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Discover your true path with Vedic Astrology

Your horoscope is like a cosmic snapshot of the moment you were born. It helps by giving you insights into your personality and life's potential paths. A roadmap, guiding you to make better decisions in your journey.

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Vedic Astrology, also known as Vedanga Jyotisha, has ancient Indian origins dating back over 7,000 years. It finds its roots in the spiritual texts of the Vedas, especially the Rig Veda. Jyotish, meaning "science of light," was traditionally shared orally from teacher (guru) to student (sishya). It served as a tool for ancient sages to grasp how celestial energies impact our lives through time.

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Arun is very knowledgeable. His calculations are fast and the things he say are clear without the highest level of ambiguity. Astrology, in my opinion, can be depended to get an idea about the blueprint of your karmic account, in order to contemplate on the future plans of action one should venture on. I think Arun understand this aspect, and talk to you from that understanding.

Arjun A Ponchalil