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Purva Phalguni (பூரம்): Creative Abundance

Placement: 13° 20’ to 26° 40’ of Leo

Element: Water (Neer)

"It symbolizes comfort, relaxation, delight, and pleasure on every level."

Symbol: This nakshatra symbolizes the "front legs of the bed", which represents the initial stage of relaxation, such as sitting, watching TV, talking, or engaging in pleasurable activities like a short nap or sex. It is all about finding comfort.

Deity: Bhaga is the deity, and is one of the 12 Adityas, who is a solar deity that embodies indulgence and material pleasures. He delights in beauty, art, humor, luxury, and performing arts. Bhaga illuminates the sky from August to September as one of the Sun Gods.

Ruler: The influence of Venus (Shukra) on this nakshatra enhances the points mentioned earlier. Venus is associated with Goddess Lakshmi, who is known for bestowing material wealth. Thus, Venus represents liquid cashflow.

Animal: The female rat symbolizes abundance and is known for giving birth to many offspring at once and living in large family groups. Like the Magha constellation, female rats are also very sexually active.

Guna: This nakshatra is characterized by tamasic qualities and a focus on material wealth, accumulation, and indulgence.

Power: This signifies the "Prajanana Shakti," which is the power of procreation that arises from the union of polar opposites.

General attributes: Individuals with a strong influence of the Purva Phalguni nakshatra tend to prioritize pleasure over work. They excel in creative arts, communication, management, and design. They have a strong sex drive and a devotion to their interests. These individuals radiate solar energy and attract attention wherever they go. They enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and have a keen eye for beauty and art. While they may indulge in excess, they must avoid greed. Purva Phalguni natives attract luxury and may have a workplace that resembles a high-end hotel or tourist destination. They require relaxation to perform well and may also possess spiritual and logical intelligence. This nakshatra offers mental and spiritual fulfillment and can produce great thinkers, scientists, philosophers, theorists, and spiritualists. Please note that these are general qualities and individual variation is possible.

“On the downside, Purva Phalguni makes the native lazy, careless and pursuant of meaningless happiness (addiction). They may tend to think and speak a lot about doing something than actually doing it.”

Leo and its nakshatras: Leo is considered a regal zodiac sign and its ruling planet, the Sun, is associated with royalty. All nakshatras in Leo are characterized by kingly traits, but Purva Phalguni is particularly strong due to its central position in the sign. This nakshatra is linked to Lord Shiva (in Lingam form) and Ganesha, therefore, worshipping these deities is believed to bring good luck and stability to those born under this nakshatra. In ancient India, Purva Phalguni was associated with powerful kings who were wealthy and also known for promoting arts, science, culture, and traditions in their society.


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