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Welcome to your eternal journey in the cosmos with Milkyway Astrology. Let the stars and ancient wisdom light your way to a realm where the cosmos speaks, and your soul's story unfolds.

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Vedic Astrology, also known as Vedanga Jyotisha, has ancient Indian origins dating back over 7,000 years. It finds its roots in the spiritual texts of the Vedas, especially the Rig Veda. Jyotish, meaning "science of light," was traditionally shared orally from teacher (guru) to student (sishya). It served as a tool for ancient sages to grasp how celestial energies impact our lives through time.

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Arun is very knowledgeable. His calculations are fast and the things he say are clear without the highest level of ambiguity. Astrology, in my opinion, can be depended to get an idea about the blueprint of your karmic account, in order to contemplate on the future plans of action one should venture on. I think Arun understand this aspect, and talk to you from that understanding.

Arjun A Ponchalil

  • Is Vedic Astrology Connected to Spirituality?
    Vedic Astrology is deeply rooted in spiritual traditions, offering insights into spiritual growth, life purpose, and self-discovery.
  • Is Vedic Astrology Limited to Certain Cultures?
    While originating in India, Vedic Astrology transcends cultural boundaries, offering universal insights applicable to people worldwide.
  • Is Astrology Limited to Individual Readings?
    Astrology goes beyond individual readings; it can be applied to analyse businesses, elections, and global events, providing insights into collective energies and trends.
  • Is There a Scientific Basis for Astrology?
    While some correlations exist between celestial events and human behavior, astrology's interpretations are subjective. Its scientific validation remains a topic of debate.
  • How Can Astrological Reading Benefit Me?
    Astrological Readings provide tailored insights, aiding you in comprehending life events, relationships, and career decisions from a cosmic perspective. They empower you to navigate challenges and maximize opportunities.
  • What Readings does Milkyway Astrology Offer?
    Milkyway Astrology provides personalized consultations with detailed insights and actionable remedies.
  • How Can I Get a Personalised Reading?
    Explore our readings section on the website to book your personalised consultation. Our skilled astrologers will assess your birth chart and offer insights crafted just for you.
  • Can Readings Help in Career Decisions?
    Certainly, it can provide career guidance by analysing planetary influences, talents, and suitable paths for professional growth.
  • How Often Should I Consult an Astrologer?
    The frequency of consultations depends on individual needs. Some seek annual guidance, while others consult during significant life events for clarity and guidance.
  • Is Vedic Astrology Time-Specific?
    Ofcourse, Vedic Astrology considers the precise time, date, and place of birth to create an accurate birth chart. Even slight differences in birth time can result in varied interpretations.
  • Can You Tell Me More About the Articles on Your Website?
    The articles on our website are crafted with a deep exploration of the scientific and philosophical dimensions of Vedic Astrology. Each piece offers a distinctive perspective on the cosmic order, delving into the intricate connections between celestial phenomena, human existence, and the broader universe.
  • What Are the Primary Sources for Your Articles?
    Our articles draw inspiration and knowledge from three main sources: classical Vedic astrology texts, the teachings of our respected masters, and our own extensive personal analysis.
  • Can You Share Examples of the Classical Texts You Refer to in Your Articles?
    While we draw from a vast array of classical texts, some notable ones include Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Brihat Jataka, and Phaldeepika, among others.
  • Do You Continuously Update Your Articles with New Insights?
    Yes, we are committed to keeping our content up-to-date. As our knowledge evolves, we revise and enhance our articles to reflect new insights and discoveries.
  • Can I Contact You for Further Clarification or Questions About Your Articles?
    Absolutely! We welcome inquiries and encourage readers to reach out if they have questions or seek further clarification on any of the topics covered in our articles.
  • Do You Provide References or Citations for Your Sources?
    Yes, when applicable, we include references and citations in our articles to acknowledge the sources of information and provide transparency to our readers.
  • Can I Trust the Information Provided in Your Articles?
    We take great care to present accurate and trustworthy information. However, we encourage readers to use our articles as a starting point for their own research and seek personalized guidance when needed.
  • Do You Offer Original Research or Insights in Your Articles?
    Alongside traditional knowledge, we also provide original insights and interpretations based on our astrologers' expertise and contemporary understandings of Vedic astrology.

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