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New Year Predictions (Krodhi Samvatsara 2024-25)

The new vedic solar year has commenced on April 14, 2024, it is the 38th year within the 60-year cycle of our Vedic Solar Calendar. This 38th year is called 'Krodhi', it means anger, temperament, passion, and pride. During this entire year, Saturn will be positioned in Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra, indicating significant karmic debt fulfilment in your life that could make you feel proud and passionate or the other way. It's a year focused on resolving substantial karmic obligations.

Krodhi's Horoscope

In this New Year Horoscope Jupiter is in Aries, situated in the 4th pada of Bharani Nakshatra at 25°56'. With Bharani's yogatara at 24°, the enlightening and judgmental qualities of Bharani will manifest through Jupiter's influence. Therefore, one can anticipate significant judgments and decisions unfolding throughout the year.

Expect the unexpected. Fact checks will become a serious thing, it means a lot of fake news and fake commitments will also be there this year.

Jupiter's Note

With Jupiter positioned in the Moksha pada of Bharani nakshatra, the tendency will be for the world to delay important judgments until the eleventh hour. Additionally, as Jupiter transitions towards the end of Bharani, it will amplify the influence of the next nakshatra, Krittika. Consequently, individuals are inclined towards making significant, action-oriented decisions throughout the year.

Fast Forward

Commitments and promises made during this period are likely to yield immediate results, emphasising the importance of adhering to one's commitments and promises.

The alignment of Mars and Saturn in Jupiter ruled nakshatra indicates the potential for significant marriages and agreements, whether between individuals or large entities such as organisations or nations. These unions could have far-reaching implications and contribute to global dynamics.

Moreover, the influence of Jupiter in the chart suggests that major discoveries and breakthrough ideas may emerge from prominent organisations or countries (more than the previous years). These innovations are likely to leave a lasting impact on the world stage, shaping the course of events for the foreseeable future.

Current Situation

The end of April would be emotional and chaotic, there should be stability in your emotions and strictness in your routine to yield the right opportunities and right results.

Krodhi's Nature and Weather

With Jupiter's transit through Krittika, there is a rise in temperature compared to previous years. As Jupiter approaches Taurus, the natural 2nd house, this rise in temperature will likely be accompanied by heightened rainfall. During the period from May 11th to May 24th, 2024, when both the Sun and Jupiter are in Krittika Nakshatra, expect conditions to be hot and rainy simultaneously in some parts of the world. Furthermore, the conjunction of Mars and Rahu in Pisces from May 11th reinforces this forecast.

Climate change is real, its one way or the other. And this year will be its witness. The world will face unexpected time shifts.

Also the positioning of Ketu and Jupiter signifies a challenging period for nature this year. Indicating a rise in temperature, increased rainfall, and other calamities, including fire incidents, particularly from July to October 2024.

The transit of Mars and Jupiter on opposite sides of Aries in May 2024 suggests the potential recurrence of events similar to those observed between January 13th, 2023, and March 12th, 2023.

Krodhi's Communication

The prominence of Pisces, strengthened by the presence of Rahu, Mercury, and Venus, highlights the importance of communication in the year ahead. Effective communication has the potential to resolve various issues, whether they involve partners, organisations, or countries. However, it's crucial to note that poor communication could escalate conflicts, especially with Saturn and Mars in the 4th house and the Sun and Jupiter in the 6th house from the lagna.

Between July and October 2024, anticipate political scandals, triggers for significant conflicts, and peace talks as potential outcomes of communication dynamics during this period.


In 2024, technological advancements are highlighted by Saturn and Mars in Aquarius, a sign associated with innovation, particularly in space and technology. Expect significant discoveries and inventions in these fields due to the strong emphasis on technology in the astrological chart.


Saturn's positioning indicates volatility, with wild predictions and investments likely from May 2024 onwards.


Spiritually, starting from June 2024, there may be notable events involving spiritual gurus, such as health treatments or their departure from the earthly realm.


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