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Remedy for Pitru Dosha & Childbirth

Pitru dosha and the loss of childbirth are often connected in many situations. Pitru dosha, also known as the ancestral fault, affects someone due to the mistreatment or lack of care for their ancestors while they were alive, including neglecting the rites after their passing. The belief is that one's ancestors are reborn in the same family as the descendants' children. However, if the ancestors are unhappy with the actions of their descendants, they may choose not to be born again. Hence, appeasement is necessary in the form of religious rituals. One such ritual happens on the day of Kumbh Mela.

Kumbhmela (கும்பமேளா)/Maasi Magha (மாசி மகம்)

  • Maasi magha/Kumbhmela, an annual religious festival celebrated on the full Moon of the month of Aquarius. The devotees take a holy dip in temple waters or rivers to not only pray for the removal of their sins but also for the removal of their ancestral curses. There are special pujas and specific rites believed to remove the evil energies on this day.

  • Also, the people who don't have children shall perform special pujas to their ancestors and Gods for the blessings of having children.

  • The Moon will be in Magha nakshatra on this day, which is ruled by the ancestors (pitru devata), hence paying respect to one's ancestors is at its utmost importance.

Note: Aquarius month is one of the best times to perform fire rituals like Ganpati homa, Lakshmi homa etc.


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