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Bharani (பரணி): Time and Transformation

Placement: 13° 20’ to 26° 40’ of Aries

Element: Earth (Bhumi)

Bharani is a significant nakshatra due to its position in the sequence. While Ashwini represents the start of all things, Bharani represents what follows. Starting a task may be simple, but persevering with the same level of energy until the end necessitates hard work, discipline, accountability, consistency, and a clear sense of time. This is the crux of Bharani nakshatra.

Symbol: The term "Bharani" translates to carrying or bearing, and this nakshatra is symbolized by the female reproductive organ. It is formed by three nakshatras in the Aries constellation, creating an inverted triangle that resembles the shape of a uterus. As such, it represents fertility, bondage, time, responsibility, consistency, hard work, pleasure, pain, transformation, birth, secrecy, sexuality, nourishment, and more. The essence of Bharani nakshatra is the challenge of continuing a task with the same energy and dedication until its completion, which demands discipline and a strong understanding of time.

Deity: Lord Yama is the ruling deity of Bharani nakshatra. He is known as the Lord of time, dharma (righteousness) and death. Yama's job is to ensure every soul's journey towards the astral plane after death. Time is the ultimate judge of our actions, and death is the final act that brings an end to our actions. Lord Yama's role is to maintain balance in nature by ending a human's life at the right time. Despite his serious responsibilities, Yama is not a boring deity. He is a king like Indra and brings abundance like Bhaga. He enjoys doing artistic activities and has his own palace. Moreover, he is known for his cool, funny, and pleasure-loving nature. According to the Puranas, Yama is the son of Lord Surya (Sun) and a devout follower of Lord Shiva. Shiva entrusted him with the task of carrying out death due to his unwavering devotion, dedication, and commitment towards time, justice, and righteousness.

Ruler: The planet Venus is the ruler of Bharani nakshatra, which is not surprising as it represents many of the important qualities associated with this nakshatra, including fertility, nourishment, bondage, pleasure, abundance, devotion, birth, transformation, and sexuality.

Animal: The male elephant is the animal associated with Bharani nakshatra. These majestic creatures are known for their intelligence, playfulness, familial bonds, and immense strength. With their keen senses and impressive memory, they are able to navigate through difficult terrain and remember important details. Interestingly, despite their massive size, they are known for their high level of sexual activity.

Guna: As a Rajasic nakshatra, Bharani represents a constant flow of action, but unlike Ashwini, it also signifies immense responsibility that requires a high level of consistency.

Power: The power represented by Bharani nakshatra is "Apa Bharani Shakti", which is the ability to remove or let go of things and move on to the next phase.

General attributes: Individuals born under Bharani nakshatra are known for their ability to take on big tasks and see them through with consistent effort. Their hard work, discipline, and responsible attitude make them reliable individuals who can transform things in an easy and efficient manner. They may possess exceptional creativity, which sets them apart from others. As a feminine nakshatra, Bharani represents qualities such as birth, fertility, nourishment, creativity, and sexuality. However, the expression of these qualities can vary among individuals and depend on various factors such as planetary placements and aspects. These are general qualities, and individual traits may vary.

The inverted triangle is a symbol of Goddess Kali, and there is a connection to the energy of the 8th house, Scorpio, and Moola nakshatra.


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