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A Prayer on this Day is Equal to the Prayers for an Entire Year

The day of "Chitra Purnima" holds immense religious importance as it marks the first full moon day of the Vedic calendar year. On this day, the theme of the year is brought to the consciousness of people. Any prayer, meditation, remedy, or puja performed on this day will resonate throughout the year. Chitra Purnima derives its name from the month of Chitra, and the nakshatra over which the actual full moon will be transiting in the sky on this day.

Chaitra Purnima is strongly associated with the planet Mercury. Known for its creative and quality-driven energy, Mercury represents the inquisitive child within you, bringing a playful and witty spirit to the occasion.

Lord Chitragupta

Lord Chitragupta (Source: Dolls of India)

Chitra signifies creation, and Purnima means fulfillment, together meaning "fulfillment of creation," or creative satisfaction. On this day, people worship Lord Chitragupta, the celestial accountant who keeps track of all the karmas performed by living beings. According to Puranas, Lord Yamaraj, the king of celestial laws, had trouble keeping records of karmas, so Lord Brahma created Chitragupta through his pure intelligence to help Yamaraj. Chitragupta is responsible for deciding the kind of birth (prarabdha karma) that each living being gets. This is not just a task, but an art that requires extreme levels of Mercurial meticulousness, Martian passion, Venusian devotion, and the light of the Sun, as there are countless species to account for. Worshipping, reading about him, and performing duties related to him (accounting, management) on this day will grant creative abilities and help one overcome their prarabdha safely.

Goddess Chitradevi

Goddess Chitradevi is another deity associated with Chitra Purnima, as she presides over both the Purnima and Amavasya tithis of every month. She's representing both light and darkness.

The bright light of the Full Moon symbolizes the highest octave of any colour; while the darkness of the New Moon symbolizes all colours merged back together into the primordial darkness. The brightest shade of any colour is white. The darkest shade of any colour is black.

- Astrologer Achala Sylwia


In Sanskrit, Chitra translates to the arts, encompassing everything from visual, literary, performing, to culinary. As the first month in the Vedic calendar, Chitra is associated with creation, beauty, passion, and meticulousness. With its connection to the Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus, Chitra creates the most astounding masterpieces that will transport you to another realm. Its ruling deity, Vishwakarma, is responsible for creating the maya, or illusion, that we are all born into, living out our karmic journeys, and forgetting our true selves.

Ancient Architecture, Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya
Modern Villa, Miami, Florida

Many renowned artists like Pablo Picasso, Subramania Bharati, Steven Spielberg, George RR Martin, Jeremy Clarkson, and Will Smith have a strong connection with the Chitra nakshatra. Chitra's influence on creation and beauty can attract and inspire creative individuals, leading to their success in the arts.

Chitra nakshatra is known to create physically attractive women. These women are known for their seductive nature and can easily catch the attention of those around them. They are dynamic, embracing both traditional and modern values. Beauty is often the reason we fall in love, and Chitra's association with creation and beauty highlights this. As Chitra marks the entrance of Libra, the sign of marriage and partnership, it further emphasizes the importance of relationships and partnerships during Chitra Purnima.

Note: Even if you are unable to connect with the aforementioned deities, you can still benefit greatly by worshipping and reciting mantras of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, and Goddess Saraswati. These practices have the potential to work wonders in your life.


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