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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Uttara Ashadha (உத்திராடம்), the nakshatra of higher self

Placement: 26° 40’ of Sagittarius to 10° 00’ of Capricorn

Element: Air (Vayu)

Pushkara Navamsha/Bhaga: 1st and 4th pada/NA

Uttara Ashadha means the “later victorious/invincible”. It means it'll make you the final victor even if the enemy/obstacle is big enough to put you down. It can also be interpreted as "success comes at a later/mature point of life". Uttara Ashadha is about the end goal and not the silly distractions on the way. Permanent victory requires knowledge, discipline, hardwork, focus and truth. A man with all these becomes a super human. It makes him understand the true purpose of life and existence.

"It is mentioned in the Puranas that devas got their final victory over asuras in this nakshatra only."

Ruler: It is ruled by Sun (Surya). Uttara Ashadha represents huge responsibilities, it is denoted by its planetary ruler Sun and its zodiac rulers Jupiter (Guru) and Saturn (Shani). The solar energy is at its highest here. Because it is the last nakshatra ruled by the Sun and it lies in Capricorn, where Sun naturally gets its directional strength.

Deity: The ruling deity is Vishwa Devas aka Vishwaroopa. Its the combination of all the Gods such as Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Devas and Asuras. Vishwaroopa of Lord Krishna from Mahabharata teaches us that both devas and asuras are required to keep the world in order. Krishna shows that the creation, preservation and destruction are all happening from the same source. Lord Ganesha is another deity strongly associated with this nakshatra, who is also revered as the most primary God.

Symbol: An Elephant’s tusk. Remember that tusk is also the secondary symbol of its previous (pair) nakshatra Purva Ashadha. “Planks of Bed” is another symbolism of this nakshatra, it represents the comfort one gets after victory.

Animal: It's Mongoose (male), the only animal in the nakshatra belt without its pair. This makes it the most unique and most victorious. Mongoose is also the enemy of Snakes, so this nakshatra always maintains the enmity towards Rohini and Mrigashira.

Guna: It's a sattvic nakshatra with more emphasis on stability and permanence through sattvic ways. Sun is a natural sattvic graha and Uttara Ashadha is a natural sattvic nakshatra so it brings out the highest of sun’s abilities here.

Power: It represents "Apradhrishya Shakti". The power to gain permanent victory.

General attributes: Natives with the presence of Uttara Ashadha can be competitive, strategic, strong believers, learned and spiritual. They can be good at taking huge responsibilities. Teaching and learning will be their life long journey. They will also show interest in storytelling, writing and publishing. Devotion/Bhakti is an important part of their lives. It can be anything from devotion towards duty to devotion towards God." They will have strong moral principles especially if benefic influences are there. They are also capable of making well informed judgements. They will also have strong affinity towards law, order and justice. They "never settle" for easy gains. Its really hard for them to settle for less and if they do then there must be a bigger reason. They will always strive towards higher goals and achievements. These are general qualities, reader’s discretion is advised.

Number significance: It is the 21st nakshatra in the sequence. 21 is an auspicious number in Hindu mythology and it is associated with Lord Ganesha as well. This doesn't mean Uttara Ashadha gains easy victory. The victory only comes after hurdles and hardships (to learn the true nature of the world and its subtle intricacies) but it'll be permanent. Because the success that comes after mental, physical and spiritual consciousness will be stronger and lasts longer.

The above said things are especially strong in Pushkara Navamsha padas. Especially in the 4th pada, that contains Abhijit nakshatra, known for being the most victorious.

Remedy: One good remedy is to chant Lord Ganesha mantra 108 times a day for 21 days. Also take care of your teeth.




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