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Saturn in Aquarius 2024-25

Saturn's transit in Aquarius will end in March 2025. So far, the Saturn has moved the world to artificial intelligence in everything, but there is more. Especially, Saturn in Purva Bhadrapada (PBh) nakshatra brings a noticeable evolution in individual mindsets, social media, market dynamics, politics, science and technology. Also numerous countries, including India, are undergoing elections in 2024, which are anticipated to hold significant historical significance for a long time to come. All these are happening at once due to the transit of Saturn and Mars in Purva Bhadrapada in March and April 2024. It wasn't a normal transit, it occurred after a span of 58 years. This transit happens once, or perhaps twice, in a century.

This changed a lot of things. Like I said earlier, this transit fast forwarded the world a little. In the sense, people who don't usually have future plans will also start planning for their future. Natural Disasters in April including Dubai rains, China rains, the tornadoes and heatwaves are all part of the influence of the current transit.

Natural Disasters and other unusual events are happening due to the Saturn in Aquarius.

This entire decade mirrors the transformative spirit of the 1960s. It's not merely a period of ascension but rather a pivotal time of change that occurs perhaps once, or at most twice, in a century.

If you look at the broader context of this decade, 2020 brought about a significant transformation with the onset of remote living due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Then, in 2023, Artificial Intelligence emerged as a prominent phenomenon. Similarly, the next transformative shift to unfold from February 2025 onward.

Saturn and Rahu

With Saturn in its moolatrikona sign, it is an opportunistic time for the world to pursue their desires, we can expect a surge in investments during 2024-25. Also, February 2025 marks the culmination of whatever began in April 2024. From February 2025 to April 2025, we'll see Saturn transiting behind Rahu in PBh, Saturn symbolises hard work and diligence, so during this period, the world will be on a fast forward spin once again. People worldwide will be putting in extra effort to pursue their aspirations.

There will be an increase in pet ownership during this time.

With Saturn in Aquarius followed by Rahu in Pisces from April 2024-25, there will be huge financial frauds and political scandals in the world.

Whatever is happening in this time will happen in huge numbers.


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