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Taurus (Rishabha)

Taurus, also known as Rishabha (ऋषभा/ரிஷபம்) in Sanskrit, is the second zodiac sign. Known for its resourcefulness, Taurus represents all forms of resources including materials, family, and knowledge. As a rajassic and fixed earth sign, Taurus exhibits a solidity akin to a hill, capable of creating its own weather patterns to nurture itself. This present-oriented sign's primary motto is to accumulate and preserve resources, making it a crucial sign in the zodiac belt.


  1. Taurus is a fixed sign and represents settlements and long term plans.

  2. It is an earth sign and loves family, stability, nourishment, nurturing, pleasures, and comforts.

  3. Taurus has rajassic qualities and doesn't accept failure easily. It loves multiple tries and efforts to achieve the desired result.

  4. Venus rules Taurus because it represents nourishments, beauty, rejuvenation, cultivation, and other Venusian qualities.

  5. Taurus is symbolized by the Bull, which represents agriculture, sturdy nature, big appetite, good looks, resources (domestic animals), and strong feet. The Bull is also the mount of Lord Shiva, highlighting the connection between Venus, Taurus, and Shiva.

  6. Taurus represents the face and neck of the cosmic man that is connected to the rest of the torso.

  7. Taurus represents the female gender.

  8. It has 3 nakshatras Krittika, Rohini, and Mrigashirsha which reveal details about Taurus, with Krittika representing the basics, Rohini representing what's beyond the basics, and Mrigashirsha representing the final concoction.

  9. Its direction is south.

  10. White is its color.

  11. Taurus governs the face, especially the mouth and right eye, and the neck as body parts.

  12. It is a creative sign due to its nurturing abilities.

  13. Taurus is connected to several countries, including Ireland, Poland, Russia, Netherlands, Iran, the Archipelago, the Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, Italian cities like Mantua and Parma, Franconia in Germany, Lorraine in France, Bithynia in Turkey, and Cyprus.

  14. It is connected to cattle-sheds, stables, farms, and farmlands.

  15. Taurus is connected to the “Jyotirlingam of Somnath.”

  16. It is connected to the Anahata (heart chakra/dorsal plexus).

  17. Its solar deity is “Aryamá Adityá,” and the mantra is “Om Ghrini Aryamádityáya Namah.”

  18. Taurus is the exaltation sign of Moon and Rahu.

  19. The debilitation sign of Ketu is Taurus.

  20. Taurus is the Moolatrikona sign of Moon.

The Interdependence of Aries and Taurus

In the zodiac, Aries is the first sign and Taurus is the second. While Aries is a sign of action and movement, Taurus is a sign of stability and fixity. In a way, they complement each other, forming a symbiotic relationship. Aries needs a stable foundation to act from, and Taurus provides that foundation with its unwavering nature. On the other hand, Taurus needs the impetus to move forward and take action, which Aries provides with its dynamic energy.

To put it simply, Aries and Taurus have a cause-and-effect relationship. If Aries is constantly moving, then Taurus has to be fixated to provide the necessary stability for Aries to operate freely. Similarly, if Taurus remains too stagnant and unyielding, it can hinder the progress of Aries. It's like a chain reaction where one sign's movement requires the other sign's stability to support it, otherwise, the entire structure could collapse if everything moves at the same time. This interdependent relationship between Aries and Taurus reflects the importance of balance and cooperation in achieving success and growth in life.

Exaltation of the Moon

Taurus, being the sign of luxury, influences any planet positioned within it to exhibit qualities akin to Taurus, which is known for its abundance of resources. While the Moon, being the natural ruler of royalty, becomes particularly potent in this sign, Rahu, which naturally enjoys opulence, also gains strength when placed in Taurus. However, the remaining planets do not necessarily benefit from this placement. The exaltation degrees of the Moon and Rahu in Taurus fall between 0 and 3.

Debilitation of Ketu

The planet Ketu experiences debilitation in Taurus. Being the planet of emptiness and nothingness, Ketu represents everything that is opposite to the characteristics of Taurus. Hence, it doesn't function well in this sign.

Mooltrikona of the Moon

In addition to its exaltation, the Moon also finds itself in its Mooltrikona position in Taurus, indicating a strong and favorable placement. The degrees for this position are between 4 and 30 degrees of Taurus, providing a significant amount of influence and power to the Moon in this sign.

Taurus and Second House

In astrology, the second house of the horoscope represents the areas of life related to wealth, possessions, resources, and values. It is also associated with the physical body, particularly the face, mouth, and throat, and has an affinity for the earthy pleasures of life. As Taurus is the natural ruler of the second house, the qualities and characteristics of this sign are strongly reflected in the second house.

By understanding the nature of Taurus, one can gain deeper insight into the second house and its significance in the horoscope. For example, Taurus is known for its love of luxury, stability, and material comforts, as well as its tenacity and persistence in achieving its goals. Similarly, the second house is associated with the accumulation of material resources and the satisfaction of physical needs, as well as the cultivation of a sense of personal value and worth.

Moreover, both Taurus and the second house are governed by the rajasic guna, which is characterized by passion, activity, and desire. This indicates that individuals with prominent Taurus or second house placements may have a strong drive to pursue their desires and manifest their goals in the material world.

Therefore, in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the second house and its role in the horoscope, it is essential to consider the qualities and characteristics of Taurus and how they relate to the themes and concerns of the second house.


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