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Marriage Reading

Focused on the timing of your marriage and the life after marriage

  • 30 min
  • 1,799 Indian rupees
  • Google Meet

Service Description

Marriage is a karmic union of love and attraction, but it can also be a way to settle major karmic debts from past lives. The 7th house in your birth chart, also known as the house of marriage and spouse, can reveal your karmic debts in relationships. In this in-depth consultation, I will analyze your birth chart and discuss the following: 1.What karmic debts do you have in your marriage, with your partner? 2.Are these debts positive or negative? 3.How are you going to pay them back? 4.What are you getting in return for paying back these debts? This includes 1.The timing of your marriage. 2.Insights into your marriage life and partner. 3.Potential remedies (if needed) to enhance your marriage. You will receive a detailed personalized horoscope and a typewritten PDF report outlining the discussed points.

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