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Taurus (Rishabha) and 2nd house

Taurus in English is called Rishabha (ऋषभा/ரிஷபம்) in Sanskrit. It is naturally the second zodiac. Taurus is the most resourceful sign, it represents resources in all forms (incl. materials, family, knowledge) as its primary motto. It is a rajassic, fixed earth sign. The solidity of Taurus is like a hill, it can create its own weather patterns to nurture itself. Hence Taurus is the most present oriented sign and thus it becomes the second sign of the zodiac belt.


  1. It represents settlements and long term plans because it's a fixed sign.

  2. It loves family, stability, nourishments, nurtures, pleasures and comforts because it's an earth sign.

  3. It doesn't accept failure easily. It loves multiple tries and efforts to get the desired result because it's a rajassic sign.

  4. It is ruled/owned by Venus because it represents nourishments, beauty, rejuvenation, cultivation etc.

  5. It is depicted by the animal Bull because it represents agriculture, sturdy nature, big appetite, good looks, resources (domestic animals), strong feet etc. Bull is also the mount of Lord Shiva. You can see the connection between Venus, Taurus and Shiva here.

  6. Taurus represents the face and neck of the cosmic man that is connected to the rest of the torso.

  7. It represents female gender.

  8. It has 3 nakshatras Krittika, Rohini and Mrigashirsha. These nakshatras will allow you to understand more about Taurus in a detailed way. For ex., the first Krittika will tell you the basics of Taurus, Rohini will tell you what is beyond the basics and Mrigashirsha will tell you the final concoction.

  9. Its direction is south.

  10. White is the colour.

  11. Governs the face (especially the mouth and right eye) and neck as body parts.

  12. Creative sign due to the nurturing abilities we discussed above.

  13. Connected to countries Ireland, Poland, Russia, Netherlands, Iran, the Archipelago. Indian state of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Italian cities like Mantua, Parma. Franconia (Germany), Lorraine (France), Bithynia (Turkey), Cyprus (Mediterranean island) etc.

  14. Connected to cattle-sheds, stables, farms and farm lands.

  15. Connected to the “Jyotirlingam of Somnath”.

  16. Its solar deity is “Aryamá Adityá” and the mantra is “Om Ghrini Aryamá Adityáya Namah”.

  17. Exaltation sign of Moon and Rahu.

  18. Debilitation sign of Ketu.

  19. Moolatrikona sign of Moon.

Why do we need such fixation?

If Aries is constantly moving then Taurus has to be fixated otherwise Aries can’t operate freely. This is like a chain reaction when one is moving the other has to be stable to support its movement otherwise the structure will collapse if everything moves at the same time.


Taurus is the sign of luxury. So any planet sitting here will try to act like Taurus (the resources). Moon is naturally the queen so it gets powerful here and Rahu naturally enjoys luxury so it also gets powerful here but the rest of the planets are not. It's exaltation degrees are between 0 and 3.

Read more about Moon’s exaltation here


Ketu gets debilitated here. Ketu is naturally the planet of emptiness/nothingness. It represents everything opposite of Taurus so you get the point.


Moon also enjoys its Mooltrikona position here. It's degrees are between 4 and 30 degrees of Taurus.

Second house

The second house will always represent similar qualities of Taurus such as the luxury, resources, family, beauty, body parts and rajassic guna. So understanding Taurus is important to understand the second house.

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