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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Creativity and innovation (seen in birth chart)

How to understand your creative abilities from your birth chart?

The word creativity means the “power to create something through original ideas”. That something can be anything from tangible to intangible things. Creativity is seen from the fifth and twelfth house of your birth chart. But, before talking about the technical part, let's understand a bit more about creativity.

In order to become creative, one has to learn a lot. But nature shows us sometimes that a person without proper education also shows massive creativity. This means he may have gained that knowledge from his ancestors. Science calls it genetic memory. All he needs is a simple trigger to activate his genetic memory stored in his DNA.

“Astrology goes a step further and says that the knowledge may also come from his past life (past life memories). In other words, the same person could have also been his own ancestor in his previous life.”

Now that you understand creativity comes through education and ancestry, let's go to the practical part.

Fifth and Twelfth house are the store houses of your creativity, education and ancestral gifts (purva punya). Fifth house is the direct influence (physical) and Twelfth house is the indirect or semi-direct influence (mental). For ex., if your grandparent is directly giving you something then its 5th house but if your grandparent is giving you something through your dreams then its 12th house. You cannot opt out the 12th house as it "rules the dreams" that plays an important role in creativity and that's why Venus (Shukra), the planet of creativity is exalted in the natural 12th house of Pisces. But to keep it simple, i'm writing just about the 5th house only.

  • The element of your 5th house is important in understanding the basics of your creativity. For ex., if it's a fire sign then creativity related to physical activities can be there. Like dancing, swimming and surfing.

  • The element of your 5th house also shows how creative you are. Fire signs being the most creative to water signs being the least creative.

Note: Water signs are very creative but slow whereas fire signs are the fire.

  • Fire signs create new ideas and destroy old ones fast to evolve constantly. Earth signs take time to create and destroy. Air and water signs are unstable, they sometimes act like fire and sometimes earth.

  • The placement of the lord of your 5th house adds an extra layer to it. For ex., if the 5th lord is in 8th house then creative romantic fantasies can be there or creative money management can be there. If the 5th lord is in 4th house then creativity in designing your comfortable space can be there.

  • The planetary placements and aspects over the 5th house show how you gain creativity. Benefics show the direct path like learning, thinking and contemplation. Malefics show the shortcut like copying.


Planets in the 5th house will also tell a lot about one’s creativity. The following is based on one planetary position in the 5th house.

  • Moon in the 5th house can be very creative as Moon represents the mind. This native may use their creativity to learn fast, to read minds and patterns, to be playful and artistic, to learn multiple languages.

  • Sun in the 5th shows creativity through ancestral heritage, like something that has been passed on for generations. They may use it as their pride or insignia.

  • Jupiter in the 5th shows creativity in learning, teaching, strategies, writing, philosophy.

  • Venus is the natural significator (karaka) of creativity and its position in the 5th shows creativity in arts and performing arts like singing, dancing, fashion, cooking etc. Wherever your Venus is that's where your creativity is. So improving/strengthening your Venus is very important to become highly creative.

  • Mercury in the 5th shows creativity in speaking, languages, writing, storytelling. Mercury is also connected to computers, IT and social media, so you can inter-connect everything to get a clear picture.

  • Mars shows creativity in games, sports and adventures, research, romance. Mars is also connected to engineering, technology, physics and biology, so you can inter-connect everything to get a clear picture.

  • Saturn is the least creative, it takes time to become creative unless it's influenced by other planets. Saturn gets creative when there is a research involved. Saturn is more interested in finding the hidden, mis-understood and un-understood things.

  • Rahu shows the lack of creativity. But it also shows the native’s curiosity in learning new things. Rahu is mainly connected to engineering, IT, space tech, racing etc., so you can inter-connect everything to get a clear picture.

  • Ketu shows the abundance of creativity and the native’s lack of interest in it. Ketu in the 5th also shows one’s own previous birth in the same family. These natives can activate their Ketu to become creative.


  • Nakshatras occupied by the 5th lord or the planets in the 5th will give a final conclusive understanding of a person’s creative nature.

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