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Shravana/Saravana (திருவோணம்), the nakshatra of wisdom (Guru tattva)

Placement: 10° 00’ to 23° 20’ of Capricorn

Element: Air (Vayu)

Pushkara Navamsha/Bhaga: 2nd pada/14°

Shravana is associated with Goddess Saraswati like Anuradha nakshatra, hence both these nakshatras have a lot in common. Shravana represents gaining wisdom by all means. It has a keen sense to listen to everything (esp. through ears). Situated at the heart of Capricorn, it represents everything there is to know about Capricorn and Saturn in a more profound way.

Ruler: The Moon, significator of the mind and the way we perceive/experience the world. Mind bridges the gap between consciousness and subconsciousness. Shravana being an air (vata) nakshatra connects the conscious self with subconscious self. Moon shows a very practical face here apart from its fast movements, romantic and lustful appearances due to the association of Saturn. Moon's philosophical energy is exerted here.

Deity: Lord Vamana, one of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu is the deity of it. Lord Vamana took birth to defeat Bali, the King of Asuras. He was born in a simple brahman family with short stature. He learned everything that had to be learned at a young age and soon became the conqueror of the entire universe. Long story short, once the King Bali started performing a homa (special pooja) in his palace to fulfill his wish of attaining the throne of Lord Indra. Knowing this, Lord Vamana carrying a wooden umbrella went to his palace to beg for a gift. It was an opportune moment because the King must not say no to anyone who comes to his doorstep at the time of pooja. So the King agreed to offer whatever Vamana wanted. Vamana said that he wanted three footsteps of land. Bali smiled with joy and pride and said take it. The next moment the small boy started expanding to a giant. His first footstep covered the entire earth, the second step covered the entire universe (while he was still expanding) but there was no place to keep the third step. Look at this, Bali realized who he is and said to Lord Vamana to keep his third step over Bali’s head. Lord Vamana kept his foot over Bali's head and conquered him as well. He then pushed Bali to the underworld but offered him the chance of attaining Indra's throne after spending sometime in the underworld as a punishment.

Lord Vamana is associated with planet Jupiter as well. Jupiter is the significator of expansion of knowledge aka wisdom. It is also the birth nakshatra of Goddess Saraswati, wife of Brahma representing wisdom (siddhi).

"The umbrella and the three footsteps of Vamana are an important theme of this story."

Symbolism: Number 3 is the symbol of this nakshatra. Number three (as we have already seen) represents the three footsteps of Lord Vamana. Number 3 also represents the Trinity and their law & order of the universe i.e. Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (creation, preservation and destruction). In Numerology, the number three is associated with Jupiter as well, once again it shows the connection with Jupiter. Three is also associated to knowledge, skills and communication in astrology. Moon becomes visible on the third waxing cycle. So you can understand the significations of this nakshatra. Human ear is another symbol of this nakshatra that represents the listening attribute of this nakshatra.

Animal: Female monkey. Monkey has the ability to do multiple tasks at once with its keen sensory perceptions, high IQ, fast moving ability and jumping from one branch to another.

Guna: Sattvic nakshatra with more emphasis on higher beliefs, devotion, duties, working for others, serving others.

Power: It represents "Samhanana Shakti". The power to connect.

General attributes: Strong Shravana makes one short but learned like Lord Vamana. They can be practical, hardworking, witty, curious and down to earth due to the association of Capricorn and Saturn. Their success will always come through three steps. They also have the ability to listen carefully that will make them successful at what they're doing. They may always carry something for protection or for sentiments. They have to follow something or someone otherwise they'll feel a strong sense of imbalance. They have the ability to take huge leaps and bounds to successfully carry out their duties. These natives can be completely grounded or completely opposite, there is no middle ground. They will always think big and talk big and do big. They will even cross mountains and walk on fire if that's necessary to showcase their cause. These are general qualities, reader’s discretion is advised.

Shravana's Philosophy: It is the universal law of nature i.e. human beings are bound by nature’s laws. We are a tiny part of this universe. That’s why we are supposed to respect nature in every endeavour. When we respect it, we get the respect back and cleared of our obstacles in our work (law of karma). This keeps nature in a balance. Our ego, over confidence, false pride, anger, greed, lust, jealousy etc. are the reasons for nature’s imbalance, also reason for our obstacles. When nature loses balance, it tries to get the balance back which results in massive calamities and destruction. Shravana teaches you to wait for the right time to perform any action after careful listening and contemplation. Your every step should be careful and well-heard.

*Of course it has a strong connection with our beloved “Shiva and Kartikeya” as well. Read the importance of the Hindu month Shravana/Saavan and its auspiciousness.

Tips: Pray on this nakshatra for a balanced life in general. It works even if you don't have it.




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