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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Magha (மகம்), the abode of ancestors

Placement: 00° 00’ to 13° 20’ of Leo

Element: Water (Neer)

Pushkara Navamsha/Bhaga: NA

Gandanta Nakshatra

It’s a regal royal nakshatra. It is strongly connected to the kings, queens, monarchs and royal societies. It’s the brightest star in the Leo (Simha) constellation and it lies in the starting degrees of Leo zodiac that shows the connection it has with kingly attributes.

Symbol: It’s the “throne” and “throne room”. It denotes power, high status, administration, traditional values etc. King, Lion and throne are all connected to one thing, "royalty".

Deity: Having/attaining a kingly status or a throne involves understanding, honouring and following the tradition of the past. The identity of a person comes from his/her past which includes the history of the family lineage. Thus, the deity of this nakshatra becomes Pitris (The Ancestors). Pitris are our ancestors who live in Pitra loka after leaving earth. It is said that in order to attain success you need blessings of your ancestors even before the blessings of God.

Our ancestors are the reason we are here. They can be our direct ancestors (grandfathers and the like) and the forefathers of the entire humanity called Pitru Devatas. The story of Pitru Devtas is mentioned in Ganesha Purana that, Lord Brahma after coming out from the naval of Lord Vishnu had been given the task of creating the Universe. Brahma started creating universe without worshipping Ganesha but he couldn’t create it properly. His creations went awry. He then realised from God Vishnu that he has to worship Ganesha before doing any activity. So he went to worship Ganesha. Ganesha opened his eyes from his penance and saw Brahma there. He took Brahma in his hands and swallowed him. Brahma was shocked as he thought he was under the wrath of Ganesha but he saw the entire universe already manifested inside Ganesha’s stomach. Ganesha then took him out and advised him to make it accordingly. But those creations he created already became the Pitru devatas as they were the reason for the universe to be created in the way it is supposed to be.

Guna: Being the first among tamassic nakshatras, it’s all about attaining the throne (what is rightfully yours). Tamas stands for pleasures through materials.

Ruler: The ruler is Ketu. Ketu represents our past life actions/matters. Ketu has the most independent traits than other grahas as it doesn't even have a head. It is also oldest graha among navagrahas (nine planets) so we see the reason for it to become the ruler of this nakshatra

Animal: Male rat. Rats tend to have a big family like lions and they're active in their sexual life as well. They’re very intelligent and active rodents. We can also see the connection of Ketu and rat with Lord Ganesha.

Power: It represents "Tyaga Shepani Shakti". The power of the soul (astral body) to cut ties with the physical body. Magha guides the souls to pitru loka after death. It is basically a facilitator of change of state.

General attributes: The native may always have a strong sense of the past. They’ll be good at remembering things for a long time. But often they may think too much about the past and lose actions in the present. Spirituality helps them to be dharmic (righteous). Native's success will have a strong connection with their ancestral tree. They may always have a goal towards attaining the high status more than money and wealth. They may have active sex life and may have a big family (direct and indirect). Their success rate will improve as much as they connect with their ancestors. Ancestral world and our world are connected through the prayers and offerings we offer them (you might’ve seen this in the movie “coco”). In return they’ll bless us. Our body is nothing but the throne of the soul. These are general qualities, reader’s discretion is advised.

Specialties: Any planet posited in Magha is a blessing. Because Pitris are more important than Gods and blesses us easily than Gods, our connection with the earth comes through our ancestors and that’s why oblations to them are more important. If you forgot to please your ancestors then pleasing God will not have an effect. Lord Saturn is connected to Pitris as well and crow as we know is the abode of Lord Saturn. That's why offering food to crow is seen as offerings to ancestors. Amavasya tithi (new moon day) is also connected to Pitris and Saturn.




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