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Birth Time Rectification

Accurate Birth Time reveals your true path to destiny

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Service Description

Time and place are the fundamental components that shape our existence. Place represents the three dimensions (tangible), while time represents the fourth dimension (intangible). When a newborn enters the world, their birth is recorded by capturing not only the physical location but also the precise moment in time. This temporal record starts from the year, month and date down to the hour and seconds, thus acknowledging the intricate nuances of the fourth dimension. It is important because the time remains in perpetual motion. Thus, the accuracy of the birth time, down to the seconds, becomes paramount in deciphering one's karmic blueprint and forecasting their destiny. In my practice, I introduce a novel approach to birth time rectification, employing reverse prediction techniques to refine inaccuracies and reveal the true birth time with precision. I've been honing this technique over the past four years to finally introduce it to the masses. To facilitate this process, I require detailed accounts of significant life events, including the date, month, and year of each occurrence. By meticulously analysing these pivotal moments across various divisional charts, I can trace the sequence of events backward, ultimately pinpointing the authentic birth time of the individual. If you have doubts about your birth time and possess records of eight or more past events with their respective dates, months, and years, I encourage you to engage in this transformative reading. Through this journey of self-discovery, we can illuminate the path ahead with newfound clarity and insight.

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