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Chitra Purnima (Apr 26-27, 2021)

Chitra or Chaitra Purnima (चित्रा पूर्णिमा/சித்ரா பவுர்ணமி)

A very Mercurian festival. Mercury accounts for creation with quality. Mercury is the inquisitive child within you, the witty and light hearted one.

Arts & Culture

Celebrate the arts and culture on this day. Chitra aka Chaitra (Spica) in Sanskrit means arts (visual, literary, performing & culinary), Chitra represents all sorts of creation and beauty. Thus the month of Chitra becomes the first month in Vedic calendar. Chitra’s creation is filled with passion and meticulousness. Due to its association with Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus it makes the most astounding creations. The quality of its creation will make you forget yourself. The ruling deity, Vishwakarma creates the maya (illusion) in which you and i take birth and perform our karmas day in day out (forgetting our true selves).

Ancient Architecture, Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya
Modern Villa, Miami, Florida

Some of the best artists (if not all) like Pablo Picasso, Subramania Bharati, Steven Spielberg, George RR Martin, Jeremy Clarkson, Will Smith are having strong associations with this nakshatra. It is denoted by direct planetary placements or indirect for ex. the association between Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars or planets in the opposite nakshatras like Revati and Ashwini or even Vishakha, the pair nakshatra.

Chitra creates the most physically attractive women especially on the Virgo side. Chitra women are the most seductive, the one who usually catches you staring at her. They're the most dynamic from traditional to modern. Beauty is the reason why you fall in love. The world is more beautiful so you take birth again to live and enjoy its resources one more time. Chitra marks the entrance of Libra, the sign that represents love, marriage and commitment.

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Lord Chitragupta

Lord Chitragupta (Source: Dolls of India)

Chitra means creation and purnima means fulfillment, sum it up you get the meaning “fulfilment of creation” aka creative satisfaction. People worship Lord Chitragupta on this day due to the major association Chitra has with Chitragupta (the celestial accountant), his duty is to keep account of all the karmas performed by living beings. According to puranas Lord Yamaraj (the king of celestial laws) was having difficulty in keeping records of karmas hence Lord Brahma created Chitragupta through his Chitta (pure intelligence) to help Yamaraj. He’s the one responsible for deciding what sort of birth (prarabdha karma) you get. It's not just a task, it's an art in itself since there are billions of species exist and allotting the exact ripened karma for each one requires extreme levels of mercurian meticulousness with martian passion, venusian devotion and sun’s light. Worshipping, reading about him, performing duties related to him on this day will give you creative abilities and help you get over your prarabdha as safely as possible (prarabdha is what denies you of good health, wealth, knowledge, relationships etc.).

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Goddess Chitradevi

Goddess Chitradevi is also associated with this day since she’s the presiding deity of both purnima and amavasya tithis of every month. Chitradevi stands for both darkness and the light.

The bright light of the Full Moon symbolises the highest octave of any colour; while the darkness of the New Moon symbolises all colours merged back together into the primordial darkness. The brightest shade of any colour is white. The darkest shade of any colour is black.

- Astrologer Achala Sylwia


Note: Even if you cannot connect with the above said Gods and Goddess you can still get the fullest by worshipping and chanting mantras of Lord Ganesha, Lakshmi and Saraswati. This may still do wonders.

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