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Yearly Predictions for All Zodiacs (Apr 2023-24)

Shobhakritu Year's chart (D1)

D9 Chart

Let's analyze the Shobhakritu year's chart and forecast the results for each zodiac sign. According to the chart, the year began with Leo rising in D1 and Gemini rising in D9.

Aries will be the most fortunate sign this year, placed in the 9th house of D1 and the 11th house of D9. The ruler of Aries, Mars, is posited in the 11th house of D1 and the 9th house of D9, adding an extra layer of good fortune. Jupiter's transit through Aries further confirms this prediction. The latter half of the year, starting from October 2023, is more advantageous as Aries moves three houses ahead from D1 to D9. This shift indicates that Aries natives will actively strive for gains and recognition.

If Aries is not your rising sign, Sun sign or Moon sign then check your birth chart to analyze the benefits of Aries. Example, for Cancer ascendants, Aries rules the 10th house, indicating potential career success with the guidance of a distant mentor this year. The exchange of positions between Mars and Mercury in D1 suggests hard work will lead to timely gains.

Taurus natives will focus on spirituality and minimalism this year. They may engage in activities such as mergers, acquisitions, adoptions, and conformities. Travel may lead to loss of possessions, but it will bring contentment. Their leadership qualities will be pleasant due to Venus's placement in the 10th house, and they will focus on daily skill-building and learning.

Gemini will be among the most benefited signs this year. Their ruler, Mercury, is placed in a favorable position in both D1 and D9 charts, ensuring the acquisition of the right knowledge. Their words and actions will be evaluated carefully, and their innovative ideas for wealth creation will benefit not just themselves but others as well. They will become significant figures in their social circles in the latter half of the year.

Cancer natives may initially struggle with filures and debts, but will adopt a new approach and seek guidance from a mentor or their father to overcome obstacles and improve their resources. They may find inspiration from their Taurus friends and focus on faith and determination throughout the year.

Leo will be a prominent zodiac sign this year, with significant impacts on society due to their leadership. The natives may start the year slowly but will work hard to fulfill their obligations in the second half. Weaker Leo individuals may struggle, leading to karmic repercussions. An eclipse in the ninth house indicates changes in their advisors and beliefs.

Virgo can expect sudden wealth this year, possibly through inheritance or long-distance travel. They may not be aware of their gains, but others will search for them to give what is rightfully theirs. While Virgo will enjoy increased comfort, they should also be cautious of accumulating debts. Pursuits related to education, loans, and teaching jobs will be successful this year.

Libra natives may face challenges with Ketu in Libra and Venus in Pisces this year, leading to a lack of motivation and requiring them to work harder to achieve desired results. However, their creativity will shine in the second half of the year, and they may enjoy their work. Their superiors will have high expectations of them, and they may feel exhausted due to the ecliptic axis four times this year. Nonetheless, this shift may also make them unique individuals.

Scorpio can anticipate sudden financial gains, leading to increased comfort this year. They'll engage in public work but be more active in the latter half. While this year offers stability, their own actions may cause disruption to their friendships and social circles. Scorpio will contemplate solutions to this later in the year. Travel is not an advisable act in the first half.

Sagittarius will regain its creativity this year after experiencing a loss in 2020. With two eclipses in the 5th house and the lord Jupiter, Sagittarius will have positive effects on their creativity. Love, marriage, and opportunities for breaking and making connections are the main themes for Sagittarius this year. They may also change their old homes to new ones. While Sagittarius is likely to be victorious, the second half of the year will bring long-awaited victories. Sagittarius will also rediscover forgotten skills and hobbies, which will lead to a better version of themselves.

Capricorn natives will experience significant changes this year due to their positions in both D1 and D9. Partnerships may prove beneficial, and careful deliberation will guide their actions. They may offer guidance to siblings and friends in need, and potential changes in their comfort levels are likely due to two eclipses in their 4th house. Productive transformations may occur in the second half of the year from Oct 2023.

Aquarius will focus on partnerships this year and use travel and social media to aid their learning experiences. Serving and helping others will bring them gains, and they will make new friends with whom they may come up with revolutionary ideas in the second half of the year. They will work within a confined environment more than usual and may explore writing as an interesting pursuit.

Pisces may prefer isolation and solitude in the first half of the year, despite their responsibilities. However, they will become more active and engaged in the second half. The latter part of the year will bring positive developments in their work and comfort levels, and they will be able to confront and solve their problems and debts. There will be a significant shift in their savings and family situations due to the eclipse in the second house, which may create some disruptions in the first half.


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