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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Cause and Effect (காரண காரியம்), Law of attraction and its relation to Karma

What is cause and effect? What does it have to do with law of attraction?

Law of attraction is very simple, it says that you’ll attract whatever you think, talk and do all the time. It can be anything from tangible to intangible things (good or bad). While law of attraction seems to be an interesting concept it doesn't explain the underlying factor properly.

The underlying factor of cause and effect is that: Cause is the reason behind an effect while effect is the reason behind a cause. In other words cause becomes effect and vice versa. Its a cycle.

For ex., A Person named "A" doesn’t have a job. He applies to many places but faces rejection. After several tries he becomes lazy. This is where the cycle starts. A's failure is the cause and his laziness is the effect here. But then, the lazier he becomes the more failure he faces which results in further laziness. So now you see that his laziness attracts more laziness. Hence the cycle continues. This is the underlying factor of law of attraction. He may not be the reason for his first few failures but he becomes one when he starts getting lazy. Apply the same principle to understand the reason why rich gets richer and poor gets poorer.

Cause and effect cycle is the driving force of the universe. It represents the “duality”, the Tattva of ShivaShakti, the Principle of Yin and Yang, day and night, good and bad. Both depend on each other for its existence. This duality exists everywhere in the universe. Galaxies, Stars and everything works under the same principle. Infact in Vedic tradition when a couple gets married they'll be asked to look at the stars “Alcor and Mizar” (in the constellation of “Ursa Major aka Saptarishi”) to understand the duality of life, because these two are binary stars (revolving around each other) in which both depend on each other for their survival. Their Sanskrit names are “Arundhati and Vashishta”. Arundhati is the wife of Sage Vashishta, one of the Saptarishis (Saptarishis are seven celestial sages who maintain the order of the universe).

“Miśra Prapancha”, a beautiful term in Sanskrit denotes the meaning of mixed/dual universe. Miśra means mix of duality. Cause and effect is a cycle that can’t be broken but can be transformed from one to another (like energy transformation) with strong will power and sheer determination. It can be said in this way, that the more success you get the more confident you become which creates further successes but the more failures make you lazy and doubtful which in turn creates further failures. Here, you can transform your doubts and laziness into success through persistence and perseverance much like the story of Thomas Edison (or any successful person for that matter). And this transformation has to come from you, because you’re the cause and everything happens to you is the effect.

I think you may have understood that this duality is the source of “Karma”. For ex., you say one lie to cover up a mess, then another lie to backup the first one, then another and another down the line, finally one day you may forget where and when it all started. This is the beauty of this cycle, it won't let you get out of it easily. It's like the Newton's Law of motion that objects in motion tend to stay in motion unless hit by an imbalance or an external force (aka your persistence and perseverance). Before we realise this philosophy, we may have created a bag full of bad karma already through our actions. But it's ok, it's never too late!

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