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From Commoner to King: The Evolutionary Nature of Dashas

Astrology operates on the basis of time periods, known as dashas. A person goes through numerous dashas in their lifetime, with each one ruled by a specific planet. The intriguing aspect of astrology is its functioning, which can be best comprehended through the “Butterfly Effect”. This principle asserts that a simple flap of a butterfly's wings on one side of the planet can set off a chain reaction of events in the atmosphere, leading to a tornado forming on the other side. This is precisely how nature works, and it's also what astrology proposes.

Consider this: if an individual is currently jobless, but an astrologer predicts that this individual will become a king during his Sun dasha, it does not imply that he can sit idle until the beginning of his Sun dasha. Rather, the transition from being a commoner to becoming a king will happen progressively over time, much like the process of Butterfly Effect. The actions and events that occur during the previous dasha period can lead the native to his eventual role as a king, even if he doesn't not realize it at the time. Thus, while it may seem like becoming a king happened suddenly, it is often the result of a gradual process set in motion during the previous dasha.

It is exceedingly rare to see a person rise to power overnight and remain there for an extended period.

"Power comes with responsibility," as Uncle Ben famously said in Spider-Man. In other words, power will only be granted to those who can handle it. This capacity is not developed overnight but is rather built through one's present actions.

Dasha Transition

Every planet works in harmony with one another, and thus, each planetary dasha paves the way for the next planetary dasha in an evolutionary manner. The transition between each dasha occurs during the conclusion of one dasha and the commencement of the next. That's why there is always a connection between the planetary ruler of one dasha and the next, even if they are 6-8 houses apart. This connection can be established through various means, such as their respective house lordships or nakshatra lordships or even through mutual aspect. This connection will also show how the transition will be.


This is what the Butterfly Effect is all about. Even a tiny flap of a butterfly's wing can result in a deadly tornado. This implies that even the smallest unnoticed action is crucial, as it may result in significant changes on earth. Life isn't merely a coincidence. Even the tiniest actions can have a significant impact. Every event in life occurs at a precise moment calculated by nature.


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