation, sexuality etc.

Animal: The animal associated with this nakshatra is a male elephant. Elephants are huge, intelligent, funny, family oriented, powerful and have keen sensory organs with good memory. They are sexually active very much compared to the size.

Guna: It's a rajassic nakshatra and represents constant actions but unlike Ashwini, it represents huge responsibilities with adequate consistency.

Power: It represents "Apa Bharani Shakti". The power to remove things and move to the next.

General attributes: Bharani natives can be good at taking big tasks and doing it consistently. They may have many of the above said qualities especially if there is a benefic planetary placement/aspect with this nakshatra. The native may transform huge things in a much easier way and their creativity can go beyond the imagination of others. It’s a female nakshatra, i guess its due to the main qualities of the nakshatra are feminine such as birth, fertility, nourishment, creativity, sexuality etc. These are general qualities, reader’s discretion is advised.

*Inverted triangle is also the symbol of Goddess Kali. One can see the connection of 8th house, Scorpio and Moola nakshatra energy here.




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