• Arun Kumar Subramanian

Gemini (Mithuna) and 3rd house

Gemini is called Mithuna (मिथुना/மிதுனம்) in Sanskrit. It is the third zodiac in the natural order. Gemini is the most intellectual sign but also very dualistic (and curious) in nature. It's all about intelligence, changes and interchanges, adaptability, interaction, socialization, etc. It is a rajassic and a mutable air sign. The mutability of Gemini is such that it may change anytime from most curious to zero curious and vice versa. It’s like a garden that needs constant maintenance. Sometimes you may have to remove the old/dead plants and sow a new one but other times it’ll be fine on its own. Hence Gemini stands for present and the past.


  1. It represents duality, engagement, trade and versatility because it's a dual sign, capable of stability and movement.

  2. It loves communication on all levels such as thinking, talking, writing and chatting because it's an air sign.

  3. It doesn't accept failures easily and loves multiple tries and efforts to get the desired result because it's a rajassic sign.

  4. It is ruled/owned by Mercury because it represents air elements, faster communications, quickness and adaptability of body and mind, playfulness, wittiness etc.

  5. It is depicted by twins or a couple (a man and a woman) involved in group activity.

  6. Gemini represents the lower neck, hands and shoulders of the cosmic man (kalapurusha). It represents strength and valour.

  7. It represents male gender.

  8. It consists of three nakshatras namely Mrigashira, Ardra and Punarvasu. These nakshatras will allow you to understand more about Gemini in a detailed manner. For ex., Mrigashira will tell you the basics, Ardra will tell you the essence (advanced) and Punarvasu will tell you the final concoction of Gemini.

  9. Its direction is west.

  10. Its colour is green.

  11. Governs the lower neck, hands and shoulders as body parts.

  12. A mild barren sign due to its mutable air quality. This air is dry sometimes and moist the other times.

  13. Connected to places such as the United States, south-west part of England, Armenia, Sardinia, Lower Egypt. Indian state of Gujarat. Cities like London, Milan, Versailles, Bruges, Leuven and Nuremberg.

  14. Connected to gardens, barns, granaries, depots, trades etc.

  15. Connected to Vishuddha (throat chakra/cervical plexus).

  16. Jyotirlingam is “Nageshwara”.

  17. Its solar deity is “Mitra Adityá” and the mantra is “Om Ghrini Mitra Adityáya Namah”.

  18. Exaltation, debilitation and moolatrikona sign for none of the planets.

Why the mutability?

Gemini represents the amalgamation of the first two zodiacs. When Aries is constantly moving and Taurus is permanently fixed we need a third one that helps us change between these two qualities. That's where Gemini comes in. It combines the qualities of Aries and Taurus to create a third quality called mutability. It represents constant change which is the basic philosophy of the Universe. Constant change aka evolution is needed to survive the world. That's why it’s also ruled by Mercury, the planet of buddhi (intelligence).

Third house

The 3rd house will always represent the similar qualities of Gemini such as communication, socialisation, strength, engagement, trade, body parts and rajassic guna. So understanding Gemini is important to understand the 3rd house.

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