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4. Career Reading

Focused on your professional skills and time of success

  • 30 minutes
  • 1,799 Indian rupees
  • Google Meet

Service Description

Career is the actions taken by you in your life ranging from trainings, jobs, work experiences and work profile. It depends on your knowledge, professionalism, personal and social development. And so it is ruled by the 10th house. 10th house is not only about your profession, it's about your determination, personal growth, limelight, life's goals, satisfactions, skillset and successes. That's why its also called as the house of karma. It's what is shaping your journey of life. So the question you have to ask yourself is  What knowledge and skillset you have? What type of jobs are best suitable for you? Whether you're be able to gain more skills through your profession? What job best determines your life goals, satisfactions and successes? This will be an in-depth live consultation for 30 minutes through Google Meet. I'll walk you through your birth chart including divisional charts. We'll discuss the above said questions including 1. Timing of career success and promotions 2. How you’ll perform your career 3. Remedies (if required) to improve your career You'll also get a free personalized horoscope and a detailed typewritten report (incl. points discussed from the meeting) in pdf format.

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