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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Education and Knowledge (seen in birth chart)

Education includes whatever you learn in life through traditional and nontraditional ways. Because many people may not have gone to school but have good knowledge through their life experiences from this life and countless past lives (which can be seen from nodes, 5th house and Atma karaka).

  • To understand what knowledge you gain in this life you should first look at the 2nd house. Second house is responsible for your language and speech. You learn the language first to call your mother, father, ask for food etc. This increases your curiosity so the 2nd house holds the primary key to unlock your knowledge.

  • Then comes the fifth house, the purva punya bhava as in the past life good deeds. This includes what you learned from your past life. Because, in order to perform good deeds you need to learn moral values first.

  • Ninth house, the most important of all. The house of gurus/mentors/teachers. This house is responsible for traditional knowledge from schools and universities. It also shows the expansion/evolution of your knowledge overtime.

  • Fourth house is a supporting house in the chain because it represents your mother. You only learn what your mother teaches you in your childhood. It is the start so it's very important. Fourth house also represents your heart and comfortability, so it shows where your heart is and what you’re comfortable to learn. Remember the movie ‘Kung Fu Panda’ where ‘Tai Lung’ shows more interest in violence even though he was taught by master ‘Oogway’. Just apply the same theory here.

  • And finally the 11th house that shows whether you may or may not gain the knowledge you desire.

All these houses are important for good knowledge gain. You should look at these houses from both lagna and the Moon.

  • Presence of a benefic (esp. natural) in 2, 5 or 9th house ensures good education even if 4th and 11th are average/weak.

  • Presence of a benefic in the 5 or 9th house or in both can especially give you a good higher education.

  • A parivartan (exchange) between 2 and 4, 4 and 5, 5 and 9, 2 and 9, 4 and 9th house can also give higher edu. with a strong foundation (especially 2nd and 4th).

  • Natural benefics such as Venus and Mercury together in the 2nd or 5th is good for learning multiple languages, creativity, speech, management and more. Their presence in the 9th house is good for writing, publishing, knowledge and wisdom.

  • Jupiter’s presence in the 2, 5 or 9th is also good for education but Jupiter lacks the flamboyance Venus and Mercury have. For ex Venus and Mercury bring more attention and fame but Jupiter is the guru who’s less interested in attention, name and fame.

Type of education

  • Jupiter, Venus, Sun, Moon, Saturn and Ketu are non-technical. Their presence in any of the above said houses can lead to non technical education. Whereas Mars, Mercury and Rahu can lead to technical education.

  • Jupiter is jeeva/dharma/guru karaka so its connected to life sciences (and related studies), law (and related), teaching (and related).

  • Sun is the ruler, the soul and the king so its connected to administration, management etc.

  • Moon and Venus are soft planets so they're connected to arts, design, performing arts, creativity and more.

  • Mars is physics, engineering, technology.

  • Mercury is logical, analytical, calculative studies.

  • Saturn is old and ancient so its connected to coal, oil, natural gas, ancient history, ancient tech and related studies.

  • Rahu and Ketu are tech and non-tech respectively but their quality enhances through their dispositors, conjunct planets and nakshatras.

  • The conjunction of two or more grahas is a different story. For ex Jupiter and Mars conjunction brings interest in technical or non-technical studies based on the strength of the planet but if both are in equal strength it can give a mix of both tech and non-tech. Usually these people will have interest in a variety of things.

  • Conjunction of lets say Jupiter, Venus and Sun can bring more philosophical interest because Jupiter and Sun bring interest in higher understanding, higher philosophy, dharma, justice and management so Venus will have no choice but to join them and add more creativity into it.

This is not the end as the nakshatra presence will show more interesting results:

  • Nakshatras ruled by Ketu, Mars, Rahu and Jupiter can bring technical education, on the other hand Saturn and Mercury ruled nakshatras are non-technical. Rest of the nakshatras are a mix of things.

  • Mars and Rahu nakshatras are the most technical since the planets also signify the same category.

  • Saturn nakshatras are the most non-technical since Saturn itself is a non-tech graha.

  • Especially nakshatras like pushya, hasta, swati, anuradha, moola, purva ashadha, shravana are highly curious so their presence in specific houses can make one want to learn more through education and life in general.

Yogas for Education

  • Saraswati yoga

  • Brahma yoga

  • Budhaditya yoga

  • Buddhimaturya yoga

  • Shiva yoga

  • Gyan yoga

  • Guru Shukra yoga

  • Shukra Budha yoga

Presence of one of these yogas in the natal chart of a person might show that the native is a knowledgeable one and their knowledge will improve over time. To understand more about what kind of education they're interested in you have to look at the house where these yogas are present and what houses are ruled by the yoga making planets. For example if Shukra-Budha yoga is formed in the 5th house of Libra for Gemini ascendant it shows he/she might be interested in writing romantic novels, poems and period dramas with central theme on love, friendship and partnership.

These are just a few and much more yogas are there to indicate one's interest in knowledge.

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