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Rahu Ketu transit (2022-23)


Aries is the natural first sign of individuality, head (body part), leadership, government etc. Rahu’s transit through Aries is the time the leadership will move forward rapidly with multiple laws, scientific advancements, immigration etc. in place. Rahu is a natural malefic and known to be a cheater, selfish and indulgent. So the decisions of the leaders will have these underlying Rahu’s nature this time. Rahu rules the cyberspace (web, social media, crypto etc.) so its usage will increase. People’s motivation will take a massive turn regardless of their personal karma because Aries rules motivation and Rahu rules massive change. Rahu is hemmed by Jupiter and Mars in Pisces and Taurus respectively from 11th Aug 2022 to 12th March 2023. Mars and Jupiter combination creates a split energy that engulfs Rahu in Aries. So the change of motivation will take place gradually in these 7 months.

This period will also make people funnier and outgoing on a personal level. On a collective level, society will become more open minded. Rise of modern gurus can also be there since Rahu aspects Sagittarius while Jupiter is in Pisces (esp. from the end of Dec 2022). It is also an interesting time that makes all the planets conspire to let Rahu do what it wants. So it's time for discovery in multiple fields. Chances of new fields of education, new laws, discoveries in medicine, space, energy etc. are there. It shows break in promise/agreement/treaty, war situations etc.

Jupiter’s long absence in the past few years made the society less imaginative but with Rahu and Jupiter in Aries from 22nd April 2023 to 28th Nov 2023 it’ll come back. This could be the time of many new movies with good storyline, creativity, knowledge etc.

Rahu will be in Aries from 17th March 2022 to 28th Nov 2023. Rahu moves through the nakshatras

Krittika nakshatra is the Sun’s fire that burns your karma. So it’s when you’ll burn your karma faster (also creating more karma if not be careful) by deciding on something you thought you'd never do. Krittika's motherly nature combined with Rahu’s rapidity brings out a lot of love in people. A theme of love and let go is seen here.

Bharani is about growth, nourishment, protection and transformation. Whatever decisions taken by you will continue to grow in this time. Since Rahu takes 7 months to transit through Bharani, it’ll be a strong gradual time of growth. But resistance can be seen from 25th Sept to 19th Oct 2022 due to the ruler of Bharani, Venus will be 6th from Rahu while Mars is almost stationary in Gemini. Then from 23rd Nov to 22nd Dec 2022, your own actions may create resistance to you, you may also think about quitting or ending things. It may seem stagnant but you’ll find luck from 23rd Dec 2022 which could bring about a fresh beginning.

Ashwini nakshatra is about accepting reality and putting it to a beneficial use. It is ruled by Ketu overlord by Lord Ganesha so the playfulness, creativity and practicality will be there in your actions. Your efforts will be in the right direction to support your work esp. when Jupiter joins Rahu in Aries in April 2023. Mars’s 3rd position from Rahu helps you with the efforts to support your decisions and move forward. Since Ketu is 7 houses away from Rahu, you might end up partnering up with someone to achieve your goal as Venus will also be 2nd from Rahu.


Ketu is a separate entity but acts as a part of Rahu in most of the cases. So the work of Rahu will be supported by Ketu from the direct opposite sign Libra. Ketu's own quality combined with the quality of Libra and Venus will be expected this time. Ketu is past as well as denial, its position in Libra can make you

  • leave a toxic partner/partnership

  • finish the karma with an ex partner

  • learn more about others in general

  • less communicative

Libra is the natural 7th zodiac of other people, partnership, marriage, business, coworkers etc. Ketu here will make you learn as well as deny these things for now so that you'll focus more on Rahu matters. The best thing about this transit is that it'll bring rest to the overthinking mind. Libra is an air sign contributes to constant thinking and moving but Ketu will reduce all these.

Ketu will be in Libra from 17th March 2022 to 28th Nov 2023. Ketu moves through the nakshatras

Vishakha is about splitting, daring and indulgence. In Ketu's time, you may notice that these energies are at their minimum to support Rahu in Bharani with its dedication and nourishment.

Swati is where Saturn rises (exaltation) because its a chaotic and an individualistic nakshatra. Its also about fast thinking and fast changing. So Ketu here will make you think and change slower, will reduce the chaos esp. if you have Libra in the 2nd or 4th. Ketu will spend maximum time in Swati, which is ruled by Rahu, so the dynamics of Swati will face a polar shift. Swati represents the night time and comfort, so Ketu here will make you active at night or at your comfortable place. Since Swati is an individualistic nakshatra, Ketu here will make you think and work independently. Its a selfish and narcistic timeline for people with malefics in Libra but a powerful time for people with benefics.

Chitra is ruled by Mars, so Ketu here can make you skip intro, the main part and jump directly to the finish line. It means you'll be faster in decision making. Mars and Ketu are the wild energies ruling Scorpio zodiac, so their combo is getting activated through this transit. Chitra, being a creative, technical nakshatra helps Ketu become creative in things which are hidden/unrecognised. In plain words, its a wildly creative time.

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