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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Purpose of life (seen in birth chart)

Life is a game and we’re players. The ultimate purpose of life is the same for everyone, its liberating ourselves through heightened consciousness. But its unachievable in one lifetime. So we take births after births to make ourselves ready for that ultimate purpose. Like levelling up every time we take a new birth. Every birth is like a level that comes with specific objectives through our own karmic debts we create along the way, so we play along. This is what we call the purpose aka destiny or whatever you wanna call it.

Astrology is the blueprint of this game we play.

Fate and destiny

Vidhi is the word used to describe fate/destiny in Sanskrit. Vidhi explains

  1. who you are,

  2. why you are here,

  3. what you will achieve and

  4. how you will achieve.

Destiny shows “what you will achieve” whereas fate shows everything mentioned above. Hence fate is the appropriate alternative for the term vidhi because it shows both the path and destiny. To avoid confusion lets categorise 1, 2, 4 as the path and 3 as the destiny. You can understand your prarabdha karma (past and present) by understanding 1 and 2, the same way you can understand your agámi karma (present and future) by understanding 3 and 4. By combining all these you can see your purpose of life. Unclear? Read further.

What is freewill

Fate and freewill aren't two different things. Your fate shows how much freewill you have. The weaker the fate is the stronger the freewill and vice versa. In other words, freewill is the absence of fate. For ex., if your fate is weak (weak fate means not sure of who you are and the rest of the above said points) then you have choices to shape your future according to your wish. Yet, you need to understand a few things before going further

  • Fate isn't all bad and freewill isn't all good. Because some people are good at making right choices using their freewill but not all.

  • Fate creates freewill and vice versa.

  • Fate and freewill are leading to the same destination.

  • You’re the sole creator of your fate and freewill.

You can easily understand the purpose with the help of astrology:

  • 6th house from the asc. and 6th lord’s placement shows the prarabdha. If both are strong, it denotes a strong fate, hence lessening or denying freewill. But fate isn't all bad so you need to check if the strong 6th house and its lord are on the good side or the bad. Because good prarabdha can make one a king, for ex., pisces asc. gets leo as the 6th house, so their strong 6th house may even put them in a leadership role to serve the society as a daily routine.

  • You can totally understand your life by understanding your 6th house. Always check the quality of the sign, its lord, the planets sitting there, planets sitting with the lord, the aspects, nakshatras and divisions*. Because prarabdha plays an important role in what you give and get in life.

  • To understand the prarabdha part by part, you can look at the 6th house from any house to know the prarabdha of that particular house. For ex., your 12th house shows prarabdha of your marriage because its 6 houses away from your 7th house, likewise your 3rd house shows the prarabdha of your career because its 6th from 10th house. Every house is 6th to something, as in every house has a shade of 6th in it. Likewise every house has shades of every other houses in it.

  • To understand the execution of prarabdha, you should read the chart starting from your 6th house as lagna.

  • People have a wrong notion that 6th house is always bad. It brings obstacles, diseases and enemies but also brings success and rise through challenges, competition and bravery. Material life has no point without a 6th house, in other words, there is no life without a 6th. Just imagine watching your favourite movie after removing all the 6th house components in it. I bet it won’t be your favorite then.

  • 10th house and its lord’s placement from the lagna shows your agámi. 10th house is 5 houses away from 6th (child of 6th), as in your agámi is created by your prarabdha. 10th house from any house shows the agámi of that house. For ex., your 4th house shows the agámi of your 7th, as in what you will achieve through marriage and how you will achieve it.

6th and 10th are part of artha houses denoting sustenance. They show the reasons for your birth. You took birth in a specific family with a specific lineage based on these reasons only. They have the right setup to raise you towards achieving your goals. You need to look at your dharma trikon (after finding the reasons) to understand your birth, physical body, attributes and lineage. 1st is you (present), 9th is your father (past and present), 5th is your ancestors and children (past and future). If there are two keys to unlock your future then one is held by your artha trikon and the other is by your dharma.

The Karma karaka

Saturn is called the karma karaka that means the executioner of our karma. Saturn's position is as equally important as 6th and 10th house to understand the karmic path of the native. It is not only because what i said above but saturn is also the significator of 6th and 10th house.

Notice the nodes

Rahu is your future and Ketu is the past. Rahu shows who you are going to be and Ketu shows who you were already. Whatever you find out through above mentioned techniques will always be backed up by the nodes rahu and ketu. For ex., if your dharma and artha analysis says you’re going to become a physicist then your nodes will also say the same.

Apart from this, astrology has some key points such as bhrigu bindu, gandanta nakshatras etc. to give more insights on understanding one's karma. Because not all people's karmas are easy to interpret so reading these keys will help unlock even the most tangled karmic patterns. Bhrigu bindu and gandanta nakshatras show the key point/event in life that can lead to or shape your destiny. Gandanta can usually untie long pending karmic knots.

*Sapta vargas such as d1, d2, d3, d7, d9, d12 and d30 are the most important divisions to understand life purpose in detail. Check the 6th and 10th of every single division.

These abovesaid methods should be enough to understand your life purpose in detail. But ofcourse there are plenty of other methods to know the same.

Example charts


Albert Einstein is one of the great physicists of all time. His 6th and 10th house shows that he had strong prarabdha and agámi to fulfil. His moon in 6th, 6th lord in 8th and 8th lord in 10th shows a perfect distribution of karma. Moon in 6th in Jyeshtha is a powerful gandanta zone so it shows strong fate (moon's placement is where our thoughts, words and actions are) hence less freewill, also 6th lord is exalted in 8th confirms the same. 8th and 9th lord in 10th house is in parivartan (exchange) with 10th lord jupiter hence a strong placement for both 8th, 9th and 10th lord. From this, we can say that his prarabdha was to unfold deep mysteries in science (including everything around him) because his 6th lord is a technical planet and sitting with rahu, the graha of modern science and space technology. His 8th lord in 10th is hemmed by two friendly planets shows that he'll be able to perform his research properly. But pisces shows loss in resources, memory etc. Pisces also shows that whatever he started through his prarabdha will not end in his lifetime since pisces is the universe and we cant find the end of the universe. So his theories and leftover works are still used, analysed and debated by the science community.

His dharma trikon has air signs which shows that he was able to communicate his thoughts into words properly at the same time all 3 dharma lords conjunct in 10th house shows the perfect alignment of his life towards his work. This also shows his legacy.


Queen Elizabeth II, the present queen of England's 6th and 10th houses are empty while her 6th lord is in 3rd house and 10th lord is in 4th house. This shows that execution of her karma is happening through these houses. And the lords of these houses are hemming the lagna, which also shows that her life is strongly bind by her duties of prarabdha and agámi, in other words, less freewill. Also Saturn and Jupiter are aspecting the 6th and 10th house respectively which shows huge responsibilities. Dharma lords jupiter, mars and sun are in good position esp. exalted mars and sun in 2nd and 5th respectively shows strong family bondage, lineage and a powerful position in the society. Sun is also the asc. nakshatra lord and mars is in own nakshatra and also the lord of sun which then confirms the crown. Jupiter and mercury's debility with ketu in the head shows unsound mind. So her life purpose is to communicate (what she was told) with the masses with sweet words while living a comfortable life. She's deeply manipulated which is easy to see since her 6th lord is in aquarius and its lord is in scorpio both signs are connected to the underworld.

Look at her 3rd house (6th from 10th and 10th from 6th) and think.

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