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Magha (மகம்): The Ancestral Throne

Placement: 00° 00’ to 13° 20’ of Leo

Element: Water (Neer)

This nakshatra exudes regal qualities and is strongly associated with kings, queens, monarchs, and royal societies. Located in the early degrees of the Leo zodiac, it is the brightest star in the Leo (Simha) constellation, which further emphasizes its close link to kingly attributes.

Symbol: The symbol of this nakshatra is the throne and throne room, representing power, high status, administration, and traditional values. The concepts of kingship, lions, and thrones are all interconnected with the idea of royalty, which is embodied by this nakshatra.

Deity: The deity associated with this nakshatra is Pitris (The Ancestors), as acquiring a kingly status or a throne requires a deep understanding of, and reverence for, past traditions. An individual's identity is closely linked to their familial lineage and ancestral history. In Puranas, Pitris are believed to reside in Pitra Loka after departing from Earth. According to tradition, the blessings of one's ancestors are essential for success, even before seeking the blessings of the gods.

Our direct ancestors, such as grandfathers, as well as the forefathers of all humanity known as Pitru Devatas, are the reason for our existence. According to the Ganesha Purana, Lord Brahma was tasked with creating the Universe after emerging from Lord Vishnu's naval. Initially, Brahma attempted to create the universe without first worshipping Lord Ganesha, but his creations were flawed and incomplete. Upon realizing his mistake, Brahma sought out Lord Ganesha and began to worship him. Ganesha, who had been in deep meditation, opened his eyes and saw Brahma there. He took Brahma into his hands and swallowed him, which shocked Brahma. However, inside Ganesha's stomach, the entire universe had already been manifested. Ganesha then released Brahma and advised him to create the universe according to what he had seen. The creations that Brahma had initially made became the Pitru Devatas, as they were the reason for the universe being created in the way it was intended to be.

Guna: As the foremost among tamasic nakshatras, this nakshatra is focused on the pursuit of power and claiming what is rightfully one's own. Tamas, representing the pursuit of pleasure through material means, is a defining characteristic of this nakshatra.

Ruler: Ketu is the ruler of this nakshatra and represents the impact of our past life actions and decisions. It is considered the most independent among the grahas because it lacks a head, and it is also the oldest among the navagrahas (nine planets), which explains why it holds the position of ruler for this nakshatra.

Animal: The animal associated with this nakshatra is the male rat. Like lions, rats tend to have large families and are known for their active sexual life. These intelligent and energetic rodents are also associated with Lord Ganesha, further emphasizing the connection with Ketu.

Power: Magha is associated with the power of "Tyaga Shepani Shakti", which refers to the soul's ability to disconnect from the physical body. This nakshatra guides the soul to Pitra Loka after death, serving as a facilitator for the transition between states. Ultimately, Magha represents the power to bring about a change in one's spiritual state.

General attributes: Individuals born under Magha nakshatra are likely to have a strong connection to their past, possessing a natural talent for remembering things for a long time. However, they may also become overly preoccupied with the past, potentially losing sight of the present moment. Spirituality can help guide them towards righteousness and dharma. The success of these individuals is closely linked to their ancestral lineage, and they may prioritize achieving high status over acquiring material wealth. With an active sex life and potential for a large family, connecting with their ancestors through prayers and offerings is believed to be key for success. As we see in the movie "Coco", the ancestral world and our world are connected, and blessings from the ancestors can be received through offerings. Ultimately, the body is merely a vessel for the soul, and these are general qualities associated with Magha nakshatra. Reader discretion is advised.

Specialties: Planetary placement in Magha is considered auspicious, as the blessings of Pitris are considered more significant than those of the Gods, and they are more easily pleased by offerings. Lord Saturn is also associated with the Pitris, and the crow is seen as the vehicle of Lord Saturn. Therefore, offering food to crows is considered an offering to the ancestors. Additionally, Amavasya tithi (new moon day) is also associated with the Pitris and Saturn.


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