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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

Science of Mantras

Mantras are made of specific set of words, meant to be chanted. Mantra chanting has two main benefits (maybe more). One, it creates powerful energy circle/barrier around you aka “aura”. This aura when it gets stronger has the power to change things in and around you. Positive things will start happening around you and it gives a calm and poised constitution, even other people’s disposition will change when they are near you.

Two, it lets you tap into the memory of the universe aka “akashic records”. The fancy term became famous through the western astrologer Edgar Cayce (i guess). Akashic records is the universe’s library where everything is stored from the origin of the universe to till date. It’s like a normal library where you’ll be able to access everything. But unlike normal physical library it is not at a certain place or location, it’s everywhere. It’s made of thoughts, that’s all. Can you show where all your memories are stored inside your body? You can’t right. Your memories are stored everywhere in your body, it’s in each and every cell. Everything’s combined to create you as a whole personality, the same way akashic records is everywhere in the universe even inside you and me (consider universe as one entity). But the accessibility is hidden from plain sight. In fact I shouldn’t say this because it’s available even to our plain sight but we forgot to recognise it due to the extreme materialistic lifestyle and the attachments we have over it clouded our thoughts and visions. So, the accessibility is available only when you’re becoming one with the universe. It means the understanding that you’re not a specific individual but your existence is a part of the grand scheme of universe. Technically speaking you are made of same carbon atom which is inside every living being on earth. When a person’s body is buried or burnt, the different molecules from the body gets mixed with the earth or air which gets inside plants and animals and we get to eat that again, this is the cycle of life and this is who we are. Being one with the universe means your actions shouldn’t go against its will. Universe’s will is to make us enlightened and attain moksha after finishing our Prarabda Karma (பிராரத்துவம்) and the way we’re going to finish our Prarabda Karma is known as Agami Karma (ஆகாமியம்). Meanwhile freewill comes in between so we make mistakes and get stuck in this vicious cycle over and over again. But when universe’s energy comes inside us we won’t go against its will. When people say that they are not forcing anything to happen that means their union with universe is getting stronger.

Akashic Records

Everything in the universe is made of vibration as we know from modern physics. Sound (vibration) gives shape to an object. Even atom needs specific vibration to get that shape. There is a vibration dance going on in the subatomic level, that’s also called cosmic dance. That’s what Lord Nataraja is denoting so, his statue is kept at CERN particle research centre to showcase this universal truth. Every different atom and every different particle has unique vibrations. When same atoms get together it creates a new unique vibration like when same cells are together we’re formed as a whole. Different objects are created through different sound frequencies and when you match your frequency with that frequency you’ll be able to access or even control it. There are plenty of amazing videos online to show you how it all happens.

There is this one sound primordial to everything in the universe that’s “AUM” (Shiv Tattva).

I’ll go a bit further to explain this concept. “Thoughts create everything”. Yes even the primordial sound had to be created in the first place from something so before the sound there was nothing but pure thoughts aka consciousness. Thoughts doesn’t mean the simple chitchat we do inside our mind all day (which we’re extremely good at and addicted to). Thoughts are deeper and subtler, it just comes as a spark which most of the time we’re not even aware of. If you are about to do some action, you will run it in your mind first then do it. But before all these there is a notion which comes in your mind for a moment regarding that specific action, is called “thoughts”. Just a sparkle of thought is enough to store everything happened in an entire day (actually more). If I asked you what happened yesterday, you’ll just take a moment to run the entire yesterday in your mind (if you have a sound mind) and tell me everything. That’s how powerful and fast it is.

The science says this is happening in subconscious level but i say this is actually the conscious level and what we’re doing in the outer world is the unconscious or under conscious level.

We’re not even aware of why we get specific thoughts most of the time because we have a chatterbox in between the body (which is part of outer we) and the mind (the inner we). This chatterbox is always happy keeping us busy in this mundane humdrum world, most of the time we forget to explore who we are underneath. The chatterbox inside all of us is supercharged 24x7 because we are constantly interacting with everyone, lot of social media, watching lot of news and more. All these things are continuously triggering our emotions and in turn our lives are busy being nothing but a chatterbox.

The conscious part of you keeps all the memory as thoughts and this thoughts can only be accessed with a specific mindset. That’s why you often hear from people saying “I’m disturbed right now, I don’t remember anything”, this is because their mind needs to be aligned with the same frequency of that memory (thought) and only then they can access it.

Confused? Lemme explain. Thoughts create sounds, sounds create objects and in return objects can create sounds and sounds can create thoughts.

This memory (thought) i’m talking about, doesn’t have an expiry date. It’s gonna be everywhere till the end of the universe. Like our body our universe is a consciousness which works in the exact same way and keeps everything ever happened since the formation of the universe as akashic records. Yes Vedic texts say that universe itself is a consciousness (universal consciousness) and we are all nothing but a thought of the universe.

Like the saying goes “when Lord Vishnu is awake the universe is up and running and when he sleeps the universe gets destroyed”.

Even scientists these days started researching on this concept through their own ways of understanding like virtual reality etc. I recently read a news wherein some scientists have actually started considering the “concept of universal consciousness”. Anyway coming back to the point, this is what chanting a mantra does. It not only makes you calm and poised but also lets you access specific things associated with that mantra from the universal consciousness. Chanting creates a specific aura around us which enhances the potential to tap into the universal knowledge.


Four types of chanting,

  1. Chanting the mantra out loud

  2. Chanting it slowly

  3. Chanting inside the mouth

  4. Chanting just through the thought, it’s that you have to think about the mantra but through every single letter or syllable.

Chanting through the thought is the most powerful one and that’s when the aura becomes stronger and tapping the universal archive becomes easier. Some mantras can give you specific powers, some can give you balance etc. The gist is that when you consciously use your subconscious mind (thoughts) that’s when you’ll be able to access the records. The effects of chanting will take time to show. Let’s say if you’re doing it 108 times a day for about 40 days, you’ll see the positive effects of it after few days of starting the mantra (considering your true devotion). The more times you chant a day the better it gets (especially through the mind), like 1008 times or even more than that.

Devotion and Dedication

There is no devotion without dedication and vice versa. It gives more power if you follow it properly. Doing it at the same time everyday, avoiding too much indulgence in any materialistic pleasure etc., will change your life entirely even it has the power to change your destiny.

Seed is called Beej in Sanskrit. Beej mantras are usually small and meant to be chanted through our thoughts, that’s when it’s most powerful. Even Gayatri mantra has a Beej mantra.

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